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“Hong Feifei, I’ve tolerated your antics for a very long time! Do you think you can do as you please just because your aunt is my Second Uncle’s wife? Don’t forget, my grandfather is the Master of the Xia Family, and the Young Master of the Xia Family is my father! You are only an external relative of the Xia Family, forget about you, I would dare to raise my hand against your mother too!”

“Today, even if anyone would step forward to save you, it wouldn’t be of any use!”

The crowd was astonished. In their eyes, the Little Master of the Xia Family has always been a steady man. And now, he has flown into a terrible rage in public, lost all tender feelings towards the fairer s.e.x, and punched a woman?

Look at poor Hong Feifei’s face, tsk tsk. Even a pig’s head looked better than that…

“Stop! Xia Linyu, you stop this right now!”

Suddenly, an angry roar was heard from further in front, it was so explosive that Xia Linyu staggered a few steps back. But he did not stop and his foot landed angrily on Hong Feifei’s chest.

As it turned out, upon witnessing the horrible turn of events, the servant girl had rushed home to report the incident and the Master of the Hong Family had charged right over. He found his granddaughter nailed to the ground and beaten up. He was so angry that his elderly features turned black and his entire body trembled.

If the other person was not the Little Master of the Xia Family, he would have slapped him to death with one blow.

“Little Master Xia, I’ve asked you to stop. Did you not hear me?”

Master Hong suppressed his rage and glared dolefully at Xia Linyu.

Xia Linyu laughed coldly, “You seem to have overstepped, Master Hong. Do not forget, the Xia Family members are the leaders of Heaven City! Who are you, Master Hong, to order me about?

“You…” Master Hong was so enraged that he was nearly rendered speechless, “Little Master Xia, at the end of the day, Feifei is only a girl. Do you not think that you are acting too cruelly? How will she be able to behave with integrity like this?”

Xia Linyu rolled his eyes, “How she behaves with integrity is none of my business. Besides, she’s not a member of the Xia Family so why should I care about her integrity? But honestly, Master Hong, you should really try to be more responsible. Hong Feifei’s willfulness and arrogance in her behavior came from your overindulgence. Sooner or later, she will provoke some form of disaster in Heaven City.”

Hearing this, Master Hong took a deep breath. His eyes clouded with gloom, “Then, can I take Hong Feifei home now, Little Master Xia?”

“Go ahead.”

Xia Linyu smiled coldly, lifted his leg, and looked at the half-dead Hong Feifei. His handsome and delicate face lifted with a smile, “Only, Master Hong, do restrict her from going out and provoking others after this. Otherwise, I’ll beat her whenever I see it happen!”

He wouldn’t usually care about Hong Feifei’s unruliness. In fact, he tolerated it but this time, she had openly humiliated Gu Ruoyun, and that was the limit of his tolerance.

The only reason why he did not end up killing her was to save face on behalf of the Hong Family.

But from now on, he no longer wanted to see her face ever again.


Master Hong scoffed and carried Hong Feifei over his shoulder before mounting his horse and stormed off, quickly disappearing from sight.

Following his departure, the crowd exploded into a discussion. Everyone was debating on Gu Ruoyun’s ident.i.ty. Who was she that the Little Master Xia would s.h.i.+eld her so fiercely?

At the Hong Family home.

In a side room, Hong Feifei had awoken — with great difficulty. But when she saw her face, she screamed in anguish and fainted again. At the same time, the entire Hong Family spiraled into a panic and began using all sorts of methods to awaken her again.


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