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Read Ex-Hero Candidate’s, Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Lv2, Laid-back Life In Another World Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 For Lys



That moment, a mysterious sound vibrated in the surrounding.


“Returning back the time”



Lys who thought that…her body was slashed in half, noticed that there was no damage or any abnormality with her body and the woman who attacked her was now in a location where she was before walking toward Lys.


“….It seems like I underestimated you…I didn’t think you can turn back time”


Without feeling surprised rather she grasped onto the situation and showed an icy smile toward Furio.


The Furio who was shown such smile narrowed his eyes and walked toward the women while his mouth was slightly opened.


“I shall reward you for being able to survive my first hit,

I am Hiya the devil who rules over light and darkness,

I am a Devil who mastered all the light and dark magic in this world.


So your foolish magics are ineffective against m….”


Saying till that with the telepathy and then her body furiously flew toward the sky.


Furio who closed in toward her attacked her with a powerful Uppercut which hit right in the chin, and she was blown into the air.


She went as far as 10 meters in the air and soon fell down to earth.


“Yo…you..who do you think I am…..I am a ruler of light and darkne……”


Furio walked toward her who was on the floor trying to stand up, and kicked her face powerfully with his right leg.


Again Hiya flew into the air as she got kicked right in her face.


Furio placed his leg onto Hiya’s face as she fell onto the earth again, and with his full power he pushed her face with his leg into the ground, it was so powerful that the surrounding started to crack and cave in.


“I am….the ruler of light and….”


Furio picked Hiya by her hair and forcibly make her stand than smashed her head with a headb.u.t.t.


“I am….light..”


“Shut the f.u.c.k up with your bull c.r.a.p”


While still holding the beat up Hiya’s hair, he brought her face closer to his. Because of Furio’s headb.u.t.t, her face was in subsidence, and a green blood, since she is a Devil flowed from all over the body.


It is true that Hiya is a ruler and mastered Light and Darkness magic. And so she has a high pride in her Super strong Defence and Super strong attack magic. Of course, she has many magics to block a physical attack, and she was using it the whole time.


But, Compared to Furio’s attack who’s skill status shows “∞-Impossible to display since it has far surpa.s.sed the limit”, all her defence were broken without any resistance and were able to directly damage Hiya’s physical body.


“You raised your hand against my wife”

Saying so Furio’s knee penetrated through Hiya’s stomach.


“I can’t calm myself unless I punch you myself rather than using magic”


Saying so Furio laughed coldly and looked down right at Hiya’s face.


Seeing such an expression in front of her, Hiya, for the first time in her life since birth to ever as ‘fear’ ruled over her mind and body, and shivered as she felt ice cold.


…A few moments later. At the Furio’s house


“…Ma,Master-sama….what, is this thing….”


Varissa the knight looked at the Hiya who was turned into a dirty broken rag, which was thrown toward her like a trash by Furio. And she couldn’t comprehend what just happened and looked at Hiya than Furio several times.


“I think I might’ve overdone it a little, so I thought about healing her”

Saying so Furio sat on the chair.


And to Furio’s neck was a red-faced Lys with a really ragged breathing.

The act of Furio whose usual demeanour is that of a cool person, the sudden act of furious retaliation made Lys feel too happy that her emotion exploded making her unable to keep it in.


“Aa, Husband-sama. All that for me, I am so happy….Lys is really lucky…”


While still cringing on Furio’s neck, she started undressing.


“Oi, Oi, Valissa is here so it’s bad to do it here”

Saying so Furio and Lys while kissing went inside their room.


Seeing Hiya who was damaged to the point of becoming a floorcloth and seeing the affectionate conduct done by Lys and Furio, Varissa stood there with a really red face.


And Sabea in horned rabbit form poked Hiya while saying Funsu Funsu.



At the same time in the Magic Kingdom Cryload castle


“..Wha, what does this mean?”


The first imperial princes were feeling puzzled toward the sudden disappearance of Death sentence ring.


Death sentence ring appears on the people’s neck who was deemed as a price for the wished wish, and it kills the wearer as soon as the Devil succeed in the mission.


She couldn’t think of any reasons as to why the Death sentence ring disappeared without taking her life.


“Is…is there anyone that might know why this happened?”

First, imperial princess asked knights and magicians in front of her but they were all puzzled by it also.

So no one could answer her call.


“…maybe..just maybe the devil actually failed the that is not possible…”


One of the magicians shook his head as he denied this possibility.




A few moments later


Lys who came out of the room merrily,

“Everyone today will be a feast♪” she went to the kitchen while skipping and humming.


And the Furio who soon came out of the room seemed to calm his mind and returned to his usual demeanour, so when he returned to the living room he showered a highest rank heal magic on the Hiya who were so ragged she looked like a floorcloth.


…where am I?


Soon Hiya woke up and as she looked around and when her eyes met with Furio’s,


….H, hee!?


She ran behind Varissa who was closed by and was trembling while sweating profusely.


Toward this scenery,


“I might’ve overdone it. I want you to forgive me since I healed you, is it fine with that?”

Saying so Furio extended his right hand toward her.


Hiya who was behind Varissa nodded her head vigorously but didn’t dare touch the hand to handshake with Furio.


..Of course. Of course, Please forgive me….
She already started crying.


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