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In the plaza above the clouds, one could see a large crowd of human heads from a distance. 

In the area surrounding the plaza, a number of chairs had been properly set out and the City Governor of Cloud City was seated at the very front. Next to the governor sat three guests, one of which was actually Gu Ruoyun’s old acquaintance – the Honorable Sir Tianqi while another, Elder Jiu, was also someone whom she’d just met half a month ago. 

As for the old man in white who had remained silent the entire time, one does not need to guess too much to know that he was from the Immortal Realm. 

“Gu Ruoyun!”

Gu Ruoyun was deep in thought when a disdainful voice cried out from behind her, “I will ensure that you understand the distance between the Dongfang Family and our Medicine Order in today’s Trials!”

Gu Ruoyun frowned and turned to face a white-robed woman behind her. She immediately recognized her as the person who had followed Rongyue around half a month ago.

“Qing Ling, what’s going on?”

Before Gu Ruoyun could speak, Xueyi, who was dressed in white robes as well, slowly approached them. Don’t judge her by her age (she was more than fifty years old) but due to a well-maintained body, she looked like a thirty-something-year-old woman at first glance. She had intended to mock Gu Ruoyun as well when suddenly, her eyes narrowed and fixed their attention on the charming and seductive-looking woman behind her. 

“Wei Yiyi, it’s you!”

Impossible! She thought in disbelief. This woman has had her face scarred by the Order Master, how did she fully recover looks?

“Elder Xueyi, long time no see.” A cold smile appeared on the corners of Wei Yiyi’s attractive lips, “It’s been ten years since we’ve last seen each other. Do you not recognize me anymore?”

Xueyi’s facial expression changed many times but eventually settled into a particularly ugly color. She glared hatefully at the woman whose smile was as beautiful as a flower. 

“Wei Yiyi?”

The woman in white who was addressed as Qing Ling was astonished. She then spoke mockingly, “Wei Yiyi, weren’t you merely a traitor of the Medicine Order? Not only had you abused our teacher and murdered our forefather, you’ve even forcefully harmed your senior brothers and junior sisters. You’ve been listed as a fugitive long ago. I didn’t think that anyone in this world would be daring enough to shelter this woman! What? Wei Yiyi? You’d want to b.u.t.t into the Trials too? I’ve heard that your powers have long been destroyed though, you’re simply a useless good-for-nothing!”

Qing Ling has heard some part about the events that had occurred that year. According to the rumors, Wei Yiyi’s power had degenerated by a few levels and it would be difficult for her to improve again. So, what could a good-for-nothing hope to gain by coming here?

Because Qing Ling did not lower her voice and everyone present were strong cultivators, they all heard her words very clearly. All eyes instantly fell upon Gu Ruoyun and Wei Yiyi.

“Wei Yiyi, I’ve heard of her situation. Rumor has it that she was a traitor of the Medicine Order. I didn’t think that the Dongfang Family would be so daring to even accept a traitor. Wasn’t this a clear display of going against the Medicine Order? Even though the Dongfang Family is indeed great in power, the Medicine Order, by comparison, are more powerful. Do they want to become enemies with countless powerful cultivators?”

“That’s right. That year, the old Order Master of the Medicine Order had established connections with the strong cultivators of the world. He had many good friends and he even had good alliances with strong cultivators from the Three Great Authorities. This Wei Yiyi killed her own Master and stole the Treasury of Medicine. She’s definitely a traitor of the Medicine Order!”

The crowd began to discuss amongst one another and eyed Wei Yiyi with scorn and mockery.

But some recognized her as the famous Ghost Doctor and did not say anything. They only sent friendly smiles in her direction.

Suddenly, a melodic sound that could pierce through one’s soul was heard. The sound came closer and closer, slowly falling into every ear. 

Peach blossom flowers rained from the heavens and paved the way. A group of red-robed maidservants carried a sedan chair as they slowly made their descent. Their incomparably beautiful figures drew everyone’s attention, especially the two women at the front of the group who were holding a jade flute each. These were such outstanding beauties!


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