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Chapter 69: Chapter 69 – The Way to Leave

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“Original n.o.bles?” Hearing Corripo’s words, Chen Heng and Krudo once again became startled.

“The n.o.bles you’ve seen now only have legacies of fortune and authority, but they’re essentially all ordinary people…”

Looking at Chen Heng and Krudo, Corripo said seriously, “In actuality, true n.o.bles have a legacy of bloodline…

“In this world, many people’s bloodlines contain ma.s.sive power. Their ancestors were incredibly powerful or fused with powerful bloodlines, making them naturally stronger than ordinary people. Even without doing much training, they will be able to gain great power.”

He continued, “Only such people can be called true n.o.bles.”

“Only those with powerful bloodlines are true n.o.bles…” Looking at Corripo and hearing those words, Chen Heng instantly thought of something.

Before he started each simulation, there was an ident.i.ty selection, and one of the options was the n.o.ble family selection.

In the description of the n.o.ble families, it stated that they had powerful bloodlines.

Back then, Chen Heng had not thought about it too much, but after hearing Corripo’s words he had come to a realization.

“I see.”

He raised his head, thinking to himself, “Perhaps according to the simulation, only people with powerful bloodlines are considered true n.o.bles.

“As for a n.o.ble family like mine, which only has legacies of fortune and authority, we’re still ordinary people and are not considered true n.o.bles by the simulation.”

Before, Chen Heng had always felt quite curious.

Back when he had started, he had evidently chosen the ordinary family ident.i.ty and only spent 30 Points on it.

On the other hand, the Points required for a n.o.ble family started from at least 1,000 Points.

However, Chen Heng had been born into a n.o.ble family with only a measly 30 Points.

He had thought that his luck had been extraordinarily good.

Now, it seemed that it was not because of luck but because the simulation had different standards.

According to the simulation, those without powerful bloodlines did not count as true n.o.bles.

Chen Heng finally understood.

So it seemed that he had not won the lottery in being born into a n.o.ble family, but rather, by the simulation’s standards, this ident.i.ty of his was still considered an ‘ordinary family.’

Of course, for him to be able to obtain this kind of ident.i.ty with just 30 Points, Chen Heng was still quite satisfied.

It was just that it was not as excellent as he had expected.

Corripo was still speaking.

“As such, for Kailin, it might be that his body has part of his ancestor’s bloodline, resulting in his const.i.tution being different than other people’s.”

Looking at Chen Heng, Corripo said uncertainly, “Otherwise, according to normal practices, it would be impossible for his body to be powerful to such a degree without having awakened a Life Seed.”

“So he explained it all away like that…” Chen Heng looked at Corripo in surprise.

Of course, when something incomprehensible happened, other people would often explain it based on their limited understanding.

“So it’s like that.”

Chen Heng had a look of understanding on his face, as if he had been enlightened by Corripo’s explanation.

“A bloodline from ancestors…” standing by the side, Krudo muttered to himself.

At that moment, he suddenly looked up at Corripo and asked, “But according to Mr. Corripo’s explanation, since those n.o.bles with ancient bloodlines are so powerful, why have we never seen one before?”

“Who said you’ve never seen one before?”

Corripo gave him a deep look, “Isn’t there one right before you?”

There was one in front of them?

Chen Heng was startled before looking at Corripo, thinking to himself.

“Powerful and having such understanding of this. Does this mean, Mr. Corripo, that you…”

The more he thought, the more he thought that it was possible.

Corripo was powerful, had a mysterious background, and held extensive knowledge and a respected position…

Corripo greatly fitted the description of a true n.o.ble.

“That’s right.”

Standing by the side, Krudo did not think too much and thought that Corripo was talking about Chen Heng, so he nodded in agreement.

“However, in this continent, there are indeed very few n.o.bles with ancient bloodlines.” Standing in front of them, Corripo lightly sighed and said, “The world has changed.

“To ordinary people, it doesn’t matter, but for the ancient n.o.ble families, this continent is simply too barren and there is not much reason for them to stay here.

“As such, most of them left here and only left behind some weak ones who were unable to leave. They are still here, fighting for their interests.”

“The powerful ones have already left, and ‘this continent’…”

Chen Heng thought to himself.

Corripo may not have meant much by it, but Chen Heng was deep in thought.

To Chen Heng, Corripo had revealed a lot of information through his words.

The powerful n.o.bles had already left—what counted as powerful?

It would at least be relative to Corripo himself.

As such, among the n.o.bles who had left, most were more powerful than Corripo?

Moreover, by talking about ‘this continent,’ this showed that this world’s nautical technologies and civilization were not as behind as he had thought.

At the very least, Corripo knew of the concept of a continent.

Moreover, the reason that those true n.o.bles left this continent was because it was too barren. In that case, there were even more prosperous and powerful continents than this one…

Corripo did not know that in such a short time, Chen Heng had thought about so many things.

“About the other continents…”

Chen Heng suddenly spoke, “Back then, how did those people go to other continents? Why have we never heard about other continents before?”

Krudo also turned and looked at Corripo, seeming quite curious about this question.

“Travelling to other continents requires a s.h.i.+p.”

Corripo fell silent for a moment before continuing, “According to my information, every few years, a s.h.i.+p will pa.s.s by here.

“However, getting on that s.h.i.+p is not easy and requires a ticket.”


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