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“A new Fire Elemental G.o.d? That’s something incredibly important. Why didn’t you report it?”

“I did report it five days ago. However, I’ve yet to receive a response even now. Did something happen at the Cloud Tower?”

Naturally, Moti’s report wasn’t going to receive any response, as the Truth Symposium was extremely busy ever since five days ago which was the battle that ended in Sophocles’ self-destruction. The Truth Symposium naturally wouldn’t have the free time to respond to an “unimportant” report.

However, this news was incredibly important to me.

“The new Fire Elemental G.o.ddess has such a strange name. Apparently, she’s called Alyssa.”

Alyssa? If the new Fire Elemental G.o.ddess was Alyssa, then I would be Ronald. Still, it was rather normal that names would sometimes be confused due to translation and p.r.o.nunciation.

Still, rather than surprise or confusion, my first reaction was a strange feeling of “it really was her after all”.

Elisa was the Flame Sea Marchioness to begin with. She also had the abilities to control fire, ice, and devour and evolve abilities. Due to all this, since the Fire Elemental Plane was filled with “delicious food” everywhere, as long as she had enough time, abandoned all limits, and “constantly evolved” herself, she would likely become an existence that no Fire Elemental Lord could possibly defeat.

However, I was rather frustrated and even sad, due to something else…

“It seems that she still doesn’t trust you. No, perhaps it’s precisely because she trusts you that she chose this path.”

Sometimes, I really didn’t know how to respond to the silly cat’s comments. This time, my response was silence as a form of tacit admittance.

The death game between the Chaos Girls was probably nearing its end. Any Chaos Girl who was still alive would absolutely not be easy to deal with. Even I wouldn’t be able to absolutely guarantee Elisa’s safety.

Karwenz’s scheme was at its end now. The few remaining Chaos Girls had all become “precious” combat resources. The most common method for dealing with such important resources was that if your side couldn’t have them, then the resources would be destroyed rather than letting your enemy have them.

If Elisa asked me for help, I would of course do my very best to protect her. However, fate was always unpredictable. There was always the possibility that the worst could happen.

“If the worst occurs, and only by sacrificing Elisa can the world be saved, what wouldn’t you be willing to sacrifice since you’re the type who’s willing to even sacrifice yourself… That silly girl, she was afraid that you would have a hard time, or she didn’t have confidence in you? Probably both,” Harloys commented.

Even if the chance of this happening was quite tiny, it couldn’t be denied that it was still possible. Just the tiny chance of this happening caused Elisa to choose to try and survive by herself.

Or, perhaps she was afraid of me making a choice…

When danger arrived, only you would be the most trustworthy person to take care of yourself. Although I had indeed taught Elisa such a concept, I was still rather hurt to be treated like this at such a time.

“That girl is underestimating me too much. If the world can only be saved by sacrificing a woman, then this world might as well just be destroyed.”

I was no saint. Nor was I someone who held the power of life and death over others. Living itself was a type of value. Every life had its own weight. Apart from the person themselves, n.o.body would have the right to request someone else to sacrifice themselves.

I respected courageous warriors who were willing to sacrifice themselves. That was because there were indeed things which were more important than life in this world. However, I really hated b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who said things like “a large number of deaths are only a statistic”. I truly hoped that such people would become a “statistic” just like what they talked about.

Was sacrificing oneself supposed to be a virtue? Anyone who said that should try sacrificing themselves first.

The silly cat was rather surprised because she sensed through our soul connection that I really meant all of this.

“In that case, if you really did meet such a scenario, how will you deal with it? Will you watch the world be destroyed?”

“No, I’ll do my best to find a third method that can have the best of both worlds. I’ve actually already prepared a final plan just in case for the worst. For instance, I could create a tiny house out of adamant.i.te which contains plenty of food and defenses and have the Chaos Girl fall into a deep sleep before sending the house to the core of some other dimension. We can then release her after the war is finally over. Or, I can use the method and coordinates I learned from Beifeng to send the Chaos Girl out of the Eich universe entirely and into another universe. Although it would be a pity that she wouldn’t be able to return here, it’s still better than dying here.”

“…To certain people, this would be a fate worse than death.”

Harloys shook her head, as she felt that saying such a thing was useless. Elisa would definitely never agree to Roland’s plan.

I shrugged, as I said that it was a final plan just in case for the worst. At the very least, it would be much better than having to choose to sacrifice Elisa.

However, it was obvious that Elisa had already chosen to believe in herself only. Successfully ascending to become the Fire Elemental G.o.ddess was also a type of sacrifice. Although she now controlled the Fire Elemental Plane, she would also become permanently connected to the Fire Elemental Plane. This connection should be eternal as long as Elisa’s soul remained alive.

If Karwenz still wasn’t willing to give up his attack, then he would have to face the Fire Elemental G.o.ddess Elisa and the combined might of the entire Fire Elemental Plane.

As I previously mentioned, an Elemental G.o.d wouldn’t be any weaker than a Main G.o.d when in their home Elemental Plane. Elisa wasn’t weak at all to begin with. Now that she gained even more strength by ascending to G.o.dhood, Karwenz definitely wouldn’t have an easy time with her.

“Let’s go see how things are on the battlefield.”

The information I received was now three days old. The chaotic domain was still being a.n.a.lyzed. Very little was known about it yet. Karwenz was already attacking the Fire Elemental Plane at this time. Considering the size of all Elemental Planes, if Karwenz’s goal was to kill the Fire Elemental G.o.ddess, it would be quite normal to have to fight here for several centuries. No matter how special the circ.u.mstances may be, the battle should still be continuing even now.

I kept feeling like Karwenz was becoming unreasonable. Trying to forcefully attack the Fire Elemental Plane was absolutely not a wise decision at this time. But, when looking at things from a different standpoint, it was perhaps Elisa’s move that forced him into a difficult spot.

“Maybe there’s a chance for us here…”

If we could obtain Elisa’s a.s.sistance, we could stall Karwenz’s main army or even Karwenz himself here. That would significantly reduce the pressure on our side in the mortal plane’s chaotic domain. Here in an Elemental Plane, it was possible to endlessly create new Elemental Lords and high-level elemental creatures, making them the best possible source of cannon fodder in the world.

I knew quite well that attacking an Elemental Plane wouldn’t be a wise decision. Back in the day, I had forcibly challenged Emordilorcan because he had gone far too overboard with his attacks against the Northlands, but even more because he had been seriously injured already. Being able to win against and even kill him was mainly because he had been away from the Earth Elemental Plane for too long. It was only normal that his connection to the Earth Elemental Throne was rather poor.

I was quite impressed with Karwenz’s confidence in trying to challenge an Elemental G.o.ddess who was in perfect health, had infinite power in her home plane, and also infinite revival capabilities.

“Don’t be so confident yourself. Karwenz probably has a guarantee since he’s dared to do this.”

I nodded in agreement with Harloys. Right now, our primary goal was to find out what Karwenz’s guarantee was.

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