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She threw down her sword? Did she really want me to take off my armor and prove that I was a real man? As long as I didn’t have to take responsibility, I would really welcome that…

Cough, cough, censors.h.i.+p had been tight recently, so I should probably be a little more serious… Obviously, Lasnina didn’t throw down her sword for the sake of world peace. Her magic sword suddenly split into hundreds of tiny metal shards that constantly swirled around in the sky.

“She’s like a sword fairy? Who also has floating artillery? How ridiculous.”

Although I was rambling, I was highly on guard on the inside. Logically speaking, these smaller sword shards that could automatically attack should have lower attack power. Even if this was more difficult to defend against, it would be meaningless if it couldn’t scratch my defenses. There would be no foundational difference.

However, my opponent was one of the famous nine Devil Lords. Her tricks would never be so simple.

The next instant, I witnessed something inconceivable. All the sword shards actually shot straight towards their master!

All the sword shards embedded themselves in Lasnina’s flesh, sending blood flying everywhere as she was pierced all over, becoming a b.l.o.o.d.y devil.

Right after this, countless blood runes appeared on her body, looking just like the blood rune curses on her magic sword. Her physical body rapidly expanded as it obtained an unmistakable power.

“Curses are vicious intentions that come from the soul. Jealousy, hatred, anger, regret, and words are all invisible blades. Curses fill this b.l.o.o.d.y sword. All the curses in the world are my food!”

Lasnina was now much larger after finis.h.i.+ng her transformation. Her entire body was covered in blood and runes, with countless sword shards still stuck in her body. It was almost as if they acted as chains protecting her. Meanwhile, she still had a more than three-meter-long sword in her right hand.

Her physical appearance was still humanoid. However, her magic power was now on a completely different level.

An ethereal figure kept flickering behind her. This was the Abyss of Evil, the farthest bottom level of the Chaos Abyss, where only the most evil and vicious insects resided.

I had never seen such corrupt magic before. Her magic was pure rottenness, stink, and slowness, and contained countless negative curses. The entire sky was tainted with numerous colors.

Waves of evil began to spread as a sudden downpour of black rain began to fall. Every single raindrop contained pure evil, and seemed like souls were trapped and howling within.

An endless amount of evil and corruption was tainting the entire world around us, just like a vicious virus would. Just looking at it all made me feel like I was being devoured.


“It hurts, it hurts!”

The lizardmen around us still watching this scene couldn’t take even a single look. Some kneeled on the ground and vomited, some cried loudly, and some instinctively ran away at their top speed. But, there was no difference no matter how they reacted. Those who ran away transformed into dry skeletons as they ran. Those who vomited ended with vomiting up all their internal organs. Those who cried ended up crying out all the blood in their bodies.

Those who were quick and smart enough to react chose to blind themselves, which would indeed protect their lives. However, the magic sounds still entered their ears, and the stench still entered their noses. The best possible result would be that they’d still end up handicapped for their entire lives.

A lizardman witch doctor that just used up his divine power kneeled on the ground and kept vomiting. Apart from his b.l.o.o.d.y internal organs, he also vomited up black and gray maggots with human faces! That was the true form of the mysterious curses that the lizardman witch doctor had utilized.

Curses were vicious intentions that came from the soul. As the strongest polluting source of curses in the world, the moment that Lasnina showed this form, she indiscriminately cursed all the lives in this area and corrupted the entire world around her.

“So this is the true form of the Lord of Curses? It’s so…”


However, the completely b.l.o.o.d.y Lasnina was the one who finished my sentence. She then continued speaking.

“That’s right, since this form of mine is so ugly, that’s why everyone who’s seen it before has…”

It was obvious what she was going to finish that sentence with. Since she was already using such a form, naturally she wouldn’t stop unless she killed me.

“…Signed confidentiality agreements with you? I could recommend you several good wood spirit cosmetic surgeons.”

I kept joking around, but I could only smile wryly in my mind. Just based on the magic power level alone, her magic power had more than tripled in strength. Previously, her magic power only slightly exceeded mine, but now she was at the level that could completely suppress me.

I kept feeling like things were getting worse for me. Since Lasnina had willingly shown her true form that she considered to be incredibly ugly, this naturally meant that she was going all out against me without caring about what price she paid.

“Ha, you really are that person’s older brother. You’re both equally skilled at enraging others!”

The enlarged Lasnina constantly felt pain and discomfort in this form. She had no intentions of standing around to chat, so she instantly attacked.

The ethereal figure before me instantly disappeared. I could only sense that she was rapidly approaching. Even my soul vision was unable to lock on to her!

“So fast!”

Before I could even react, her sword viciously slashed directly at my face. There were no changes in the dimensional wavelengths. She hadn’t used any type of instantaneous teleportation. This was speed achieved purely through physical might!

Her sword kept viciously slas.h.i.+ng against my body, with direct attacks, side attacks, whip attacks, stab attacks, sweeping attacks, and heavy attacks, attacks directly against my head, eyes, ears, or groin, and so on. Every single part of my body came under constant attack as if an eight-headed hydra was furiously tearing at me.

“Ahahaha! Let’s see how long your turtle sh.e.l.l can last!”

She was trying to forcefully break past my armor as well as searching for any weaknesses in it. If this armor had been a normal creation, there would definitely be joints where the parts connected, ventilation openings, and other such weak spots.

However, Lasnina’s efforts were destined to be useless. The Guardian of Yongye was my absolute defense armor created using my bloodline’s power. Every part of this armor had been created simultaneously. There would be no such weaknesses in it!

“Holy Light—”

Right when I opened my mouth to prepare more Holy Light, Lasnina’s sword almost stuck itself down my throat. Her frequent high-speed attacks were like the unstoppable ocean itself, constantly sending tides to crash against me. I didn’t even have a chance to counterattack.

And so, I simply closed my eyes…

“Are you giving up? Come, counterattack, you coward!”

I heard Lasnina’s hysterical screams right in my ears as her powerful fists constantly struck my stomach. The powerful penetrative force caused me to spit blood. But even so, I still gritted my teeth and kept my eyes closed.

One hit, two hits, a hundred hits, a thousand hits. My dragon armor finally showed signs of cracking. This meant that its ability to repair itself was no longer able to keep up with the damage it was taking. My armor was now in danger of completely shattering.

“Coward, die just like this without even trying to attack!”

The rampaging Lasnina was no longer able to control her emotions. Her original intention of taking Roland alive as a hostage had all been abandoned. Right now, all she wanted was to tear apart this b.a.s.t.a.r.d before her.

But at this moment, I opened my eyes.

One of my eyes had a normal black pupil and eye white, while my other eye had a white pupil and eye black, making my eyes seem like two halves of a Yin Yang diagram.


I spoke that word emotionlessly as if I was a G.o.d high above judging the mortal world. It was as if nothing, not even the world, had anything to do with me. The individual before me was guilty, so I was judging her.

I powered up my “Stare of the h.e.l.l G.o.d” ability to the utmost, finally using this incredibly dangerous ace up my sleeve.

Lasnina instantly stopped as if she was a frog being stared at by a predatory snake when faced with my stare. The next instant, blood furiously poured out from her entire body as if she had just experienced an endless amount of torture in one second.

n.o.body knew what Lasnina had witnessed in this moment. The Lord of Curses, who was afraid of nothing, finally knew what fear was. She had a completely pale face and all the magic blood runes on her body no longer glowed. Her sweat and blood mixed together, and she was unable to even slow down the blood that furiously spurted out from her body.

It was only normal that she would be in such pain. After h.e.l.l was successfully established, my Stare of the h.e.l.l G.o.d ability had been ma.s.sively powered up.

The Stare of the h.e.l.l G.o.d was a judgement of one’s soul. Every single life would have two sides—good and evil. Even the most evil individual in the world would still have a sliver of a sense of good in them. And, my ability was capable of splitting an individual’s good and evil, judging you for your evil deeds and meting out punishment through your own conscience.

Not a single person would be able to lie to themselves. An attack that came from oneself would be impossible to dodge. However many evil deeds you had committed in the past would all combine to give you a karmic attack of the same extent. This attack would be absolutely impossible to dodge or defend against.

Perhaps we only saw a single instant pa.s.s by, but Lasnina likely felt as if she had stayed in a h.e.l.lish inferno for thousands of years already!

“…Salor! We’re leaving!”

The next instant, the panicked Lasnina unhesitatingly ran away! Salor, who was at disadvantage in his battle, also unhesitatingly retreated after seeing his boss appear to lose.

A powerful sense of fatigue flooded over me, making me want to go to sleep right here on the spot. Unfortunately, there was still Voka the Snake G.o.d, who had yet to make a move, right above me. I still needed to be vigilant.

“Snake G.o.d Voka! You’re not attacking me or retreating from this place. Just what business do you have!”


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