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Read Evil Prince, Come Play With Me Chapter 222 – Miss Murong Is Here

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Read WebNovel Evil Prince, Come Play With Me Chapter 222 – Miss Murong Is Here

Chapter 222: Miss Murong Is Here

Someone was going to die if their lord knew that the clothes were being sold off!

Should they persuade her or not?

Before they could reach a decision, customers were already swarming the store.

“That’s right. The cold-faced guards in black are from Prince Zi’s house. My husband told me that I should keep my distance from them.”

“I want the clothes if they’re from Prince Zi’s house!”

“Me too! I chose this one first!”

“This one is mine!”

“Who says it’s yours? I picked it first. Hey, why are you stealing mine?”

Those ladies weren’t half as elegant as usual.

The clothes from Prince Zi’s house would definitely earn them respect.

As for how the woman got the clothes out of Prince Zi’s house, they couldn’t care less.

A luxurious carriage pa.s.sed the store, and the maid inside remarked in surprise, “My lady, isn’t that the trash of the Gu family? Why is she out today?”

Nan Ningxin looked over, only to see Gu Bailu happily standing in front of a bunch of people in poor clothes.

Nan Ningxin frowned. What did the woman want?

The smile on Gu Bailu’s face was most painful for her.

She didn’t expect Prince Zi to negotiate with the Nether King on Gu Bailu’s behalf.

The Nether King even canceled the pursuit order later.

“She’s probably here to buy her wedding dress because she really thinks that she’s going to be married into the w.a.n.g family.” The maid dropped the curtain. “My lady, I’ll ask the coachman to hurry along. Prince Zi must be missing you.”

Nan Ningxin smiled and held the Night Lotus.

Yes, she needn’t fear Gu Bailu at all.

Even though Prince Zi could touch her, so what? She was only a toy.

As long as the Night Lotus was with her, Prince Zi’s heart would always be with her.

Gu Bailu was just a pathetic loser who couldn’t grab a man’s heart.

Nan Ningxin smiled so charmingly that even the maid was moved. “You’re so beautiful, my lady.”

Nan Ningxin was satisfied.

Of course she was beautiful. She had carefully selected this body. n.o.body would argue that she wasn’t the most beautiful girl on the continent.

She had never lacked beauty. She used to be the prettiest one in that world, too.

However… She had lost to that thing in the end.

Nan Ningxin grew upset when she thought of the past. She grasped a cup and threw it.

She wouldn’t let history repeat itself in this life!

Unsurprised, the maid cleaned up the broken pieces.

As a close maid, she knew that her lady would suddenly throw an unexpected tantrum every now and then.

The carriage stopped before Prince Zi’s house, and the maid helped Nan Ningxin down.

The doorkeeper greeted her warmly. “Welcome, Miss Murong. His lord is working in the house today. He must be waiting for you.”

Everybody in Prince Zi’s house knew that Miss Murong was the only woman whom their lord spoke to nicely.

She was also the only woman who could show up in the house.

However… That was before.

Now, there was a woman living inside the house.

The doorkeeper didn’t dare speculate which of the women was more important, but he knew that he couldn’t p.i.s.s off either of them.

“Nicely said, here’s your tip.” Nan Ningxin’s maid gave the doorkeeper a packet of money.

Nan Ningxin casually walked into Prince Zi’s house in a dress that was as soft as feathers.


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