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Read Evil Prince, Come Play With Me Chapter 1073 – Pushover Su Shenfan

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Chapter 1073: Pushover Su Shenfan

She didn’t have any demands in the first place. She just wanted a child of Su Shenfan’s, to love and cherish.

“You’re pregnant, but you’re not eating when you should. What are you doing?” Su Shenfan quickly ordered the servants to bring a meal.

Bu Yaolian had an appet.i.te now. She climbed down from the bed with a smile, and didn’t care how tired she was. She sat obediently on the couch and waited for the food.

Su Shenfan’s bad temper disappeared when he saw her like this.

This woman… really had been sent to test him.

When the food was served, Bu Yaolian ate until she was 70% full, and didn’t dare eat more.

It was said that pregnant women ate a lot, and she might gain weight. It would be troublesome to give birth then. It was fine if she died during labor, but the worst thing would be if the baby couldn’t come out.

“Why did you eat so little?” Su Shenfan frowned and asked.

After seeing a pregnant woman like Gu Bailu eat, he already felt that Bu Yaolian’s appet.i.te was too small.

“I’m already full. I can’t eat too much now that I’m pregnant. If I’m too fat, it’ll be difficult for me to give birth. The baby is still small right now and hasn’t even taken shape. I don’t need to eat too much for now.”

Su Shenfan recalled there was something like this, and thus didn’t dare ask her to eat more.

Bu Yaolian was indeed a little round right now, and would put on weight no matter what she ate. It would be bad if she was too fat to give birth.

Since he had already decided to let her keep the baby, Su Shenfan felt that she had to be in good condition. He couldn’t let anything go wrong.

He couldn’t lose both mother and child.

Su Shenfan carried her to the bed. “Have someone help you wash up and sleep.”

Bu Yaolian grinned at him. “Okay. I promise to sleep well so that the baby can grow quickly.”

Su Shenfan lowered his head and bit her. “Let’s see if you dare tell me next time that you won’t be entangled with me again.”

Bu Yaolian hugged him. “No, no.”

As long as she could give birth to the baby, she would agree to anything.

Su Shenfan put her under the covers. “Don’t get off the bed.”

Then, he turned around and left.

Bu Yaolian stopped him. “Shao… Shao Zun, where are you going? It’s so late…”

“You’re pregnant. Can you serve me?” Su Shenfan looked back at her with a gloomy face.

Bu Yaolian bit her lip. No.

She couldn’t let Shao Zun touch her for the first three months.

She could only watch as Su Shenfan left.

She comforted herself that she was the only beauty Su Shenfan had with him in Prince Zi’s residence.

He wasn’t looking for another woman.

Although she thought that way, Bu Yaolian didn’t sleep well that night.

This was probably what it meant to win some and lose some.

Because she was pregnant, she really couldn’t serve Su Shenfan. Su Shenfan was such a playboy; how could he endure being lonely without a beauty to serve him?

Just because he didn’t have any other beauties with him didn’t mean that there weren’t any outside Prince Zi’s residence.

The brothel beauties were all beautiful and charming. They definitely had better skills than Bu Yaolian.

Bu Yaolian was worried the whole night, and had dark circles under her eyes the next day.

Gu Bailu didn’t sleep well either, because she was waiting to eat the sour dough b.a.l.l.s that her husband was making for her. Although she had eaten something else to fill her stomach, she was fixated on what Feng Qingtian was making.

However, she waited from morning to night, and all she got was, “Princess, His Highness thinks he didn’t do a good job, and threw it away again.”

“Princess, His Highness made some progress, but he’s still dissatisfied and feels that you can’t have it.”


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