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Read Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 14 Chapter 8.8

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Yesss!!! It’s the end of Volume 14……more chapter tomorrow! Off me go to translate and editing!! Ahoy!! 



Rong Hu already coming down, with the bow and arrow whoalready taken a lot of the enemy life stand by Feng Ming’s side, with a lowvoice said, “I will lead the men on the small boat to delay the enemy, after westart fighting, Duke Ming you immediately take another small boat to the sh.o.r.e.” 

Facing the wind, Feng Ming standing proudly and softly said,“after all this time, you still want to say such a thing?” he then let out asmall emotional laugh.

Although he was laughing, he still contemplated life and death around thecorner, his hands cannot help but tremble slightly. At this time can’t help b.u.t.think, “Is it good that Rong Tian not by my side at this moment or is it bad forhim if right now he is here with me?” 

But in the end i cannot be selfish. Just thinking that Rong Tian is not around,can avoid this calamity, is a good thing.

But if Rong Tian here by my side, he would be rubbing my cheek, holding my hand and saysome silly love talk like he always do, then, is  alsopretty good ba ……..Feng Ming got lost in his thoughts.

While he was thinking all that,  histrembling hand being held from behind.

Feng Ming feeling quite surprised, looked down and see it’s actually Luo Yun.

Sword in his other hand, he stood side by side with Feng Mingbefore the remnants railing of the s.h.i.+p, quietly gazing at the movement of theenemy’s main s.h.i.+p, and to hear that weird sound of the horn’s blast, his facecalm as usual, holding his cold and full of biting sarcasm expression like healways shown generally. 

TLN : 冷嘲熱諷 lěng cháo rè fěng

make sarcastic remarks against sb.; biting sarcasm

At the same time, on the highly focus mysterious pirate’s main s.h.i.+p, Kong Liurespectfully walk into the large cabin to report. Reclining on a soft white furcus.h.i.+on, lazily drinking wine is the Dan Lin state second prince, He Di.

TLN: 毕恭毕敬 bì gōng bì jìng

phr. extremelyrespectful

“Prince, wealready lost four wars.h.i.+ps and at least around four hundred seventy elite men havedied.”

“Four hundred and seventy elite?”

“Not bad, not bad”. Kong Liu nods, agreeing with the words, “ Itappears that Xi Lei Duke Ming reputation is not illusory, under suchcirc.u.mstances, did not choose to escape. If he really choose to escape thattime, we would chase him down and Xiao Family would be defeated. But he does notflee; in fact turn their s.h.i.+p and brazenly crushed into our wars.h.i.+p and some more connectedthe rope in between letting their men kill and destroy our wars.h.i.+p”. Sighs..Thinking about this fact, can’t help the trace of admiration for Xi Lei DukeMing to arise. 

They would never guess that Feng Ming at that time mind already cannot thinkclearly, inside his mind already did not have any military strategy or tactics,only thinking there’s nothing to lose by cras.h.i.+ng the s.h.i.+p together and prayedthey got lucky!  

“Ha ha, Xiao Family expert, really great, that’s why I told you, with them we mustfight a water battle, cannot give them opportunity to do a close combat battle.Kong Liu, you must remember this”.    

“Yes.” Kong Liu slightly paused; want to bring up his doubt, “Prince,soon the Xiao Family Fleet will be   defeated, at this time does it reallyappropriate to withdraw our men?”

He Di shows a teasing smile, asking him back, “If we strike them again,do you think we can catch Xi Lei Duke Ming alive?”


Kong Liu revealed a difficult expression, “I’m afraid it’snot that easy. Xiao Family men really fierce and do not afraid to die, if wantto kill them really easy, but to capture alive their Young Lord… let aloneunder the chaotic strike of the arrows, if by chance the s.h.i.+p really sinking,difficult to guarantee if their life can be save. 

He Di laughing expression like a beast seeing his prey,sharp light flashed from his dark green eyes, “ what I want is something tothreaten that man from Xi Lei, killing the man he protect , isn’t it forcing himto be hopeless? Then it would not be exciting.”

Kong Liu certainly familiar who is that “man” he refer to,carefully breathing and gleefully said “Prince has spent so much thought toprepare for the ambush, use up hundreds of elite, yet returned empty-handed. Ifthat man have a little conscience, he ought to feel moved for Princepainstakingly effort. “

“Who cares if he feels moved?” He Di  laugh mockingly while raisinghis arrogant and beautiful thin lips and said, “Besides, I do not intendto leave empty-handed.”

“Prince intends to continue the attack?”

“No, blow the horn, ask them to stop all the attacks.” He Di stood up from thesoft cus.h.i.+on, acting as if there’s no one else there, stretching his body,smile with slightly raised eyebrow and said, “ Let’s go together  tomeet the person who has the most water tight protection, Xi Lei Duke Ming”. 

TLN: 旁若无人 páng ruò wú rén

idiom. act as if there was no one else present — self-a.s.sured,supercilious

“Yes.” Kong Liu walk behind He Di,one stepat a time , cannot help but curiously asked, “Prince intend to do whatto  Xi Lei Duke Ming?”

“Since I cannot catch Duke Ming to blackmail that man ……..” He Di let out one sinister smile, revealing his white teeth, lookingso wicked and ruthless, “then let me Prince He Di go straight to Xi Lei DukeMing and black mail him also good ah! 


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