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Read Extraordinary Genius Chapter 1072 – I promise there are no bugs this time

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Chapter 1072 – I promise there are no bugs this time

After Paul left, Feng Yu asked the waiter to replace all the dishes with slightly more typical dishes, like bullfrogs, snake stew, eels, crabs, prawns, etc. It’s only after the insect dishes are removed, Feng Yu, Fu Guangzheng, and Fu Guangwei start to eat something. They were all pretending to eat the insects earlier.

But Kirilenko stopped eating as he is full, and these dishes are nothing special.

After Feng Yu and the rest finish eating, Paul Allen still did not return. Feng Yu asked his men to check on him and was told he is waiting for them in the car.

When Feng Yu and the rest walk out of the restaurant, all of them are holding on to a skewer of BBQ silkworm pupae each.

Paul Allen saw them munching on the bugs and vomited again!

Feng Yu asked: “Paul, are you ok? Are you not feeling well? I will ask them to prepare a bowl of Chinese medicine for your stomach. It tastes good and only has five types of insects in it.”


Paul Allen vomited out the water he drank and waved Feng Yu away.

“Sigh… I think Paul is not well to continue the inspection at the factory. Send him back to the hotel, and we will continue tomorrow.”

After Paul Allen had left, Feng Yu and the rest burst out laughing.

But is this the end? Of course not!

Paul Allen returned to his hotel room and laid on the bed weakly. He had not eaten anything during lunch and had even vomited out the water he drank. He felt sick and have no appet.i.te.

In the evening, Paul Allen finally got better and ordered some bread and vegetables to be sent to his room.

Paul Allen stood by the windows eating his bread angrily, and as he lowered his head, he saw a longhorn beetle outside of his window.


d.a.m.n! Paul Allen had lost his appet.i.te for dinner now.

This night, Kirilenko, who had drunk lots of Three Wine, went out to have fun with Fu Guangwei. Feng Yu remained in his room to discuss what to feed Paul Allen tomorrow. They want to make him scared to come to China for the rest of his life.

The next morning, Feng Yu and the rest saw the dark rings around Paul Allen’s eyes, and his face was still pale.

Surprisingly, Paul Allen did not find fault with them at the factory. It might because he is too weak or is afraid of doing so.

At about noon, Duan Yongping smiled and said. “Mr. Allen, why didn’t you tell us that you can’t eat insects yesterday? We will bring you to eat anything else today. I promise there will be no insects!”

Paul Allen blinked and suddenly felt like slapping himself. That’s right. Why didn’t I tell them that I didn’t eat bugs yesterday? Why?!

Paul Allen had asked his translator yesterday and found out many Chinese in China do eat insects, and insects are nutritious. Feng Yu is not lying to him, and all of them were really eating it.

Paul Allen also found out from his translator that Hundred Insects Banquet do include crabs, prawns, eels, etc. and not all the dishes are insects. If he had known about this, he would ask for the crabs and prawns. Even snakes are fine, as he had tried eating snake meat before.

There will be no bugs today, and it should not be a problem, right?

“Errr… let’s not drink during lunch, ok?”

Duan Yongping replied with a disappointed expression. “I had asked my men to buy some good wines. Are you sure you don’t want to try it?”

Paul Allen shook his head vigorously. No! I am not trying!

“How about we drink some normal Baijiu with the food? This should be fine, right?”

Paul Allen had a bad feeling as they went to the outskirts of the city again. But Duan Yongping had promised him they will not be eating insects, and he is slightly relaxed.

This time, there will be no bugs, but it will still leave a deep impression with Paul Allen!

“Paul, try this dish. It is a stir-fry Chinese bamboo rat. It’s a type of rat living in the bamboo forest. The meat is very tender.”

Paul Allen’s eyes almost popped out of his sockets. What?! Rats can be eaten?!

Are the Chinese crazy?! Why are they eating everything? Why can’t they just stick to beef or chicken?! Even pork is fine!

“You don’t like this?”

This time, Paul Allen immediately says he is not eating rats and asks for chicken.

“Chicken? Sure. Waiter, is the chicken soup ready? If it is ready, serve it immediately.”

An earthen jar was brought to the table, and Paul Allen is relieved. He knows Chinese chicken soup is delicious.

But when the lid of the earthen jar is removed, Paul Allen almost vomited.

What smell is this?!

“Paul, have some soup and try the chicken. This chicken meat is very good.” Feng Yu pa.s.sed a bowl of Stinky Tofu Stew Chicken soup to Paul Allen.

Paul Allen can see the chicken bones in the soup. Has the soup gone bad?

Kirilenko, who had tried stinky tofu before, popped a piece of chicken meat into his mouth. Stinky tofu might smell bad, but it’s very delicious!

“Do you have fish?”

“Fish? Sure. We know Americans are not used to freshwater fishes, and I asked them to prepare some seafood. Do you eat cuttlefish?”

Paul Allen nodded. Although cuttlefish are not fish, he can still eat it.

When the cuttlefish is served, Paul Allen almost goes crazy. The tentacles of the cuttlefish are still moving. It’s fine if it’s raw, but this cuttlefish is still alive!

“Paul, this is prepared specially for you. Chef, can you demonstrate how to eat this dish?”

The Chef picked up a live cuttlefish and dipped it in some sauce before putting it into his mouth.

Feng Yu will not eat it, as he prefers cooked cuttlefish. But he still asks Paul Allen to try it.

“Feng, my stomach is not well today. Do they have any vegetarian food or fruits?” Nothing should go wrong with vegetables and fruits, right?!

“Sure. Waiter, have you heard him? Serve vegetarian food and fruits.”

A plate of green hairy tofu was served. Paul Allen did not eat it, while Feng Yu and the rest dug into it. Sichuan tofu is delicious!

There is another plate of harmless green vegetables on the table, and Paul thought it should be fine. But when he used his fork to pick up a piece and place it into his mouth, he almost spits it out! It’s too bitter!

Feng Yu is overjoyed, as he didn’t expect to find Dandelion in Shenzhen.

Paul Allen looks at the black stuff on another plate, which Feng Yu and the rest said those are made from eggs, but doesn’t dare to try it. He decided to wait for the fruits, as fruits should be safe.

But when the waiter entered the private dining room with a plate of durian, Paul Allen rushed out immediately. He could not stand the smell of the durian!

Feng Yu pointed at the durian. “Here, let’s have some each, and we will chat with Paul in the afternoon.”

Chinese bamboo rat


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