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Evil New Wife Seduces is a web novel completed by roumania.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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He has to make sure to give a nice performance and make his father-in-law play for his team. He could not afford to lose this golden chance to make a nice impression on him.

“Who is your father-in-law?” James Carter questioned him. “You haven’t pa.s.sed the evaluation yet.”

Lu Jian maintained his poker face but his heart was in great pain. Everyone related to his wife was arrogant and powerful. Before he has never faced this kind of situation where he has to maintain the humble aura around him for others.

Now he knows the taste of power. When you want something you have to give your best. The little frown on the face of the dean was not unnoticed by Lu Jian. He knew that his colorful past was clear to James and hence he was being th.o.r.n.y with him.

“I am more than ready to take that exam.”

James Carter scowled at his confidence. “Humph! We will see. Why are you here without an invitation?”

This time before Lu Jian could explain Jiang Wui came forward and introduced himself.

“h.e.l.lo! Dean, I am Jiang Wui. Sister-in-law’s best friend.” He shamelessly replaced Shen Ya without any other thought. After all, he was all too similar to his sister-in-law and has even treated her as his master so he didn’t see anything wrong in his statement.

“What did you say? Best friend? You? Huh! Then what am I? Master Jiang! Don’t be shameless.” Shen Ya scowled in his direction.

She could tolerate Jiang Wui’s any other antics but not this, she could never accept him as her compet.i.tor.

“Why? Sister-in-law can’t have more than one best friend? How rude She-devil? I didn’t expect it from you.”

Jiang Wui didn’t care about his shameless behavior anymore and completely invited himself and sat next to Carter.

By now Zhen Xiu has recovered from her little episode and was not teary anymore. Watching his funny game she burst out laughing and helped him in his lie. It was fun to tease her friend and see her husband irritated because of his brother.

She could not miss this opportunity.

James Carter frowned at the scene as he wanted to spend some quality time with his daughter but these two punks were trying to monopolize her and that too in front of him.

“So why are you here?” Mr. Carter placed his eyes on Lu Jian again fully planning to throw him out of the premises.

Lu Jian was speechless to see the dislike in his eyes and wanted to beat himself for his past actions. Why was this so hard?

It was best to be shameless then lose his wife to some other rat so he did what his heart suggested.

“I can’t leave my wife alone father-in-law. She is my precious treasure.” Lu Jian also sat next to another side of James Carter and pulled his wife in his embrace.

Now only Shen Ya remained standing in front of them. She rolled her eyes at them and decided to help Lu Jian for once because of his changed att.i.tude for her friend.

She was happy that he has finally decided to accept her. She was not that petty to leave him facing their mentor’s fire.

“I invited them. I hope you don’t mind.” She sat down to the only available seat far from Zhen Xiu.

Everybody in the room was competing for Zhen Xiu.

Looking at her disheartened expression, Zhen Xiu felt a tad bit bad for her but then it was necessary. They all were treating her like a one-year-old kid and vying for her attention.

They were obsessed with her.

She wanted to laugh at their action but warmth filled her heart after facing so much love from people around her. Before she could only dream about it but now she was finally on the receiving end of other’s happiness and love.

She could understand the original’s feeling towards love as she seemed hypocrite for blaming her in the past. As she was eventually waiting to be loved by people then how could she judge her clone for wanting Lu Jian’s love.

“What is the reason for your visit?”

Zhen Xiu diverted his attention from her husband by asking James carter this question.

“Oh! I forgot to tell you that I will be living here from now on.”

James was happy to get the attention of his daughter and wanted to reveal the reason behind his visit. He now knows how good it is to get a daughter’s acceptance.

It was such a good day and he wanted to celebrate it by throwing a big party around but he remembered why he was here in the first place and that was for teaching Zhen Xiu to fight for her right.

Zhen Ying Yue had informed him about the changes in Zhen Xiu and how she would behave differently after her treatment. Before he didn’t believe in her warning but now he was sure that the change in his daughter’s att.i.tude was all due to that treatment. For a second, he was happy that she went into a coma for her changed reaction. It was a blessing in disguise.

He was here because of a collaboration program for his friend’s school.

“I know that; Shen Ya told me. I am asking about your purpose.”

James Carter was not happy that his daughter was not calling him father again. It was such a sweet word and she was not giving him enough bribes for her rude behavior in the past.

“Daughter how about giving me a bribe then I will give you the answer for your every question. How is it?”


What does he mean by a bribe?

Zhen Xiu narrowed her eyes at him. Was his love for her fake that he was asking bribe as she could not understand what he was implying and in turn was defensive against him in just a second.

Poor James Carter was being misunderstood by his daughter just because he wanted to hear her call him ‘father’. It was such a beautiful misunderstanding but not so good for him.

James saw that his daughter was looking at him differently after his last statement was suddenly worried about being too greedy.

Was he wrong for wanting more?

It was only one word and she had only called him ‘father’ for only a single time in his life.


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