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Read Evil Prince, Come Play With Me Chapter 982 – That’s an Apology

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Chapter 982: That’s an Apology

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“Wow, he actually knows how to thank people.” Shao Zun had come over again. He wanted to see if the kid understood what they were saying.

Qian’er smiled. “He’s just happy, and likes Uncle Shao Zun.”

The crown prince snorted. I don’t like men at all. He just poked me.

I’m just helping to give my mother face.

His mother’s status was too low. As her son, he had to help lift her up a little.

Gu Bailu was delighted when she saw this. “This baby is smart. You’re lucky.”

The child was smart enough to understand them.

Gu Bailu was a transmigrator and knew a lot about soul arts, so she was certain that the baby was extraordinary.

That was great. At least, when the baby grew up, he could protect himself and wouldn’t tire Qian’er out.

More than that, he could protect Qian’er.

Qian’er smiled proudly. “Thank you for saving him, master. He’ll thank you himself when he’s older.”

“What are you talking about? Go sit down. Lu Fenying has already looked over here a few times. Don’t make him unhappy.”

Gu Bailu had given the crown prince a gift before, but had also prepared something this time, though she hadn’t brought it with her.

Bu Yaolian reluctantly returned the crown prince to Qian’er. She sat down and sighed. “This is the first time I’ve seen a child so cute. It was so warm, carrying him.”

Su Shenfan sniffed. “Everybody else’s children are adorable. You’ll know how tired you are once you have one. You’ll have to watch him every day, and can’t do anything else.”

Most importantly, they wouldn’t be able to do it however many times they wanted at night, unlike now.

“But the crown prince is really cute,” said Bu Yaolian enviously.

Su Shenfan smiled. “Even if he’s cute, he isn’t yours.”

Bu Yaolian nodded. “That’s fine. Qian’er should be staying here for a while. I can go over and play.”

Su Shenfan patted her head. “How can he be cuter than me?”

Bu Yaolian fell into his arms with a smile. “Shao Zun is cute at night, and the little one is cute during the day. Thank you for giving him a gift, Shao Zun. I forgot to prepare one.”

Su Shenfan pinched her face. “Don’t be so proud of yourself. That was an apology for poking him.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Shao Zun wasn’t someone to give a gift in apology for a slight hurt.

Besides, he had nothing to do with the crown prince and Qian’er. It was all because of Bu Yaolian.

Shao Zun was doing her a favor. As a woman, no amount of sweet talk or expensive gifts could compare with a man’s favor.

Although Shao Zun never said anything, he was really nice to her.

She wasn’t genuinely simple-minded; how could she not see that?

It was just that she had been hiding her ident.i.ty from him all this time and didn’t dare be honest with him, which made her terrible in comparison.

“Sit properly. Why are you sitting in my arms?” Su Shenfan pushed her away.

Bu Yaolian smiled at him, which stunned the people at the next table. She was so beautiful.

Gu Bailu and Bu Yaolian were stunning to begin with, and with Qian’er, whose looks could ruin a country, even the dancers in the palace paled in comparison.

Xiao Jingyun sighed in his heart. He had three thousand concubines, but none of them could compare with them.


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