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Read Evil Prince, Come Play With Me Chapter 779 – Loves Beauty and Money

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Read WebNovel Evil Prince, Come Play With Me Chapter 779 – Loves Beauty and Money

Chapter 779: Loves Beauty and Money

Su Shenfan asked lazily, “Who wrote the letter?”

The butler straightened his face. “The person who delivered the letter didn’t say. He only said that the person who wrote the letter is a flower that only blooms in summer.”

Su Shenfan chuckled. “Someone dares play these tricks with me?”

He threw the letter aside and stood up. A beauty put a loose silk robe on him.

Going over to where his clothes were kept, he picked up an exquisite necklace from the table. He compared it with the new necklace and found that they were exactly the same.

It was just that the one he was holding was a little yellow with age, unlike the new one, which was a vibrant green and as beautiful as jade.

Su Shenfan narrowed his eyes. This person actually had the same technique as Dog Two?

“Check who wrote the letter.”

“Yes.” The butler went down and informed the guards who were on standby nearby.

Su Shenfan looked at the new necklace and thought for a moment. In the end, he still tossed it to the side and put the old one on.

“Put this inside the red treasure box.”

Su Shenfan looked at the snow and gathered his clothes around him. It was the perfect time to have tea in the hot spring or in his heated room.

He returned to his room and reclined on the couch to read an old book.

The butler returned. “Shao Zun, there’s a request from Prince Zi’s house.”

Su Shenfan smiled angrily. “They still want me to kiss some ugly thing?”

If that was the case, then don’t blame him for being merciless.

To make someone like him who loved beauties kiss an ugly monster was a blatant humiliation.

“No… No, it’s a beautiful woman this time.” The butler was confident. Shao Zun loved beautiful women the most.

“A beauty? Can she be more beautiful than those around me?”

He wasn’t interested, not even if Princess Zi begged him.

No woman was qualified to be kissed by him.

“Shao Zun, do you want to take a look first?” the butler asked obsequiously.

Su Shenfan accepted the mission notice. There was indeed a drawing of a beauty on it.

She was beautiful like a peach, and looked especially quiet and obedient when she was lying down with her eyes closed. It made people want to brush her forehead and show her care.

Su Shenfan was someone who loved beautiful women, especially those who were pleasing to the eye.

“Same terms again?” Su Shenfan looked at the mission content.

It was Bu Yaolian that hideous monster last time. Why was it such a beautiful woman now? How many unconscious women were there in Prince Zi’s house?

“Shao Zun, Prince Zi’s residence is in a hurry and the conditions are quite good. Do you want to take the mission?” asked the butler.

Although the Earthly Residence never lacked missions, it wasn’t easy to profit off Prince Zi.

Shao Zun loved orders from such arrogant and unapproachable people the most.

It made him feel that the Earthly Residence was very powerful.

“I’ll have a look first.”

Princess Zi was a cunning woman. Who knew if she had given him a fake image?

Before the butler could say that Shao Zun was wise, Su Shenfan had already left the room. A large robe flew at the butler. It was Shao Zun’s bathrobe.

Fifteen minutes later, Su Shenfan was sitting in the hall of Prince Zi’s residence.

Gu Bailu was going to talk to Lu Fenying about Qian’er, but the butler stopped her on the way to say that Su Shenfan had come.

Gu Bailu promptly changed directions.

Su Shenfan was truly a face-con. As long as it was a beauty, he could be tricked into coming over.


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