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The warm light of sun greeted Zhen Xiu as she woke up from her beautiful dreamless sleep. She was stretched on the entire bed and lazing around as her gaze became clear.

Her mother was nowhere in sight.

She was grateful for that as she although now understand the feelings between them but she still needed time to adjust to her new surroundings.


This word was strange to her. She has lived in a harsh environment from the beginning so accepting a new brand new family was difficult for her.

“Whatever! I will deal with it.” She a.s.sured herself.

Zhen Xiu smiled and enjoyed the fresh breeze of the morning. Finally, she was independent.

“It feels really good. I am alive.” Zhen Xiu innocently smiled as she got up from the bed in search of her mother.

Last night they were so excited to see each other that they completely overlooked the matter of her father’s revival. Now that she was fine and running she ought to help her mother that has sacrificed so much for her.

Zhen Xiu took a warm bath and chose her mother’s wardrobe for a change. Each and every dress were suited for an elegant lady that lived like a queen. Although they were beautiful and fas.h.i.+onable, Zhen Xiu didn’t like using them and found a black dress in the corner of the rack.

“Yes! That’s my color.”

She excitedly picked up the black dress that reached down her knees. It was simple and evil. Just the way she likes herself.

After rummaging her mother’s room like a beggar she finally came out and looked around the area.

This area was quite big as a large ground that is covered by its wall. The structure of this place reminded her of her home in the ancient domain. It was unique and carried the vibe of a long heritage. It must be some kind of ancestral property of Zhen’s. She wondered.

“You are awake.”

Mother Zhen was here to wake Zhen Xiu up but she didn’t expect that her daughter would get up on her own. Was she also excited to spend some time with her?

“You look like an angel.” Mother Zhen complimented her on her looks and completely ignoring her daughter’s seductive appearance and the black charm that was in her eyes.

In front of Zhen Ying Yue, her daughter was amazing. No one was more than pure and innocent than her. She without even noticing these differences embraced her daughter.

“Mother missed you Yue’er.” Mother Zhen blissfully smiled and patted her hair.

Zhen Xiu was surprised to see the closeness of Mother Zhen.

How come her mother was so attached to her?

Zhen Xiu could not understand Mother Zhen’s happiness and the desire to stay close to her. She was new to all this and was scared by Mother Zhen’s over-enthusiasm.

Zhen Ying Yue noticed her daughter’s discomfort and was nervous about how to approach her. She knew that it must be new for her to suddenly have a mother out of nowhere and she must be apprehensive about their new relations.h.i.+p but her heart was pained to see the doubt in her daughter’s eyes.

She was so precious but has to suffer injustice because of some people. Zhen Ying Yue herself believed that she has failed her daughter but she didn’t want to lose hope and actively expressed her desire in front of her daughter.

She wanted her to feel the love of her mother.

“Uh!! Good Morning, mother!”

Zhen Xiu didn’t know how to respond to her mother. So, she just blurted out what came in her mind. Surely her mother would understand her meaning.

“Morning my daughter. Come let’s eat. You must be hungry.” Mother Zhen smiled and pulled her towards the dining area where Feng Tian was already seated and was having a big breakfast.

Zhen Xiu was surprised to see him here but then remembered that he was the one that helped her in forming a new solid body.

This man was not normal.

Feng Tian burped just as Zhen Xiu was about to eat. He was embarra.s.sed at his actions and coughed to hide his funny reaction because of eating too much.

“How are you feeling girl?” Feng Tian gave her a gentle smile.

Zhen Xiu wanted to laugh at his stupid reaction to cover his burping but it might make him more embarra.s.sed. It’s better to forget the small incident.

“I am good, doctor. Don’t worry! Please focus on your breakfast.” Zhen Xiu teased him.

Feng Tian blushed a deep shade of red and shamelessly accepted her invite to eat more. After all, the food was delicious as it was specially cooked by Zhen Ying Yue for her precious daughter.

He knew that mother Zhen was a good cook. He has tasted her food before and now that he has received her good graces again, he didn’t mind plundering the treasure.

He accepted the food more shamelessly.

Mother Zhen rolled her eyes at him. He was such a glutton but she didn’t have time to care about him today. She has to feed her daughter.

This was the first and the last day that both of them will spend some time together in the near future. After that, she needs to make her father realize the importance of her daughter.

Now that her daughter was out of danger, Zhen Ying Yue was planning to slowly make her return back in Zhen Clan without any problem.

Zhen Xiu was overwhelmed to see a large number of eggs, dumplings, toast, sandwiches, and salads. Dumplings were her favorite.

She immediately gobbled them up and requested her mother to get her a ginger tea.

Zhen Xiu loved ginger tea. Mother Zhen was happy that her daughter was taking the initiative to open up.

“You don’t like Longjing tea.” Feng Tian was surprised at her choice. After all, Longjing tea is good for health and is mostly the first priority of everyone so her choice bewildered him.

Zhen Xiu didn’t know why he was reacting like this as if the sun was rising from the west. It was just a matter of preference.

“I only like ginger tea.” Zhen Xiu smiled evilly.

“Why? You don’t like my choice.”


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