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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort is a web novel made by Xiao Qi Ye, 萧七爷.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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No one could understand the extent of the terror in Elder Wuxu’s heart at this very moment. Furthermore, there was no way for him to explain his previous actions.

“Young Master.”

The Heavenly Moon Emperor rose to his feet and furrowed his brows. However, there was a pleading air in his voice and he did not dare to be impudent either.

“Elder Wuxu is an elder in the Heavenly Moon Empire and We’ve always steered clear of the Underworld! Why don’t you grant Us some dignity and spare Elder Wuxu?”

Elder Wuxu was not the same as Su Lin. Su Lin was only a talent in the Empire. Even though she has broken through to the refined state, she had used a spell to achieve that while Elder Wuxu was a true cultivator at the refined state! Therefore, the Emperor does not wish to give up on Elder Wuxu.

Qianbei Ye did not seem to hear the Heavenly Moon Emperor’s voice as he slowly approached Elder Wuxu. He then placed his large hand on Elder Wuxu’s head and there was the sound of a thump. He had only used a little bit of force but they could hear the elder’s skull crack…

The Heavenly Moon Emperor’s expression changed and he sat down heavily. He then took a deep breath to steady his emotions.

“The Young Master of the Underworld is truly a man with character. We truly admire you.”

Qianbei Ye had not looked at the Heavenly Moon Emperor from the very beginning. He then slowly turned around and walked back to Gu Ruoyun’s side before gently smiling. “Yun’er, the temporary Imperial residence is not far from here! I’ll escort you to get some rest.”

Gu Ruoyun nodded and walked out of the courtyard in Qianbei Ye’s embrace.

Prime Minister Lin, who was in the crowd, stared at the couple in the distance and sighed in relief. He carefully wiped the sweat off his brow and made to leave this place.

However, a voice which was as light as a feather rang out suddenly. There were hints of gloom and bloodl.u.s.t in it.

“One more thing, for Lin You who had once humiliated Yun’er, I’ll leave him for you to deal with.”

He was speaking to Dong Fang.

Dong Fang quickly joined his fists as his features displayed reverence. “Yes, it is my good fortune to settle these matters for you, Young Master. I won’t let these people get away!”

Dong Fang then watched the peerless crimson-robed man gently embracing Gu Ruoyun as they disappearing from the Imperial Palace in the blink of an eye…


When the two had left, Dong Fang burst into laughter and walked towards Su Lin’s side. He stomped on her legs violently as his features filled with complacency and glee. “Su Lin, weren’t you behaving savagely just a while ago? Didn’t you want to attack Lady Gu? Besides, you’ve even heavily injured Mu Ying! Now, it’s our turn for a full retaliation! I will return the humiliation that you’ve inflicted upon our friends a hundred times more!”

Once he has finished saying his piece, he turned towards the crowd behind him and spoke in a clear voice, “Everyone, if you or your spiritual beasts have any needs, come and see me! As long as you can come up with a price, I will get Su Lin to serve you! You may toy with her however you wish, just don’t play with her to death!”

In the beginning, the crowd had fallen silent upon hearing those words. After all, Su Lin was the daughter of the Regional King’s Mansion. Who would dare to abuse her in front of the Regional King?

However, when the crowd remembered that it was the Underworld’s Young Master who had issued the order, they began to grow restless.

Those who had been able to partic.i.p.ate in this compet.i.tion were not fools.

Though most people may agree that the Underworld and the Heavenly Moon Empire were at the same level of power and influence, the Underworld would not have had the audacity to kill Elder Wuxu in front of the Heavenly Moon Emperor unless they had a trump card! Also, when the Young Master of the Underworld had killed Elder Wuxu, the Heavenly Moon Emperor had not even dared to let out a fart! It was clear that the Emperor has his misgivings.


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