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“Shut up!” Mu Tianye jerked to his feet, “Giving me proposal that sets less brand value, if you can’t help me make money, then get out!”

“Yes, Chief Mu!” The project leader immediately nodded. “We’ll go back and modify the plan right away.”

A few people quickly withdrew from his office, and a.s.sistant Zhou Tao came over gingerly.

“Chief Mu, it’s almost nine o’clock. Should you go home, too?”

Did he actually ask him to go home before work was done?

Mu Tianye looked at him sharply, “You don’t want to work too?”

“Certainly not” Zhou Tao met his rudeness with a smile. “You, didn’t you make an appointment with the madam?”

As his a.s.sistant, Zhou Tao, of course, not only arrangse his work and entertainment schedule, but also helps him remember all kinds of dating matters. Earlier in the underground garage, Mu Tianye told to Ning Xiaofei “Wait for me at night,” Zhou Tao has already heard it, of course, he carefully recorded it in mind.

This was the first time this man has allocated time for a woman. If delayed onn his date, when the time comes tha this King of h.e.l.l launched his temper, he could only eat his b.u.t.t.


Ning Xiaofei’s face flashed before Mu Tianye’s eyes. Glancing sideways at the doc.u.ments on the table, the important work has been finished, the others, dealing with them tomorrow would not be too late.

He got up from his chair, Zhou Tao immediately took his suit coat over, helped him cover himself, and turned to open the door for him.

The two left the office one after the other and walked towards elevator. Zhou Tao has called the driver and asked him to drive the car to the entrance of the elevator.

After a while, Mu Tianye was already seated in the car to the villa. Smelling the floral scent in the car, Mu Tianye frowned and turned his face, and immediately noticed the gift box in the corner of the seat.

“I have prepared for you, a bouquet of the finest champagne roses.”


Mu Tianye squinted at the gift box on the seat and snorted disdainfully.

“There’s no need for that.”

He wasn’t there to please her. Why would he send her roses?

Zhou Tao couldn’t figure out his mood and had to accompany his smile and retracted his eyes.

Soon the car pulled into the most expensive villa block in City A and stopped in front of the villa, which had the best view of the whole lake.

His profile looked at the lights on the third floor, Mu Tianye stretched his legs out of the car.

Zhou Tao had already taken out the spare key to help him open the door, the driver saw the roses on the car and hurriedly brought it over.

“Chief Mu, your flowers! “

At this point, Zhou Tao has opened the door. Mu Tianye glanced at the flowers that the driver took, grabbed it with his hand and went into the door.

Zhou Tao stopped at the door tactfully and asked “Excuse me, what time do I come to pick you up?”

Mu Tianye placed the roses on the small table in the foyer.

“7 o’clock.”

“All right, Chief Mu. See you tomorrow.”

After bidding goodbye, Zhou Tao gently shut the door, turned around to get into the car and left together with the driver.

In the room, Mu Tianye casually took off his suit coat and hung it on the hanger in the hall, glanced at the empty foyer and marched upstairs. He came to the third floor, and went straight in by pushing open the door of the master bedroom.

There was no one in the room, and on the sofa at the bedside, a champagne-coloured woman’s bra was thrown. He immediately recognized it as the one Ning Xiaofei had worn the night before.

Catch a slight sound from the jacuzzi in the bathroom, Mu Tianno breeze the lip corners satisfactorily.

Catching the slight sound from the jacuzzi in the bathroom, the corners of Mu Tianye’s lips rose satisfactorily.

Knowing that she cleaned up while waiting for him, seems like she’s pretty sensible!

Pulling off his tie and throwing it aside, Mu Tianye walked into the bathroom. He raised his right hand to unb.u.t.ton his shirt, and ardently pushed open the bathroom door with his left.




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