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Read Extraordinary Genius Chapter 111 – 3 Parties Cooperation (Part 2)

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Hou Haitao’s disdain for Li Shiyou grew, even more, when he saw Feng Yu. This teenager should be still schooling, and he was Li Shiyou’s friend? This Li Shiyou was getting worse.

“Director Hou, this is my friend which I told you about. Director Feng, Feng Yu from Tai Hua Trading.”

“Hmmm.” Hou Haitao just made a sound from his nose as greeting. He did not even consider standing up to shake Feng Yu’s hands. He also felt that Feng Yu was unworthy to enter his office.

Feng Yu saw Hou Haitao’s contempt, but he was helpless. If he was in Hou Haitao’s position and got to meet a teenager, he might also behave this way. But Feng Yu was confident that he could change Hou Haitao’s perspective within 1 min.

Li Shiyou wanted to say something, but Feng Yu stopped him and gestured to Li Shiyou to let him do the talking.

“Director Hou, you might not have heard of Tai Hua Trading, but you should have heard of Wind and Rain fans. Those are mine. You heard of Tai Hua Premium Cooking Oil? Those are also mine.”

After hearing Feng Yu’s words, Hou Haitao straightens up and start to take Feng Yu seriously. Wind and Rain fans was a miracle last summer. It appeared suddenly and was famous not only in Bing City but also the whole China. Their Aviation Factory had also ordered a few dozen fans, and he also bought 2 for his house.

The cooking oil he was using now was also Tai Hua Premium Cooking Oil. His wife only trusted this brand, and even though it was expensive, she would still buy it.

“Oh, you are Director Feng from Tai Hua Trading. Xiao w.a.n.g, serve tea!” Hou Haitao stood up and shake Feng Yu’s hands and ordered his secretary to serve tea.

“Director Hou should have guessed the purpose of us meeting you. We are here to discuss with Director Hou about cooperation, using the ultrasonic technology to develop a new type of humidifier. Right. The humidifier on your desk is also our product.”

Hou Haitao looked at the humidifier on his desk. This was bought by his office chief. After using the humidifier, it was indeed more comfortable.

“Cooperation? There’s no need for that. Just let me know what you want to manufacture and the requirements. We will just produce it for you.” The Aviation Factory’s workshops were not operating at full capacity. If there were orders, it would be best if they do it themselves.

Before Feng Yu can say anything, Li Shiyou said anxiously: “Director Hou, so you have the production line for the humidifiers? My factory had already modified a few production lines. The production cost is meager. Can your Aviation Factory do that? Your factory’s focus now was all on aircraft engines and vans. You still have time to produce humidifier?”

Hou Haitao leaned back into the sofa and said: “The issue here is that we have the technology.”

Feng Yu interrupted both of them: “Director Hou, Director Li, I am here to discuss our cooperation and not to see the both of you fight. We have a common goal which is to make money. Now, the Aviation Factory have the technology, the Motor Factory have the production line, and I have the funds and the sales distribution channels. I think we can have 3-way cooperation to develop and manage the new humidifier. The money earned will be split between the 3 of us.”

“Cooperation. Fine. But to develop a new product, technology is the most important. So, the Aviation Factory should be getting half of the profits, and the both of you should share the rest.”

“Impossible. You are putting in the least efforts. How can you take half the profits? My factory is doing all the production work, so I should be getting half of the profits!” Li Shiyou retorted.

Feng Yu had a headache. It seems that he had belittled the appet.i.te of these state-owned enterprises leaders. Both wanted half of the profits. Feng Yu was the one coming out with the funds and sales channels. Does that mean he will be doing this for free?

Li Shiyou and Hou Haitao continued arguing, but Feng Yu noticed something was wrong. They both were making eyes at each other.

f.u.c.k, these two old men were acting. They were going to work together to kick out Feng Yu!

Director Hou, Director Li, are you done? From what I see, the both of you wants to do this alone. Why not both of you do this on your own? My family has a stake in the Machinery Company. They can also manufacture humidifiers. As for technology, I think that other than Aviation Factory, the Technology University should have it too. There are a lot of experts there also!”

“Hai~~~ What are you saying, Director Feng? Aren’t we are now discussing our 3-way cooperation?” Li Shiyou starts to calm things down.

“Humph, really? This is the way to discuss? You wanted half of the profits, and he also wanted half. Then I am coming out with the funds and sales channels for free? Why not I give my company to the both of you?” Feng Yu looked at these two sly foxes.

“Then what does Director Feng suggest?” Hou Haitao asked.

“All the while, the one who is coming out with the capital should be taking the biggest share. Furthermore, I am the one who designs the outlook of the humidifier. The market positioning, sales channels, brand and even this idea are mine. So, I want 80% of the profits and the both of you will share the remaining!”

“Impossible!” Hou Haitao and Li Shiyou said at the same time.

One party taking 80% share and the two state-owned factories sharing the remaining 20%? It’s ridiculous.

“Fine, I will take a step back. I want at least 30%.: Li Shiyou said.

“It’s the same for me. I want 30% too. You will be getting the biggest share, 40%. Is it fine this way?”

Feng Yu sneered and looked at these two sly old men. The both will be getting 60% share. If they work together, they can override whatever decision Feng Yu make.

“I will also give in. Each of you will be getting 15% the most. I want 70%!” Since everyone was making unreasonable demands, Feng Yu wanted to see if they dare to kick him out of this project and do it themselves.

“Director Feng, don’t be too greedy. This is 3-way cooperation and the shares we wanted are already below one third.” Hou Haitao said coldly.

“Really? But your efforts are not worth one third at all.”

“25%. I want 25%.” Li Shiyou said. He added: “I am unable to answer to the others in the factory if we are getting less than this.”

Before Hou Haitao said anything, Feng Yu laughe” “Director Hou also want 25%? I shall be honest with the both of you. I must get more than 50% shares for this new type of humidifier, and I guaranteed the both of you that your profits each year will not be less than 1 million …… Rubles!”

“How much?” Hou Haitao’s eye grew wider.

“1 million Rubles! Each of you will own 20% shares each. Aviation Factory will be doing the research and development, the Motor Factory will be doing the production. I will be coming out with the funds and in charge of the sales. If I hand over this project to any of you, can you guarantee 1 million Rubles profits? Also, the results of the research and development done by the Aviation Factory will belong to me. I am the one who had thought of this idea, and I am the one who is funding this research and development. So, the results should belong to me. The both of you can enjoy the profits based on your shares. I can sign a 10-year contract with the both of you, stating that there will be profits of at least 1 million Rubles each year.”

Feng Yu had deliberately said Rubles and not US dollars. He knew that Rubles will depreciate severely 2 years later. At that time, the value of Ruble was even lower than j.a.panese Yen. Even if the sales of this humidifier was not as good as he expected, he can also quickly take out 2 million Rubles.

The 10-year contract seems like a long time, but it was also the time limit for patent protection. If the 3-way cooperation doesn’t work out, Feng Yu can leave anytime and do this on his own. All Feng Yu need to do was to give them 1 million Ruble each year. Anyway, the patent will be in his hands.

Li Shiyou looked at Hou Haitao and nodded: “Fine, we agree!”


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