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(TL Note: This chapter is in 3rd person.)


The Briton Kingdom’s royal castle, Wolic. Representatives from various countries gathered here.
It was to discuss how to deal with the Demon General from the fourth demonic calamity that was discovered the other day.

—-The anti-demon conference.

By undergoing repeated conflicts with the demons, the human race has decided to cooperate and form a treaty to unite and fight the demons.
This is a meeting to discuss it.

As it’s urgent, the royalty and envoys from various countries warped here.

“The number 2 of the Maou from the fourth demonic calamity and his men are made up of about 1,000 surviving demons, and about 100,000 magical creatures and undead monsters.”

The one confirming that is the king of the Scottyard Kingdom, George Ⅲ.
His son Vincent is sitting by him.

“This is a serious crisis for humanity. In scale, it’s not inferior to when the Maou springs forth.”

King Richard Ⅱ of the Briton Kingdom speaks solemnly.

The continent of Britania is the largest continent in the world. Other than it, there are only a few large islands and an archipelago.
It’s the so-called Pangea type.

The vast majority of humans live on this continent.

In the north of the continent is the Scottyard Kingdom.
In the west, there is the Islando Kingdom.
In the center is the Briton Kingdom.

These three countries are called the three major powers.
The east is a mountainous area, and houses more than 10 small countries.
There are also regions that are ruled by the dragons.

To the south there are territories of Islando, Briton, and other smaller eastern countries.
There really isn’t anyone who lives at the southern tip of the the continent.

That is because no one wants to settle down in an area where no one knows when and where demons might come out from.
People are dispatched from each country, and a fort made for monitoring was made.
There are many merchants who oppose it however.

“If it’s just numbers, then you’re right, but the majority of them aren’t demons, and there isn’t a Maou.”
“Fumeless is stronger than an ordinary Maou!”
“Yeah, he made the hero who beat the Maou a year ago run away.”

George Ⅲ looks at Yufilia, and sneers.
Since, Yufilia was a hero, she partic.i.p.ated in this conference.
The hero who defeated the Maou 4 years ago is sitting next to her.

Fiona Spencer. 19 years old. The hero who beat Maou Lamelept 4 years ago.
Her pink colored hair extends down to her waist. Her sharp, purple eyes are staring at Scottyard with a stern look.
Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and b.u.t.t are big, but with a slender waist, she was just like a model.

Since defeating the Maou, she worked as an adventurer, and as a part-time lecturer for Cantabridge Academy.
It goes without saying that she hasn’t visited the Dark Temple, and it seems that she hasn’t been very active since defeating the Maou.
Thus, Ashtal rarely ever checks her activities..

“Don’t bite his provocation.”

Fiona urges Yufilia to restrain herself. Yufilia nods to her.

“We should establish a joint front based on the old treaty, Magna Carta, don’t you agree?”

Richard Ⅱ looks across the room. About half were for and half were against.
Kenjian, the dungeon where Fumeless was found is located in the southeast of the Briton Kingdom.
The king of a small eastern country aggressively agreed.

“However……in the Magna Carta it is clearly written that ‘When the Maou appears, humanity shall unite as one, and fight.’”
“! That is!”
“In other words, it doesn’t apply this time.”
“Are you suggesting that the Briton Kingdom should fight alone!?”
“No no, I was just wondering whether or not there’s a need to panic in the first place. They hid for 400 years. The possibility of them moving immediately is low.”

Yufilia refutes the words of George Ⅲ.

“He said that he was tired of living in a dungeon, and that this was a good opportunity.”
“Isn’t it that you poked the bush, and a snake came flying out?”

If he says that, Yufilia can’t say anything in return.
When George Ⅲ confirms Yufilia’s silence, he gets up, and with an exaggerated gesture, begins his speech.

“Surely the Demon General is worrying, but let’s all remember the fourth demonic calamity. Humans have dominated over demons for the past century. The heroes who brought that peace—- the Seven Stars. How did they defeat that powerful Maou? That’s right, through the power of the legendary treasures. Divine Sword Krau Solas. G.o.d Spear Gungnir. Divine Sword Ridiru. Such items were given to humanity, and we defeated the demons.”

George Ⅲ glances at Yufilia.

“Come to think of it, Yufilia doesn’t seem to have brought Ridiru with her today.”
“That is the property of the royal family, so it’s not like always have it with me.”
“If that’s the truth, then I guess it’s fine. Well, it’s not like it was taken away by Fumeless, right?”

He asks an obvious question.
Shocked, Yufilia stiffens up.

That is information that only a small part of the Briton Kingdom know.
It showed that there was someone that sent information to the Scottyard Kingdom.


Yufilia is at a loss of words.

“Princess Yufilia who is reputed to be honest,  pure, and kind wouldn’t possibly lie in a meeting as important as this, would she?”

Questioned by George Ⅲ, Yufilia touches her lips, and answers.

“It……was stolen…”

Hearing those words, the meeting gets noisy.

“The Divine Sword was stolen by the Demon General!?”
“That’s a huge problem!”

The sword that defeated the strongest Maou, is being used by the other side this time. Their threat suddenly increased.
The countries that had until then kept quiet start to attack Yufilia.

“Please wait!”

The one who stood up and stopped the commotion was Vincent, the first prince of the Scottyard Kingdom.

“Vincent, this is not a place where you’re allowed to talk.”

George Ⅲ rebukes his son.

“No, I’m going to speak. The Divine Sword has a great effect against demons, so it won’t necessarily become a threat when used by them. Rather, there might not be anyone able to use it.”

Vincent surveys over everyone.

“Also, even it was stolen, we just have to steal it back. It’s just that simple.”

Saying what he wanted to say, Vincent sits back down.

“I apologize for having bothered everyone.”

George Ⅲ lightly lowers his head.

“Yufilia is the woman who will become my fiancée. I can’t just stay silent.”
“Oh, that reminds me, I’d like to hear a reply soon.”

George Ⅲ makes a little play by hitting his head.

“We shouldn’t have that discussion here, during the meeting.”

Richard Ⅱ answers while holding in his anger.

“Oh, that’s right. We had just about finished talking, so I did that by mistake.”
“We hadn’t just about finished! We haven’t decided on anything!
“Yeah, we reached the conclusion that we don’t need to do anything.”
“That’s ridiculous! What should we do if they start moving!”
“Then let’s have another discussion at that time. Let’s also hear the conclusion of the previous story next time.”

That implied if he wants reinforcements, to accept the proposal.

“Of course, if your country would like to launch a first strike against them first, then feel free. If you need any war expenditures, I’ll prepare them for you.”

Adding that, George concludes the meeting.
As the envoys of various countries left one by one, Yufilia sat while clenching her fist.



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