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Feng Yu Jiu Tian is a web novel produced by Feng Nong, 風弄.
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Important terms:

不能食言 (bu neng s.h.i.+ yan) You can’t eat one’s word  – To go back on one’s word


“No more?” The King’s sultry voice mocked his lover; his lips remained suctioned tightly over the Prince’s hardened muscle. As Feng Ming was reaching the point of his climax, Rong Tian suddenly abandoned the aching organ, cruelly leaving him at a plateau. Instead of heeding Feng Ming’s soft pleas, Rong Tian turned his attention to the trembling fevered body, his breath ghosted along the surface of Feng Ming’s inner thighs where he proceeded to lightly kiss, repeating this step until he trailed over the boy’s soft abdomen.

Feng Ming’s o.r.g.a.s.m was just a spasm away from erupting under Rong Tian’s tentative care. However, now that the King’s mouth was occupied elsewhere, the blood that had rushed forth into Feng Ming’s most important organ was begging with a painful swell, waiting for the next surge to send it overboard. The deprivation during his peak was harsh and unbearable.

“Nnnhh…No…” Feng Ming immediately whimpered in protest, he twisted his body in agitation, beckoning the King to fulfill its wishes.

“Oh…” Rong Tian chuckled, his lips stretched with a smile when he quickly blocked off a frustrated kick that an angry Feng Ming had issued towards him. Instead of hitting his intended target, Feng Ming found his ankle easily caught by the man’s large hand. The King left him no time to react, his remaining hand braced Feng Ming’s other ankle. Having full control of the younger man’s legs he stretched them apart, completely exposing his lower body.   

With a charming sight before him, how could a King resist this appetizing meal? 

h.o.m.os.e.xuality customs between n.o.bility, was not a rarity, in fact it is highly enjoyed. As the most privileged are able to sample an exquisite palette of bed partners given their wealth and power, no one was out of reach. Rong Tian didn’t want to stall a moment longer, as he positioned himself between Feng Ming’s outstretched legs, his own organ begged for action. He leaned forwards, pressing the tip of his thick circ.u.mference into the tight folds of supple skin. Feng Ming grimaced at the intrusion. Rong Tian continued to part the entrance, gently sliding his length little by little, in an unhurried manner until he was finally buried within the Prince. 

“Ahhh…” The sensation of the large foreign object that filled his body that had initially startled Feng Ming now left him trembling. 

Rong w.a.n.g maintained calmness in his coa.r.s.e voice as he whispered. “It will be alright in a moment, don’t be afraid.” Although a.s.suring words left this mouth, for Rong Tian pausing midway was never on his agenda.  Instead he was fully prepared to advance his coupling with Feng Ming and to finally seek his glory, all starting with a powerful thrust.  

 In a blink of an eye, the uncomfortable feeling of being stretched out to his whims converted to an indescribable painful sting, which shook Feng Ming’s core. 

The thrill of his pleasure disappeared without a trace, for Feng Ming who whole-heartedly intended to obediently submit to the King, instantly struggled underneath the man.

“Don’t! It hurts, it hurts!” he screamed shaking his head sideways like a rattle, the beautiful face was contorted with agony and his complexion grew paler by each grinding second. 

To have the King surrender at this stage was cruel. 

As much as he could, Rong Tian kept the distraught young man pinned down beneath him, coaxing the boy with patience.

“It will always hurt in the beginning, Feng Ming you don’t need to be scared.”

Planning to leave Feng Ming s.e.xually satisified, there was no more hesitation as Rong Tian marched forth. Mercilessly ramming his manhood into the slender frame.

With the King’s next impact, Feng Ming shot up from the bed and his hands outstretched to clench the bed sheets.  




The Prince’s carnal blood curdling screams echoed into the Prince’s hallways.

Rong w.a.n.g was interrupted by the sound that was similar to silk material being ripped, and it wasn’t a pleasant noise.  Concern washed over his mind, with haste he withdrew.

Pulling his thickness out from Feng Ming’s tight pa.s.sage, bowing his head down, his eyes widened when he discovered that he was covered in the tint of warm red blood.

This. .h.i.t him by surprise given the time he had invested in training Feng Ming’s body to relax, and the amount of foreplay he practiced. In the end Feng Ming’s body was not ready and it could not bear the full force of Rong Tian’s endowment. 

A wave of remorse washed over the King. 

“I’m to blame,” Rong w.a.n.g’s own face paled, in a flurry he brought the young man into his embrace.

Checking again the condition Feng Ming’s injuries, the blood flow had not ceased. Now Feng Ming’s warm deep red blood was spreading across the silk sheets.

Refusing to release his hold on the Prince, Rong Tian shot his hand out towards the bedside stand searching for anything that could help in this emergency.

Fortunately, the original Prince would often get injured, and ointments and medical pills were always nearby. The treatments available to the Royal family were the best cures for ailments you could find across the whole realm.

Fumbling around Rong Tian located a vial of ointment, which he used to delicately tend to Feng Ming’s heavy bleeding. 

“It hurts…” Feng Ming’s handsome brow tightened, and occasionally a hiss of pain would escape his pursed lips as he was treated, the heart wrenching noises that left his whitened lips only escalated in more worry and guilt for the King. 

Witnessing how his lover could break into a cold sweat from the pain he caused left the King distressed. 

Finally he finished tending his patient and he discarded the ointment so he could draw Feng Ming into his arms again.

The two figures laid down to rest, sweet talking to each other into slumber.

“Does it still hurt?” 

“Mmm…” Feng Ming managed a groan. 

“I’ve ended up hurting you.” The King replied coldly. 

Feng Ming was feeling reasonable, he offered the King with a weary smile, “Rest a.s.sured you told me in advance didn’t you? So I won’t say that you bullied me.”

Upon hearing this line Rong w.a.n.g was given a little peace of mind, at least the young man’s wit was intact.

“You are injured and temporarily won’t be able to ride a horse. That means tomorrow we will have to postpone your ride. When you get better, I’ll permit you to ride.”

“No way! I want to ride, you promised me and you’ll get fat if you eat one’s word!”

Turning in the King’s embrace, Feng Ming s.h.i.+fted around to thread his own arms around the King’s form, drawing him closer, this motion was a trap. Rong Tian easily a victim as he fell for as it when the warm small body next to him tugged at his heart’s string.

“Alright, I promise, however, you must left me hold you whilst we ride White Cloud.” He compromised.

Then he asked. “What do you mean by that I’ll get fat by eating one’s word?”

“Well, that’s a cla.s.sical saying…” Receiving Rong Tian’s commitment made Feng Ming happy, so he didn’t mind explaining and showing off to the King about advance literal sayings from the future.  

The endless night concluded as the early hours of the new day, the two finally drifted into slumber with their bodies cuddled together. 


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