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Read Fatal Shot Chapter 188 – Evolution: HP +1,000

Fatal Shot is a web novel completed by Shi Yao, 十曜.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Chapter 188: Evolution: HP +1,000Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

That’s right. Speaking of the “Evolutionary” talent, Feng Luo remembered the incident in Withered Desert about five days ago, when the Evolutionary talent that was oddly triggered had actually increased…

Then his memory was immediately interrupted by Lin’s words.

“Yup, that’s right. As of now, you are the one who has most perfectly integrated the Evolution Virus. Moreover, compared to the T-virus mutation sample that you gave me previously, the mutant Evolution Virus that appeared after entering your body from the giant python and synthesizing inside your body is much gentler. The integration process is much less hazardous to the human body.

“The mutation of the Evolution Virus with this sort of characteristics is just what Professor Aike and I were looking for. After separating the Evolution Virus mutation of this type from your blood, I’ve been researching for a while. That is why I thought of using it to manufacture another new type of enhancement potion. Oh, that’s right! I’ve named the virus as the ‘W-virus.’ W means perfect!”

“Perfect virus…”

Feng Luo felt that the name, compared to the T-virus that represented “Tyrant,” was comparatively weaker. But perhaps it had another meaning?

“Yes, the perfect Evolution Virus! This is precisely my objective: to develop a kind of Evolution Virus that can really, perfectly push a human to evolve.”

Lin nodded seriously as a row of data flew by her black spectacles. The next moment, the 3D image in front of Feng Luo had transformed into powerful creatures that had easily eliminated humans in multiple battles. The Level-39 Boss, Double-headed Blood Snake; Level-42 Boss, Thunder Lion Tiger; Level-50 Quasi-Boss, Desert Giant Beast; Level 55-Quasi-Boss, Crystal Silver Shark… There were even some Boss and Quasi-Boss monsters that Feng Luo had never even heard of.

“Compared to many species, although we humans can use all kinds of weapons to increase our battle strength, when it comes to our individual raw strength, we are far inferior to these creatures. Perhaps the perfect Evolution Virus will open the door for physical human evolution…”

Perfect virus? Human evolution? Feng Luo thought. Could the words of a special genius life profession master called Lin be related to the future development of the game?

Just as Feng Luo thought of that, a system notification arrived in front of his eyes and in his ears almost at the same time.

You’ve triggered the Epic-grade Mission: Road to Evolution!

Mission Requirement: Sign the electronic agreement and work together with Lin to complete the perfect virus research. Mission Reward: Unknown.

Epic mission? Another Epic-grade mission!

A mission with the same grade as the Biohazard/Resident Evil mission. And based on the name, it was obvious that the mission was clearly connected to the Evolution Virus. Moreover, it really was a special mission that could affect the future development of the game!

Should I accept it or not? thought Feng Luo. What a foolish question! Sign? Of course, I have to sign. It’s just 30 million credits!

Feng Luo bit his lips as he made the decision. It was but 30 million credits. He would auction off the sniper rifle he’d manufactured from all the Eye of the Thunder ingredients and all the materials he’d collected over all this time, then look for Mu Wu to try to make up for the rest. A month’s time and 30 million credits. It was still possible.

Moreover, 30 million wasn’t just some wasted investment. Didn’t Feng Luo get back four potions by giving away the one earlier? 30 million credits in exchange for the chance to work with a Master-level NPC, as well as the research and sales rights of the enhancement potion that would certainly make him money.

After Feng Luo signed the contract, Lin extended her hands. The next moment, the virtual paper agreement was in her hands. After that, while she uploaded a backup onto the Federation’s commercial main computer, she said to Feng Luo, “Oh, there’s one thing I should remind you. It’s a good thing you did not directly inject those types of T-virus earlier. The experiments I conducted told me that although both the W-virus and T-virus are mutations of the Evolution Virus, they reject each other. If you had rashly used that T-virus Enhancement Potion back then, the best result would have been that the W-virus would have eliminated the T-virus in your body, and the repercussions would have been minimal. As for the worst result… Naturally, it’s… You should know that the invasiveness of the T-virus is much stronger than the W-virus.”

Upon hearing Lin’s words, Feng Luo secretly rejoiced in his heart. He’d been initially not afraid of the T-virus since he had the Primary Evolution Virus (T) resistance, which was why he’d dared to go deep behind the zombie horde in the previous mission. But now, it seemed like he had been careless.

“However, you don’t have to worry now,” said Lin. “If you inject this enhancement potion and have them integrate, then even the mutated virus of the samples you brought back, which is a more invasive T-virus, will not affect you that much. However, similarly, you will not be able to use other types of enhancement potions manufactured through the Primary Evolution Virus!”

“So, that’s it…”

Feng Luo wasn’t really surprised. He knew that this was probably the system’s restrictions on enhancement potion usage. The Primary Evolution Virus Enhancement Potion could only be integrated four times (integration failure did not count).

However, just what was the best sequence for using the four potions in his hands? Especially when he also had the Evolutionary talent!

The S-Grade talent had been triggered after he’d integrated with the Evolution Virus. This time, if he were to inject the enhancement potion created with the W-virus, just what would happen?

Moreover, speaking of the Evolutionary talent…

As Feng Luo thought of that, on the panel, not far in front of the mission notification about the “Road to Evolution,” there was a system log.

Due to unknown reasons, Evolutionary Talent activated… Evolution Result: HP +1,000!

Five days ago in the Withered Desert, the Evolutionary talent had been activated without any reason, and in the end, it had given him 1,000 extra HP! No matter how he thought about it, he could not figure out the reason for that incident. Apart from that system log, no other stats of his had changed in any way, and he also hadn’t felt anything out of the ordinary.

It was important to remember that every time the Evolutionary talent was activated, it had been under a special situation. So that was incredibly weird. However, ignoring the reason, the 1,000 HP increase was definitely something worth celebrating for now! Because, for a Sniper with ordinary gear who traveled on the Agility path, 1,000 HP was one-third of his total HP.

For Feng Luo, who was half-equipped with rare equipment as well as the Badge of Honor—and after integrating with the Evolution Virus which substantially increased all his stats—the 1,000 HP was around one-fourth of his total HP. More importantly, an increase in HP like that was even more valuable due to the rare stats of the item dropped by the Level-38 Desert Rock Lizard Commander and the ring he’d had appraised.

“Oh, that’s right. Since we are now partners, there’s one thing I should tell you!” Lin suddenly said. “After succeeding in manufacturing these four samples, we’ve contacted an auction company run by you adventurers. They will have somebody here to discuss with us the sales strategy for the potion. Yup! On this, it is natural for you, an adventurer, to welcome and deal with them. As for me, I will go and prepare to manufacture new potions.”

“Did you think about selling the items to the adventurers yourself? An auction company… Yes, this is a good decision!” Feng Luo was first quite stunned, but then she nodded.

The rare enhancement potion should naturally be sold in an auction.

The second-generation-wealthy Lin Aotian was willing to spend two million credits to buy an Excellent-grade enhancement potion with a 75-percent success rate. So why wouldn’t the wealthy be willing to name a higher price to purchase a Perfect-grade enhancement potion that had even better stats?

It was because, truth be told, there were a lot of players richer than Lin Aotian. After all, War had two billion players on the 17th Administrative Planet. In addition, the Star Federation was in a s.p.a.ce colonization era, and compared to Earth, wealth was much more concentrated in the hands of a few. Even big bosses valued at over five billion were not considered the absolute wealthy cla.s.s.

As such, as the Biohazard crisis had not yet broken out, if an enhancement potion that had not yet appeared in the market were to appear in an auction, it could rake in a ridiculous amount of credits—if it was done right!

“Of course, I thought about doing it myself,” said Lin. “But considering what you adventurers are like, being stupid with a lot of money, it’s the only way the potential of these potions can be maximized.”

Lin pushed the black spectacles on her nose. When she said that, her eyes showed pure suspicion.

“Stupid and… a lot of money!” Feng Luo was speechless.

At that time, the red king parrot’s virtual figure suddenly reappeared. It flew above them and shouted, “Master, the lady who has an appointment with you has entered the building. She will arrive at the lab entrance in approximately 30 seconds.”

At the same time, a row of data flashed past its bird eyes, and the figure of a female player appeared in front of the 3D image of the two.

“Eh?! How could it be…?”

When he saw the person on the screen, Feng Luo was quite surprised.


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