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Read Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 21

Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei is a web novel completed by Nalan Fengjin, 纳兰凤瑾.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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I hope you will grow faster

“Taking things from my Imperial Palace then just leave without saying anything?”

He spoke in a low-pitched voice, perhaps for the reason that he just came out of the bath, it is also slightly hoa.r.s.e. Like a long-cherished mellow when a person drinks a good wine.

Mu Qian looked at him straight and said. “Your highness, Night Prince, I’m just going back to my residence. Say, do you have proof that I took something from your palace?”

This time, Xuanyuan Jiu Ye moved towards her direction.

Mu Qian couldn’t tell how he did it, but her arm was tightly restrained by him.

At this time, the distance between the two people is very close. When Mu Qian bows down, in the open robe of Jiu Ye, a perfect picture that can make people have a nosebleed was seen.

A cold voice came, interrupting her imagination run wild.

“Do you want this prince to search?””

That pair of icy blue eyes, bottomless and cold.

If other men would say that, she would think that he is molesting her. But will this cold Ashura even molest her? What a joke!

The cold stare coming from Ashura makes her unable to look into his eyes. She glanced at the supposed to be promissory note in her hand. She began to stammer. “I…I sto…..borrowed! I borrowed something from you! Look! I’ve also made a note! See…”

“I am Mu Qian Xi, the current Lord of the Mu Jia, just ask what you lack of, I absolutely has no shortage of money.”

“I owe you something and I’ll definitely repay it.” Mu Qian even patted her chest to ensure this promise.

Xuanyuan Jiu Ye’s fingertips move, taking the paper in her hand as he tried to read what nonsense this woman wrote. With just a flick, Mu Qian’s so-called promissory note was burned to ashes.

“This doesn’t count!”

“You! Then just tell me what you want! Give me a word!” Mu Qian angrily said as she tries to remove Jiu Ye’s hand from grabbing her.

Mu Qian didn’t think that with her careless att.i.tude like this, the Ashura will be very displeased, adding another low pressure and intense chill, she felt goose b.u.mps all over.

Xuanyuan Jiu Ye lowered his head, his lip slowly closing to her earlobes.

The hot breath sent a jolt in her body; Mu Qian felt her ears are hot.

Thankfully the cold voice of ice-block cools her down. “Jiu Ye, my name.”

“Eep!” Mu Qian’s face suddenly turned red, she looks confused upon what Xuanyuan Jiu Ye have said.

Two pair of eyes is now at a stalemate. Mu Qian really doesn’t know what to do hence she can only stare at him, while Xuanyuan Jiu Ye felt that she is unwilling to call his name thus making his mood sour, as he stared right back at her dangerously.

Housekeeper Bai who is hiding in the side is dying. ‘Master! Can’t you speak clearly?’

You want the princess to call your name, then just say it! What’s the matter with you?

(TN: Housekeeper Bai keeps changing the way he addressed Mu Qian. As far as I know he has lots of t.i.tle for her. So guys, you need to get used to it eventually. XD)

The Master seems to really care for the princess; else he will not allow the princess to call his name.

The night wind is blowing gently, the two person seems to be in a deadlock.

Xuanyuan Jiu Ye, just as in the past tall and cold, while Mu Qian felt more helpless.

‘Is this guy gonna continue this till morning?’

‘What the h.e.l.l do I need to do? In order for him to let me go.’

“Your highness Night Prince, you see the night’s wind is very cold right? She nodded and said. “How about we return to our respective house and forget what happened today?” Mu Qian laughed forcefully.

“Jiu Ye.” He frowned, and once again slowly says these two words.

Mu Qian is not stupid, she just froze for a minute due to this guy’s air-conditioned head.

After he emphasized it twice, Mu Qian finally understood.

Turns out he doesn’t like to be called the Night Prince, she muttered. “Jiu……. Ye.”

Hearing these two words, Jiu Ye finally let go.

“Thank you for your Jinwuxue Emperor Gra.s.s, I will pay you back later.”

When Mu Qian was about to retreat quickly, her arm was pulled again.

Mu Qian glared at him, this guy is addicted at grabbing her alright.

His movement was gentle and a little rough; he brought her to his arms, as the black figure disappears.

“Where are you taking me?”

He’s not looking for a place to destroy her body, is it?!

But looking at this road, it seems to be a bit familiar!

“Bang!” The door was pushed open; Mu Qian found out that this is his Lingyao Pharmacy.

Why did he bring her here?

The Prince of the night watched her for a moment, finally opened his mouth. “What you want, take it all!”

The behavior of this man once again makes him unpredictable, what the h.e.l.l is wrong him? Even giving money like this, is he also addicted!

Mu Qian’s look can’t be described; she turned to Xuanyuan Jiu Ye. “Night……”

Before she had finished her words, she was interrupted by the cold voice of Ashura.

“Jiu Ye!”

Mu Qian take a deep breath, calling the Ashura Prince’s name still needs psychological capacity after all.

Collecting her thoughts for a moment, she said sincerely, “Jiu Ye, I want you to give me a reason. You’ve done so many outrageous things for me for no apparent reason lately. I do not want to collect benefits for nothing”

This man is treacherous and mysterious, a housekeeper of his, can even scare Xuanyuan Li Tian to death, he’s definitely not someone who likes to do good things.

That pair of icy blue eyes looked at her, like someone who’s devoid of emotion he said. “I hope you, grow up quickly.”

Her heart rate slowed to half a beat, his hope and her goal turned out to be the same.

Is it useful for him if Mu Qian grows up quickly? Could it be that in order to flatter Ah Ting to follow him, he wanted to show off his wealth?

Mu Qian did not ask for another reason, although she’s not familiar with this guy she believed that if he wanted to say it, he’d say it. She still doesn’t have the strength to force him to say what he doesn’t want to say.

She nodded: “Alright then, I will take these elixirs. Actually you’re right. I need to get stronger as soon as possible.”

Mu Qian like a bandit swept all the elixir inside.

Night Palace is indeed the most mysterious place in the Purple Moon Kingdom, the things in his pharmacy were much better than her family’s pharmacy.

After wiping out Jiu Ye’s whole pharmacy, Mu Qian’s figure disappeared in a flash.

The handsome man in black robe looked at the direction where she disappeared; the corners of the mouth slightly evoke an arc.

“Ah Ting you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Let me go! What the h.e.l.l is going on?” She shouted angrily while being carried on his shoulder. She really doesn’t know what happened a minute ago.

Ah Ting flipped her over, he rolled his eyes and said with a mocking tone. “That man is insane, you’ll ask me how did I know? Isn’t it obvious enough?”

“My instinct tells me that it must have something to do with me?” he cleared his throat and continued. “Because there is a contract binding us, he can not take me away from you, since he cannot get any benefits from me. He is now so good to you. I’m afraid he is not coveting me as an Eternal Artifact but for this Uncle’s dazzling appearance!”

“As your strength becomes stronger, the faster I can become an adult. By the time I’m strong enough to regain my human form, he will surely come for me!”

Mu Qian’s mouth is twitching so hard right now.


Someone come and kill this self-centered, disgraceful man!

“Go back to where you belong! I don’t want to talk to you.” Mu Qian’s body flashed, as she quietly sneaked into the night.

In the s.p.a.ce of Ah Ting, as he watches the water he whispered: “Ugly woman, the things that this Uncle had said are pure nonsense. Hurry up and get stronger! The purpose of that guy, I’m afraid.…”

“What a bad luck! It is already difficult to have someone who is capable of forming a contract with Us.” Ah Ting becomes frantic at Mu Qian’s future days.

Translator’s Note:

A dense MC …. Check!

An indirect ML… Check!

A smart third wheel… CHECK!

Sorry, I was on a meeting with my coworkers earlier, I kinda forgot to post it online Hehe…


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