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Read Fatal Shot Chapter 241 – Big Pineapple’s Rad Defense

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Chapter 241: Big Pineapple’s Rad Defense

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


Seeing the message indicating damage taken in his own vision, Call Me a Master was stone-faced for a moment, but then his expression turned into delight. Because even though the opponent’s “Thunder Leap Slash” move was full of strength, the damage inflicted on him was not very high!

A damage coefficient of not even 500 was a bit too low, considering the opponent’s seemingly complete, “luxurious” equipment, wasn’t it? In fact, even though he had blocked the opponent’s “Thunder Leap Slash” skill with a “Parry” skill, the familiarity of his “Parry” skill was only up to an Advanced level of 70 percent; the damage reduction was not all that high. In such a situation, and with the opponent’s attack using a skill, the damage done to him was still not even 500!?

Absolutely, without a doubt, this meant that the opponent must have been the kind of casual gamer who liked to use equipment to display an apparent advantage while putting very little effort into skill-usage, resulting in low skill familiarity!

“F*ck. Almost fooled by this brat!” Discovering that the damage done by the opponent was not as high as he’d expected, Call Me a Master quickly became composed. “For Warrior skills in this game, it’s not that the familiarity is higher the more they’re used. Learning to use a skill in an actual battle is necessary to have true command over it and the essence of its power in order to inflict truly the highest damage!”

Call Me a Master had a cold, condescending smile. He held onto his alloy sword with both hands and engaged the Warrior Level-35 “Devastating Slash” skill.

With a flash of light from the blade, the alloy longsword in his hand made a ferocious howl in the wind and slashed toward the chest of the Light Armor Warrior who had just fallen! His “Devastating Slash” had already reached “Expert level 40 percent” and was able to break the opponent’s armor with one slash in most cases—more than enough to inflict more than 2,000 damage in just one move!


The alloy longsword, which had just used a skill, landed heavily on Big Pineapple’s chest, followed by the sound of clas.h.i.+ng metal. A white-colored damage indicator gradually appeared above Big Pineapple’s head.


Seeing the damage of not even 500—even lower than his own damage—above the head of his opponent, a look of disbelief flashed across Call Me a Master’s face!

Such low damage! Not even 500?! How was it possible?!

Moreover, he’d delivered an attack using the Expert-level “Devastating Slash” to slash the opponent’s armor, yet it had only left a scratch, while the destruction caused was not even 30 percent!

Although the alloy longsword in his hand was not his main weapon but only a spare item, it was still a Level-42 Excellent-grade piece of equipment. Moreover, with its attack coefficient having reached D+, technically, even if it was faced with a C+ defense armor, it still should not have been unable to break the defense.

Could it be that the defense coefficient of the opponent’s armor was B-grade? How would this be possible?!

Up until now, he had never even heard of Warrior equipment that had reached B-grade. How would it be possible that this piece of rather inconspicuous-looking, normal armor was radical B-grade defense equipment?


On the other side, Big Pineapple smiled brightly with a flash of wretchedness. In terms of output, he certainly did not match up to this Light Armor Warrior. The opponent was a true Light Armor Warrior, and all his skills would definitely have been practiced to an extremely high familiarity—he would even have been able to learn rare skills! However, Big Pineapple was a “counterfeit” like Feng Luo, having purchased a series of Light Armor Warrior normal skills from the Exchange only one day before.

With only one day or more of practice, during which he had not become very familiar with some of those skills, it was clearly impossible for him to surpa.s.s his opponent in terms of damage. The opponent had these skills as his original main output and had decent equipment. But it was even more impossible for the opponent to cause high damage to Big Pineapple!

With equipment alone, and with a sufficiently high original defense coefficient, even if the equipment attributes were not very high, his talent would still be able to give him rad defense enhancement!

Even though this chest plate, which had just been selected from Feng Luo’s prizes, was only a piece of Level-35 Excellent equipment, its defense coefficient had reached a “C−.” If further accompanied with his talent… To other Warriors, it was essentially as difficult as breaking as an alloy s.h.i.+eld. In most cases, when met with such a situation, the people who PK’d with him would have turned pale.


Big Pineapple had a sleazy smile on his face.


Call Me a Master’s face had gone pale. This wretched Warrior’s fighting method was simply unprincipled. With the high degree of damage reduction afforded by his own armor with an extremely high defense coefficient, he totally stood up to the opponent’s skills and normal attacks. Rather, he continuously made use of his own undamaged equipment and the advantage that he was difficult to hit with a highly damaging effect. He relentlessly exchanged blows with him. It was “an eye for an eye,” slas.h.i.+ng at each other again and again.

In such a situation, even with better PK techniques, it was not possible to go easy in the fight. Especially when he had not even knocked 3,000 HP off the opponent with the Level-40 “Devastating Slash” move he’d just engaged!

In the face of this situation, Call Me a Master thought with hate, This kind of rad defense definitely isn’t a matter of equipment alone. This guy definitely has an A-grade or above defense-type combat talent!

There were many talent types for players in War. Besides the differentiation of their S, A, B, C, and D grades, talents were also categorized by players into “combat talents” and “non-combat talents,” based on whether they were useful in PK combat.

His talent could be used when he was facing Normal and Elite-grade monsters, whereby it would not be easy for him to trigger the aggression of the opponents. As a result, he would be able to freely enter and leave some regions of cl.u.s.tered monsters. Such a talent was actually already quite superb, but because it was completely useless in combat, it belonged to the category of “non-combat talents.”

On the other hand, it was the opponent’s defense-type talent which was 100 percent considered to be a combat talent—it would essentially be like possessing a strong additional pa.s.sive skill in PK, causing the opponent to be at a complete disadvantage!

F*ck! Why does this game not allow the choice of one’s own talent? My talent, when facing a player with such a strong combat talent in PK, is not fair at all!

Call Me a Master’s face was grim. Even though he was already very satisfied with his own talent, he had to say that deep down, he desired a combat-type talent more.

This was because those who had no combat talent would forever be at a disadvantage against those who had combat talents. And in this game, there was no one who did not hope to be able to defeat everyone else!

Can’t go on—I must retreat!

Gritting his teeth, Call Me a Master was, at the same time, getting increasingly restless. As time pa.s.sed, his position was being constantly exposed on the map—those who had wanted to kill him could certainly have been able to easily find their way over here.

If he continued to be bothered with this Light Armor Warrior with low damage but rad defense, even if he ultimately finished him off, he might likely fall into others’ traps.


Having made up his mind, Call Me a Master immediately unleashed a Light Armor Warrior Level-15 skill, which was also the most important basic skill: “Heavy Slash.” With a firm swing of his longsword, the repelling effect of this move was used to send the Light Armor Warrior across from him staggering a few big steps backward. Thereafter, Call Me a Master immediately engaged the “Charge” skill, prepared to run toward a monster-cl.u.s.tered region at one side of the mire.


But at that moment, he heard the low sound of a gunshot. At the same time, there was a pain in his chest as if his chest plate had been heavily crushed by a stone, and after that, blood spilled!

His originally undamaged chest plate, kept perfect throughout combat, now had a hole drilled through it.

“A Sniper!”

In an instant, the expression on Call Me a Master’s face completely changed!


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