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Read Fanatic Divine Cultivator Chapter 684 True God Stage ~ 5 +! Flowers!

Fanatic Divine Cultivator is a web novel created by Tian Jiang Tu Shen, 天降兔神.
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That pillar of light, quickly rushed down from the sky towards Xu Xuan who was below.

Xu Xuan clenched his teeth, frowned, and with a thought, his aura continued to rise, instantly rising to an extremely terrifying level!

“It’s the The Art of Berserk! Haha, I almost forgot. This brat actually has such a trick up his sleeve!”

, who was extremely worried, saw that Xu Xuan had instantly reached the third stage of The Art of Berserk. He smiled, because he believed that if Xu Xuan were to reach the third stage of The Art of Berserk, he would at least have some strength to contend against the eighth stage of the Tribulation Lightning.

Sure enough, when Xu Xuan threw out that punch, it was the same Meteor Punch, but the power was a lot stronger than before, and the energy undulations inside were even stronger than before.


A loud rumbling sound rang out as the two counteracted each other. The two huge energies collided. This time around, the impact was even more terrifying than last time.

The two types of energies clashed against each other, but Xu Xuan didn’t expect that after a while, the light pillar that shot down from the gigantic vortex actually smashed apart his huge meteor-like attack, and flew towards him with a strong aura.

When the crowd saw this, they all became nervous. Even though most of the attack had been neutralized, the remaining might was still not to be underestimated.

Xu Xuan’s expression became extremely ugly. With a thought, he quickly drew circles in front of him, and at this moment, he threw out thousands of Yin Puppets, as though he did not need money, he rushed towards the lightning pillar.

“Bang bang bang bang bang!”

These Ghastly Puppets were extremely tough. However, they had already successively turned into dust within the energy light pillar. However, Xu Xuan did not feel any pain in his heart, because even though these puppets were all dead, but overall, they helped Xu Xuan to block a very large attack.

However, all of the Ghastly Puppets were quickly thrown out, making Xu Xuan speechless. Helplessly, he thought of that insect, which he had not taken out for so long, and wondered if its colour had changed, and what had happened?

Obviously, Xu Xuan was too stubborn, the light pillar was going to hit his body in the next second, Xu Xuan did not think much and threw the insect out.


He realised that the small bug had actually turned into a alternating black and white bug. Furthermore, looking from the insect’s eyes, it seemed that it was not afraid of the lightning light pillar at all, but on the contrary, it had an expression of excitement.

Xu Xuan was startled, and couldn’t help but think to himself, could it be that this bug can help him withstand the attack?

But in the end, Xu Xuan still couldn’t help but reject the idea in his heart. His thinking, seemed to be a little too naive.

Xu Xuan never thought that after the insect had flown into the light pillar, its body would actually flash with a strange light. The black and white light disappeared in a flash, and a miraculous scene occurred at this moment. The remaining energy of the light pillar was actually absorbed by the small bug in such a short amount of time.

In the end, when the insect absorbed the lightning energy, Xu Xuan finally felt a sense of danger and couldn’t help but take in a breath of cold air.

The insect quickly flew into Xu Xuan’s hands, and even stretched out its tongue to lick its lips in a human-like manner, as if it had just had a blissful meal.

“Three times? I-I didn’t see wrongly did I? That was a bug! That bug was actually able to absorb the power of the lightning! That is no ordinary lightning, it is thunder tribulation! “

w.a.n.g Xueqiu who was beside Liu Sanguai, could not hold back and used his hand to hit Liu Sanguai’s shoulder.

“Eh, you’re not mistaken, that really is an insect!”

Liu Sanguai was stunned for a moment, and then slowly opened his mouth to reply, even he himself was in disbelief, although the energy left was not great, but it was not something that a bug could handle.

“That insect, it actually even has the strength of Middle stage of the Profound G.o.d Realm!”

The old drunkard frowned slightly. Middle stage of the Profound G.o.d Realm was indeed quite strong, but it shouldn’t be able to absorb the lightning so easily.

Xu Xuan let out a long breath, and his heart finally relaxed a little. All this while, he had felt that this insect was probably not simple, and being able to change its color by itself had caused its strength to continuously rise.

Only, he never thought that this bug would actually raise its strength to the Middle stage of the Profound G.o.d Realm, and even directly swallow the energy of the lightning. This would be of a huge help to him.


In the sky, black clouds billowed, and from the looks of it, there was still a ninth lightning bolt that was about to strike down, which made everyone even more shocked. This kind of thing, they only knew of one legend, and they had never met with one, and at that moment, everyone knew that Xu Xuan’s fighting strength was simply too heaven defying, if there was still a ninth lightning bolt, it would be unbelievable.

Xu Xuan’s face also twitched slightly as he wondered if this little bug could withstand the ninth lightning tribulation. The reason why the little insect was able to withstand the lightning bolt was because more than half of it had already been used up. As for the power of the ninth lightning bolt, it was simply far more powerful than that one.

However, what Xu Xuan did not expect was that the little bug that was looking at the thick black clouds seemed to be extremely excited, as if it was looking at his long-lost mother. A look of joy flashed across its eyes, and it was staring at Xu Xuan like he was about to drool.

Xu Xuan was instantly overjoyed, and said to the insect in his hands: “You want to go?”

The insect actually understood what Xu Xuan was saying and immediately nodded his head.

“Then go!”

When Xu Xuan said these words, he felt extremely pleased in his heart. Originally, it was only nine lightning tribulations, but now it seemed that the ninth lightning tribulation had not yet been completely rewarded, and was instead being directly dealt with by Xu Xuan.

Immediately, the little bug’s body flashed as it charged into the thick clouds. There were a few flashes of light within the clouds, and immediately, the tribulation clouds slowly disappeared. The sky once again returned to a bright spot, and the sunlight was incomparably brilliant.

When the tribulation clouds dispersed, instantly, all the profound energy between heaven and earth, as if it was alive, rushed towards Xu Xuan, and directly started to spiral above his head. This profound energy, actually quickly formed into a huge vortex, and in the end, was completely absorbed into Xu Xuan’s body by him.

At this moment, Xu Xuan’s aura suddenly rose, and after an hour, he slowly stood up with a strange expression on his face.

“Brat, you, you became a True G.o.d Stage right?”

Liu Sanguai stuttered as he asked, but he could already tell that Xu Xuan’s current cultivation was a fake True G.o.d Stage. However, he still couldn’t believe it. The ninth lightning tribulation had been completed so easily!

“Mn, True G.o.d Stage!”

Xu Xuan smiled slightly, feeling extremely good in his heart.


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