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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort is a web novel made by Xiao Qi Ye, 萧七爷.
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At the Sixth Prince’s estate…

Pang Ran lay on his bed like a dead pig, letting maidservants apply medicine on his swollen red rear. The severe pain made him wail like slaughtered pig, and in his heart he cursed Pang Zihuang.

Mother of­­–could that jerk not have been a bit gentler? He thought angrily. It was as if he wanted to beat me to death! Am I even his biological child?

Amid his wailing, the bedroom door swung open. He jumped in fright, hastily pulling up his pants, and yelled at the people at the door, “You motherf*ckers! Can you not see that this prince has taken off his pants? Get out of my room!”


The intensity of Pang Ran’s movement pulled on the wound on his b.u.t.tocks. He grimaced in pain, his mood even worse than before.

Incidentally, the person at the door was the Imperial Advisor Lin Yue, and behind him a group of burly imperial guards. He moodily stared at Pang Ran’s b.u.t.tocks. Every time he thought of how the foolish brat’s rear had once sat on his face, he had to control himself from tearing those b.u.t.tocks to pieces.


Noticing Lin Yue’s gaze, Pang Ran clenched his b.u.t.tocks in shock, and hurriedly covered them with his hands. He backed away, saying, “Lin Yue, I do not have any form of unsavory habits. Do not plan on starting anything with me! I am not interested in those kinds of things, especially because you are so ugly!”

“Pang Ran! Are you looking for death?”

Lin Yue gritted his teeth upon hearing the kid’s shameless words, smiling frostily, “You have conspired to His Imperial Majesty, and you dared to besmirch the good name of the Imperial Advisor! Your entire estate is now surrounded by the imperial guards—you cannot escape!”

He had always hated the kid.

If it were not for his d.a.m.ned Imperial Mother, he fumed. My little sister could have received her rightful place as the Mother of the Nation. But His Imperial Majesty had been biased. No matter how outstanding the Third Prince had become, His Imperial Majesty still favored this good-for-nothing! Having trash like His Royal Highness alive in the world would only be a waste of food and resources. His Royal Highness’ death should be a nationwide celebration! Furthermore, His Imperial Majesty had never appreciated my goodwill, disregarding my hard work for Black Tortoise Country!

“Wait a minute.”

Not completely grasping the subject, Pang Ran c.o.c.ked his head, staring suspiciously at Lin Yue. His tone turned serious, “What do you mean? Conspired to my Imperial Father? What has happened to my Imperial Father?”

Lin Yue smiled coldly, “Is Your Royal Highness still pretending? You are quite the actor. It is a pity that you never joined the theater, Your Royal Highness! Fine. Because you are feigning ignorance, then as per your request, I will tell! Shortly after your visit with that phony quack, His Imperial Majesty has died from poisoning! Do you dare say that it was not you who poisoned His Imperial Majesty? Pang Ran, you have conspired with an outsider to His Imperial Majesty! How shall we punish you?”

My sister had given His Imperial Majesty a highly toxic poison which can kill a person in half an hour, Lin Yue thought maliciously. Since it is now approximately half and hour, that Pang Zihuang should be dead by now! Black Tortoise Country will be ours from now on!


Pang Ran’s mind went blank after hearing Lin Yue’s words.

“Poisoned to death” were the only words in his mind.

No, he panicked, thinking quickly. Impossible! The G.o.ddess said that it will take three days for the poison from the trigonotis peduncularis to spread completely! Only a few moments have pa.s.sed, so how could my Imperial Father have died from the poison? This must be their doing. That’s right! My Imperial Father must have met the siblings and was then poisoned! They are the ones responsible for my Imperial father!


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