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Read Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 86

Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei is a web novel completed by Nalan Fengjin, 纳兰凤瑾.
This webnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Caught in the act.

A young man in green robe rushed in, his face was a little feminine and apparently due to excessive drinking his skin was abnormally pale too.

Nalan Yu who was smiling gently a little while ago was now exuding a cold expression due to the Ouyang Clan’s third young master’s abrupt entrance!

Ouyang Xiang who rushed in after a glance saw an enchanting youth with unworldly features, simply ignoring the four beauties he was supposed to take in the first place.

He quickly move towards Mu Qian’s direction and said. “This enchanting youth, he’s exactly the beauty I’ve been looking for! How about you come with me…?”

But Ouyang Xiang who hasn’t reached Mu Qian was blown away by a terrible gale first.

“Ah!” Ouyang Xiang was easily thrown outside the room like a paper.

“Plop!” directly into the water.

“Young Master! Young Master!” for a moment, frenetic voices pa.s.sed onto one another.

Mu Qian slightly raised her eyebrow. “Nalan, aren’t you being hasty?”

Nalan Yu smile at her. “In no way would I give him a chance to get close to you.”

Chu Kong interrupted them in a low voice. “The two of you must hurry back! That guest is the Ouyang clan’s third young master, Ouyang Xiang. If someone dare go against him, he will never let you go! I know another way that you two can take to another exit, please come with me.”

(TN: Ouyang Xiang is called third master here, because he’s the 3rd sibling among the Ouyang Lord’s children. While in their residence he is called as second young master because he’s the second son of the Lord.)

Mu Qian waved her hand as a gesture that she refuses Chu Kong’s offer. “Meiren, if we go. I’m afraid that it’ll be you four who would suffer the most.”

Chu Kong felt thankful. “Although gentleman doesn’t like women, I can tell that you are truly worried for us. But don’t worry; we have a powerful person’s backing. How can a mere third young master ruin us?”

“You’re so naïve, do you really thing that the Mu Jia can be your patron? This ship was originally ours to begin with. No matter what I do, that d.a.m.n Mu Qian Xi can’t do anything to me! Mark my words!” Ouyang Xiang’s personal guards are good; he was immediately brought back from the lake.

(TN: A true idiot…)

Ouyang Xiang who is wet all over is glaring at Nalan Yu. “Today, this one won’t let the both of you escape! Let’s see what you would do next when I am finished with you two…”

His words have not yet finished, but he can see that the enchanting youth is slowly walking towards his direction.

Mu Qian coldly said. “I think, people like you are best to live their life as a eunuch!”

“Argh!” a drug needle was poked into Ouyang Xiang’s waist, he was clueless of the poison that was put into his body.

“Catch him!” Ouyang Xiang was furious as he shouted.

Some of the guards that has the strength of Martial Master jumped up, ready to attack Mu Qian Xi altogether. Unexpectedly, a cold murderous intent came.

Time had seemed to stop for everyone and Ouyang Xiang’s guards were frozen from their places. The guards can feel that there is something from deep within them that’s slowly disappearing and in a blink of an eye; the guards were all turned into white bones!

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” One by one, the skeletons fell on the ground and were smashed to pieces!

At this time, Ouyang Xiang was so scared to continue standing so he fell limp to the ground; he knew what exactly is coming for his life.

Nalan Yu’s figure flashed, in a second he was standing in front of Mu Qian as if he is blocking a certain someone from her.

His eyes were heavy, that mysterious man… Why is he here?

A slender black figure, like the ancient devil, suddenly appeared on the open-air pavilion.

With a flick of a sleeve, Ouyang Xiang’s hands turned into bones, and then his legs are gradually turning into bones also.

When the bones reached his knees, Mu Qian hastily shouted. “Jiu Ye!”

In an instant, Ouyang Xiang’s legs stopped turning into bones.

A black figure flashed, Mu Qian at this time was being held tightly by Jiu Ye’s arms.

“Did you play enough?” Jiu Ye asked in a low tone.

Mu Qian blinked a few times, how long has Jiu Ye been watching them?

Mu Qian used Ah Ting’s appearance when she go out, she was sure that even her Little Uncle wouldn’t recognize her due to the disguise, so how come Jiu Ye immediately knew it was her without questioning?

Mu Qian answered him truthfully. “It wasn’t enough! It’s just that being disturbed by people today made me feel displeased instead.”

“Next time, I will accompany you.”

Jiu Ye didn’t even finish his sentence but directly lifted Mu Qian in his arms and jumped down from the top floor into the lake.

Contrary to someone’s expectations, Jiu Ye landed safely without getting wet anywhere. In a blink of an eye, he and Mu Qian were already at the opposite side of the lake.

Nalan Yu heard Mu Qian’s voice in his head. “Nalan, I have to go.”

Nalan Yu looked at the two figures from afar; the pair of gentle eyes earlier was replaced with annoyance.

“d.a.m.n it! What did Xuanyuan Jiu Ye mean? Mu Xi said he would accompany me first, how dare he come and grab people all of a sudden!”

“No wonder Mu Xi was so mysterious, he had a connection with the Purple Moon’s Night Prince after all. Hmph! Even if that’s the case, he can’t stop me from getting along with Mu Xi!” Nalan Yu clenched his fist with his thought.

The people living in the Purple Moon were all afraid of Jiu Ye, but since Nalan Yu is not a resident here, he is not afraid of that Evil Star even a little bit.

The Night Prince, the devil himself appeared suddenly, letting the whole people who were left behind petrified and speechless.

But when they saw the Night prince holding a goblin-sized boy, they were completely stunned!

“I never thought that there would be a day that I will saw the Night prince hold someone would come!”

“No wonder his highness is not close to any woman, turns out he actually likes men.”

The Night prince has not gone far yet, so they can’t talk like this.

But now that he disappeared completely, the courage of the people has risen.

Because of this event, news regarding the Night prince adoring a man spread throughout the whole Purple Moon Kingdom.

Rumor has it that the boy is his highness’ male pet. With the boy’s enchanting beauty akin to an elf, naturally the cold-blooded Night prince had fallen for him at first sight!

Nalan Yu’s face turned dark as the bottom of a pot. “Mu Xi said he likes men! It couldn’t be the Night prince right?”

At the thought that there would be some kind of ambiguous relationship between those two, Nalan Yu always feel some discomfort in his heart.

Nalan Yu turned his head and asked the four beauties with a smile on his face. “Do you think the Night prince is better than this gentleman?”

Ye Ying smiled mischievously at his query. “Gongzi, are you perhaps jealous? But Ye Ying thinks that compared to the scary Night prince, you’re much better! You’re gentle and amiable completely the opposite of the Night prince… He’s the embodiment of the word evil.”

Nalan Yu let out a proud smile. “I also think I’m far better than that Evil Star.”

“I will pray to the G.o.ds that you will get the little prince back from the Night prince, let that little prince fall in love with you instead.” Ye Ying smiled gently.

For a moment, Nalan Yu froze. “Wha… What nonsense are you spouting? This gentleman is not a broken sleeve! This gentleman only treats Mu Xi as a good friend, nothing more!”

The white figure hastily left the room and head towards the other side of the lake on the boat he and Mu Xi used earlier.

It’s that entire evil star’s fault that Nalan Yu was cranky.

“Pu!” This time, a murderous intent rushed out from the lake.

Nalan Yu ducked sideways. “!”

“Swish!” Numerous figures rushed out and pulled out their sword to attack Nalan Yu!


Another white figure appeared, directly blowing away the group of, due to the powerful force from the white figure the gentle lake burst!

An old man in white, hastily said. “Young Master, are you all right?”

The old man is on par with the Purple Moon Kingdom’s strongest man, he is also at the peak of Ninth-Stage Spirit King.

The old man already dealt with half of the’s group, Nalan Yu shouted. “Leave at least one alive.”


Nalan Yu’s face was gloomy. “Didn’t think they would start this early!”

“Young Master, the Head already informed us some news, there’s something he wants you to do! We need to go back immediately!”

Nalan Yu who was always indifferent and calm finally lost his composure. “What is happening exactly? How come many problems arise this time? Didn’t I tell you that I will have to stay here in the Purple Moon Kingdom for a while? Tell me why!”

Elder Wu lowered his head and said. “Young Master, if I may, I think you’ve been here in the Purple Moon Kingdom long enough and it’s time for us to go back.”

(TN: “Wu” means fifth, but since I already named the elders in Mu Qian residence by number, I will just name him Elder Wu. Also, if you forgot, he is also the person I named Master Bai back then. Author keeps changing his name. *sigh)

This small kingdom, although Nalan Yu came here before, he would immediately go back after a few days. He had done this for many years now…

But now… …He couldn’t bear to leave, because Mu Xi’s here…

A thought suddenly pops from his mind. “You’re jealous…”

It seems that he has to calm down first, what would happen if Mu Xi perceived him wrong, What if Mu Xi hate him for this?

“We’ll go back! Master Bai, send my regards to Mu Xi after we leave.”

Below Xiu Loushan Mountain, another lake is located. The whole mountain is the private domain of his highness, Xuanyuan Jiu Ye.

Jiu Ye brought Mu Qian to his Yuehu Lake that is quiet and looks like a fairyland from above. Two people floating in the air made an elegant turn and fell slowly into a luxurious ship built with exquisite purple bamboo.

Jiu Ye slowly said. “Here, this place is more suitable for you and me.”

Translator’s Note:

Is it considered gay if Nalan Yu fell in love with Mu Qian who’s disguising herself as a man?

Why are those four beauties act like a fujoshi in our era?

When will Nalan Yu come back and confess his feelings?

Where did Jiu Ye learn to plan a date?


PS: Think of the image below as the “Yuehu Lake”


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