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In Vance City, beacons of war were lit up all around the city. For the G.o.d Equipment, as well as for great power and for absolute authority, the experts who were usually n.o.ble and reticent were all involved in the chaos.

Kings, gentlemen, scholars, saints, and even powerful hermits; in this moment, they are all slaughtering one another as though a bunch of mad dogs.

On the other side, due to the of Lorci’s High Priestess, more than twenty Matriarchs have brought their army and started to collect fresh blood. However, the most confusing of them all is the disappearance of the one who is at the core of the problems, the Beastman Sovereign Shou.

I don’t think that Nuya.Shou who has been with the Scepter for extended periods of time can resist its temptation. After a month with it, his soul already belongs to the Scepter. Not to mention, the whispers of the Devils linger in his ears. There is no way he could let go of it, and the mastermind controlling him from the back wouldn’t allow it anyway. At most, he could only be viewing the situation by the side, waiting for an opportune moment to strike and win himself the greatest benefits.

At this moment, due to the unexpected situation of the Queen of Banshees killing Kajah, the situation is developing out of my control.

The deaths of those fellows fighting over the Scepter aren’t pitiable. After all, they themselves allowed greed to blind them. Since they wanted to obtain the G.o.d Equipment, they should have been mentally prepared for the possibility of death… Besides, there is too many powerful figures and experts vying over the Scepter. With Saints all over the place, I couldn’t interfere even if I wanted to.

But I can’t ignore the Dark Elves.

Victoria came back in a while right after she went out. There is no need to collect the troops left behind by the Syfan Matriarch. All of the Warriors and those following the party have been torn apart by the other Matriarch to serve as fresh blood tributes to appease Lorci’s anger.

Even so, they still found the tributes insufficient.

Chaos is something contagious and resentment is something inheritable. The Dark Elves will choose to sacrifice those of the other tribes first to appease Lorci’s anger with bloodshed. When they really begin on their slaughter, the hatred that has been acc.u.mulating in Vance for many years will explode all at once. The ending will surely be a genocide and a destructive riot.

In my hands, there is indeed an ace that is able to suppress them…

[G.o.d Equipment: Origin of Codex]

[Faith In Law: 557/99999 (The belief from 1000 people in a week allows it to increase by 1 point every week, and the cap is 50 points every month. When the points reach the maximum, it will automatically replicate a SemiG.o.d Equipment, Scattered Page of Codex.]

[Effect 1: The Land of Law (Pa.s.sive): In the heart of the city where it is placed, the entire city will become a Land of Law and in the area where its effect is active, Enforcers can wield the Power of Law.]

[Effect 2: Great Judgement (Active): Requires 100 Faith in Law to activate, and consumes 1 point every minute after activation. After the user activates it, everyone in the city will be cast with a Legend-rank level Judgement Spell and be judged on their actions in the last 3 hours. If guilty, their freedom will be restricted and debuffs such as intangible cuffs and weapon seal will be inflicted on them. In the Great Judgement, the effects of the enforcer’s Incantation of Law will be multiplied several folds and their power ranking will be increased by 1. (The requirements for usage: The laws in the city are in chaos, criminals are doing as they please and the city is on the verge of destruction)]

[Effect 3: All is Equal in the Face of Law: Demarcate a zone and lower the rank and stats of people within the zone to be of the equal level as the user. Duration: 10 seconds. Requires 1 Faith in Law to activate.]

[Effect 4: Sinners will be Judged (Active): Activate Great Judgement towards a single target, cleansing him of all his sins through the judgement. Requirement: The target must be willing to undergo judgement.]

Seems very strong? But it still isn’t insufficient. In Eich, G.o.d Equipment tend to have G.o.d Energy and G.o.d Soul embedded within. This codex may represent the origin of the Power of Law, but without the support of a G.o.d of Law, it is slightly inferior to other G.o.d Equipment. Of course, it is still much stronger than any other SemiG.o.d Equipment.

The rumors of Eternal Night Scepter have become quite outrageous. Other than the nonsense I made up, there is a rumor that says that the secret and fragmented soul of an Ancient Malevolent G.o.d is hidden within and Emperor Yongye is the only one to decipher it. Even worse, some say that the soul of Emperor Yongye is within and he will choose the most suitable person to be his successor… Fine, I finally understand what it means for a rumor to become more convincing the more it spreads. In the face of greed, people will try to correct any logical flaws in their mind.

Now that Vance is on the brink of destruction, the conditions for ‘Great Judgement’ has been fulfilled. It seems like we can replicate the quick actions taken in Chrome City previously where the city was cleaned by over hundred temporary Legends during the Judgement.

But I didn’t want to do that.

The situation may seem similar, but in actuality, it is entirely different. The Chrome City, which only has a few Legends, is different from Vance, which had over twenty Dark Elf Matriarchs and powerful accompanying guards. If we were to try to suppress them coldly like we did back then in Chrome City, we might not win even if we had an additional 300 temporary Legends into our force. At the very least, half of our forces would be wiped in the battle. Besides, this is the dumbest course of action that we could take.

Why? War is always born from politics. When considering whether to fight a war, we must remain practical and take interests into account. It might feel good to lower our blades on them, but if we were to kill over 20 Elf Matriarchs in one go, we would forge an irreconcilable grudge with the underground Elves as well as Lorci. This trade which only brings hatred to us is really not worth doing.

It may seem to be a dead knot, giving us only the choice of either watch the city being wiped clean or to suppress them with bloodshed. However, it is my specialty to turn a cruel war into a farce, reversing tragedy with comedy.

“Stop struggling and enter!!”

“No, I am the n.o.blest Queen of Banshees, not your pet! Keep away that milky-white substance from me! You vile disciple, **, s.e.x fiend, old bachelor…”

“Hehe, continue scolding as you please, your mouth is the only thing formidable about you now anyway. Wait until you enter, I will make sure that you feel so much pleasure that you feel like dying from it! Wahahahahhaa!!”

“Noooooooooo!! Pervert, I am your mentor!”

“It is because you are my mentor that there is joy in doing so! Wahaha, resistance is futile. This is my territory, no one will save you no matter how you scream. Just surrender and serve me.”

“MASTER!!” Hasty footsteps could be heard from the back. Then, the door opens and the anxious Elisa lifts the broom she is holding behind her back and smacks it violently onto my brain, pulling my rationality back from my excitement.

Only viewing the situation within the room did the panting Elisa calm down.

The lewd scene that she was expecting didn’t appear. She only saw a certain someone holding two test tubes and mixing the contents of the two together, seemingly trying to experiment with it. At this moment, she looks innocently at me.

“Why did you hit me?”

“That… I’m sorry, Master. It is just that I happen to overhear your conversation and I thought that you were…”

“I am doing serious work now. Wait, I had cast an Isolation Magic here, how did you hear it? It can’t be that you installed a hearing device here!!”

“Hehe, let’s not pursue a woman’s secret.” The young lady blinks her eyes in embarra.s.sment and the mischievous look she has on her face with her tongue stuck out is extremely cute. Being able to find her true self after breaking through into the Legend realm is a good thing, but…

“Secret you head! Don’t act cute at a time like this!” At this moment, Elisa suddenly seems to be attracted to the b.u.t.terfly knot on her tail and lowers her head, trying her best to feign ignorance. I started to reflect on whether I am too forgiving towards these juniors.

However, thinking about what we were going to face and the heavy responsibility that is about to be entrusted to her, I suddenly lost my interest in pursuing the matter.

“Forget it. Your arrival is timely, there are some things that I want to brief you about first. After my plan activates and everything is successful, I’m afraid that there won’t be much time left for us to interact.”

The inauspicious meaning of the words makes Elisa nervous.


But before briefing her, I look towards the struggling Harloys in the bottle and hesitates for a brief moment. In a certain sense, my plan will strike a fatal blow into the core of the Order G.o.ds, so it should be aligned to her goals. If I could get her to help, the success rate of the plan would be increased significantly.

Don’t underestimate Harloys just because she was caught so easily. Actually, I think of her as the hardest to deal with of all the Undead Lords. Knowledge is power and wisdom. In the face of ‘The Omniscient One’ Harloys, who has gone through countless eras, Margaret and I weren’t even qualified to address ourselves as apprentices before her.

The reason why we were able to successfully capture Harloys, 90% had to be attributed to her suicide tendency.

If she wasn’t too complacent after obtaining the body with a G.o.d’s Bloodline and immediately ran out to find me when the synchronization of her soul with her physical body wasn’t completed yet, causing her to not even possess a third of the power she had when she was at the peak of her strength; if Adam, one of the strongest Warriors in the world, didn’t manage to catch her, a Mage who was helpless in close combat, by surprise; if not for my a.s.sistance in restricting her movement, it definitely won’t be an easy task to get hold of her.

To say the truth, Adam and I had good teamwork and we have long attained the level where 1 + 1 = 3. With Adam serving as the main fighter and my support, I have the confidence to make even an Avatar of a spellcaster cla.s.s G.o.d kneel and submit to us.

The fact that I was able to catch Harloys made me so happy that I got engrossed into playing my part and spouted some indecent lines which caused Elisa to come barging in.

“Just give it a try. If it doesn’t work, you can always silence her.”

Thus, I started talking.

“All of this began with an agreement. That was back when I was still Emperor Yongye. By the River Styx, I made an agreement with Death G.o.d Ayer…”

The plan isn’t very long or complicated, it took only ten minutes for me to finish my piece. However, Harloys stopped me in my tracks multiple times to plead me to strengthen the Anti-Eavesdropping Barrier and Anti-Spying Magic. After the end of my story, the Queen of Banshees in the bottle seemed to have malfunctioned and could only repeatedly mutter the same few words as though a psycho:

“I didn’t hear anything, haha, nothing at all.”

“Hee hee, as expected of my disciple, really playing it big this time. Should I feel sentimental upon seeing my disciple being on the verge of surpa.s.sing me?”

“Wait, something is wrong. Why are you telling me this? Are you finding a reason to get rid of me? However, if this plan succeeds, it seems that my vengeance would also be complete and there would be no reason for me to live. Should I rejoice?”

Elisa, after listening to the entire story solemnly, fell into silence.

“Master, to sacrifice so much, is it worth it?”

“Un, of course it is worth it. There won’t be any rewards if we don’t sacrifice something in return. If we don’t change anything, all that awaits this world is destruction and calamity. Personally, I think that there is still a lot of things in this world worth living for.”

Elisa lowers her head and became even more depressed.


“I don’t deny it.”


“True, sometimes I do find that I’m a b.a.s.t.a.r.d.”


“I would have to deny that. I don’t have the conditions to be perverted. Just look at me, I am so poor that only bones remain…”

However, the motion of Elisa raising her head stopped my words. Her widened eyes stare fixedly at me, but the cold face she puts on usually is replaced with a wretched face full of tears, not a trace of her dignified appearance normally.

Looking at the silent flow of tears, an ache in my chest makes me lower my head helplessly. Just like before, I carefully wiped the tears off the crybaby.

“I’m sorry.”

“I don’t need an apology…”

“I’m really sorry.”

“…You villain, I said don’t apologize… Wuuuuu!”

My rare sincere apology was like a trigger, plunging this Legend back into the times of her childhood, where she would just sit there, paralyzed, crying without a care.

Cajoling little children has never been my expertise. I panicked. But very quickly, Elisa stops and with tearful face, she speaks of her request.

“…Fine, I am willing to bear everything, but you must accept one condition to repay me.”

A condition? This is something that should not be accepted at all costs. Who knows what the other party would request of you. What if she requests for you to solo a Demon Prince? However, looking at the sobbing girl, I somehow nod in response to her request.

“Fine, as long as it doesn’t go against my principle, no matter what condition you lay out, I will agree to it.”

Looking at her nodding her head, I heave a sigh of relief. However, somehow, the ache in my heart worsens. Thus…


Hugging the young lady lightly, I felt her familiar warmth and smell and I felt that my heartbeat which has stopped seem to start beating again. I felt comforted.

Undead may not have body warmth, but my rare gentleness made Elisa raise her head to stare at me.

“Just for a moment.”

“Un.” It felt as though we had returned to the past, when she would happily look for reasons during thunderstorms to dive into that body that wasn’t warm but yet comforting. Despite having grown up, the girl takes a half a step forward and allows me hug her tighter as she quietly makes her wish.

“… Even now, is it still only kins.h.i.+p? Big Brother Rolo, Master Roland, the next time we meet, I will become a good woman that you would be unable to ignore.”

“Cough cough, this is really touching, but have you two forgotten that there is a third party here? Looks like it’s another teacher-student relations.h.i.+p, seems like it is really in our heritage. Back then, if Cecily hadn’t fallen in love with that Wood Elf b.i.t.c.h, I wouldn’t have hardened my determination to kill her. Now that I think about it, Cecily’s techniques were truly incredible. It was truly a pity that I did not retrieve her soul to make a doll.”

Without any hesitation, Harloys revealed her dark history as a lesbian while playing the role of an excessive third party. The usually thick-skinned Elisa, upon recalling the tears and laughter from a moment ago, lowers her head in embarra.s.sment and quickly pushes me away. In that instant, the air stilled.

“No one will treat you as a mute if you remain quiet.” Displeased, I glared at the soul inside the bottle. Upon seeing the delighted expression on the soul, I immediately knew that she had already made her decision.

“Un, as expected of my disciple, playing quite a big game there. I will help you, but you must let me go first. Kajah’s physical body can still be used after stapling it together. After all, you know of my strength. The reason why I failed this time was because of my carelessness. If I were to help you, the success rate of your plan will be much higher.”

I shake my head. Then, I lift another bottle up and look at it with a smile. The bottle is filled with a thick white-colored transparent fluid. I open the bottle and heartlessly pour it into the bottle with Harloys’s soul.

“That is two separate matters. What I need the most now is countless numbers of Child of Greed. You should just obediently merge with the main body of Greed.”

Yes, that bottle of disgusting fluid is the main body of Greed and not that special secretion. My plan to turn this tragedy into a comedy is to reenact the play of the nude city. I don’t believe that the Dark Elf Matriarchs can continue on their rampage that way. Without their weapons and clothes, I doubt if they still possess sufficient strength to go against my Enforcers.

However, it would take a long period of preparation before my plan can get into action if I were to only use the main body of Greed to clone the Children of Greed. Furthermore, this would potentially end in a great loss for me as well, and that will affect my future plans greatly.

The original plan of using ‘Great Judgement’ and Adam’s presence to intimidate the Dark Elves would result in great losses on our side, and given the many negative aftereffects it will bring about afterward, it cannot be called an ideal solution. However, Harloys’s sudden appearance gave me an additional choice.

No one is able to compete with the Banshees, who wield the talent of ‘possessing physical bodies’, in controlling other people’s physical body. The Queen of Banshees Harloys, despite having ablutomania which prevents her from using any physical bodies other than those of female Elf royalty, her unparalleled ability in controlling physical bodies allow her to rapidly clone Child of Greed immediately after possessing the main body of Greed. It is also an easy task for her to control over ten thousand clones and limit the attacks to the enemies.

TL: Ablutomania -> Obsession with cleanliness

“No, disgusting!! This thing is weird, the vitality of this soulless physical body is shockingly high! It holds too great an attraction towards my soul, I’m afraid that I will be unable to leave the body after possessing it! How can I help you if that happens!”

The reasoning of the Queen of Banshees’ sounds convincing, but I already have it all planned out.

“Rest easy, this is one of my prided creations, Greed of the Seven Deadly Sins. Its potential hasn’t been unleashed yet. Later, I will help you fuse a bit of Kajah’s G.o.d Bloodline into it, allowing it to evolve into a complete body. I ensure that you will be very energetic, making you so happy that you won’t even think about possessing other bodies. Right, it is better for the main body to retain human shape, right? Do you prefer loli physique or a young mature lady physique? Forget it, since a fluid being is able to transmogrify, I will just add all of it in.”

TL: Young mature lady -> As it means, a woman who dresses maturely, looks maturely, acts maturely despite being young

“Your Seven Deadly Sins? This Slime is your Undead Creation? SAVE ME!!! SOMEONE IS KILLING THEIR MENTOR! b.a.s.t.a.r.d, have you forgotten what Pride did back then? You still dare to create Undead even after that?”

It is impossible for her calls for help to leak out anyway, so I ignored it and continued with my work.

Un, young mature woman, mature woman, teenage girl, old lady… Wait, old lady seems to be a bit too strong a taste, I better delete it. Then, the hairstyle, hair color and clothes… It feels like playing a gal-game. Hehe, I feel quite excited.

“You disloyal disciple, I was blind to accept you back then. My greatest regret in my life is to teach you Undead Creation, look at what kind of monsters you built! This time, you are even using me as an ingredient for it. What is this? Why is my color changing, why would a soul have color?”

Continuing to ignore her, it was about time for the complete product to appear.

“I, I am melting? Why would a soul melt? What have you done? Death G.o.d above, why did you allow me to meet you, why would the perfectly normal Undead Creation turn into something like that in your hands!”

TL: She is using the word ‘old lady’ to refer to herself. It is what 30~40 gangster-like ladies (or crude) use to refer themselves to, especially when they are trying to intimidate someone.

“** Maid costume, fallen angel maid costume, beast-ear maid costume, standard English maid costume, robot teenage girl maid costume, extremely short H maid costume! AHHHH, my creative juices are burning!!”

“Stop doing weird stuff in my body, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d maid fetish… So warm, so comfortable. Wait, it can’t be, how can Undead have feelings. What did you do!!”

“Hehe, are you happy? Proud? You are going to be my greatest creation. Let me think about what other maid costumes there are… Right, angel maid costume! Completely natural wings and the feeling of the flesh and feathers are completely identical! Perfect!!”

Looking at her motivated master, Elisa knows that she can’t stop him. After solemnly expressing her sympathy towards the Dark Elves, whom misfortune is going to fall on, and Harloys, who deserves to burn on a stake for over 10 times, she closed the door and leaves.

She still needs some time to organize the information she just got hold of. At the same time…

“Hmph, I am not just a silly woman who will just wait obediently. You want to use the family card to dump me? Dream on!” Elisa also has her own schemes and she has already started taking actions.


In the slums beside the mines not too far from Vance, an eerie blood-red altar has been constructed on the chilly cliff where the Dragon Empress almost died.

The locals there have become the tributes on the altar.


“That is my child!!”

In the face of the heartless thugs, the workers of the mine tried to retaliate but their actions are destined to end in vain. That’s because those thugs are once their protectors and the master of this mine, the personal guards of the Beastman Sovereign!

The single-eyed Lion King looks at the cries of despair below. The citizens who he protects are being sent to their doom. The Beastman Sovereign, reputed to the close with his people, looks at such a sight without a single expression on his face.

But, among the crowd, a stubborn Kobold male rushes out and shouts towards the Beastman Sovereign.

“Why!! Lord Lion King!! We pay your taxes and my nephew even died for you!! Why…”

He couldn’t continue his words. He has been forced to the ground by some soldiers carrying the insignia of a single eye. That soldier looks up towards the Lion King, as though asking for the opinion of his superior.

On other days, to win the favor of his army, Shou.Nuya would take good care of the family of his soldiers, but now…

Ignoring the questioning look from his subordinate, the Lion King looks on without a single change in his expressions. The old soldier stuffs the mouth of the Kobold and carries him to the altar. Bringing his blade down, a head rolls down and fresh blood splatters on the floor.

“Haha, you traitor. I will patiently wait for the day where you get abandoned by your people. You… You actually turned to the Demons!”

This is the howling of an ex-ally. At this moment, the Dragon Queen only retains sufficient strength to howl. Her severely injured body is tied to the top of the altar. She is to be served as a super high-tier tribute.

There is no way the knowledgeable her would be unable to identify that this eerie blood-colored altar is a Dimension Gate leading to the lower realm where Demons live.

“You came.”

Shou ignores his ex-ally. The only thing in his sight is his new ally who just arrived.

“Ainsterna.Eduar, the Spatial Distortion leading to Sulfur Mountain City has been prepared. Is your army ready yet?”

The ones who walked out from the Dimension Gate isn’t just the bald and plump Ainsterna, but those who were Shou’s enemy for a long time as well.

“Of course. However, correcting a point, from today onwards, they are your army. I am allied with Sulfur Mountain City and you are the mutual enemy of us. If you fail, hehe, you know it.”

“Hehe, cunning Devils. Betting on both sides again? Then, if Sulfur Mountain City is to be destroyed, then you will be my ally?”

“Hehe, as long as there are enough profits, we can be the allies of anyone, even if it is those foolish Demons whose heads are filled with muscles.”

Ainsterna laughs, laughs to the point that the fat on his belly is trembling. He looks like a gleeful merchant who just finalized a big deal.

“Hehe, haven’t we been allies in the Underground Alliance all along? Actually, I have a good impression of that Wumianzhe. He is exactly like a natural Devil Lord, but it is a pity that the new City Lord of Sulfur Mountain City is also a human. The underground world only needs one ‘human’ Underground Autarch. Having a second would be too dangerous.”

The two Underground Autarchs with their own plots smile as the other Underground Autarch who is treated as a tribute curses them. The cries of despair that accompany the tributes at their moment of death could be heard, even from the far distance.


PS. Still that the same phrase, Squirrel don’t write tragedies. I am thankful for all your support. With the acknowledgment and support from everyone, Squirrel is able to maintain the motivation to continue writing this book.

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