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Feng Yu Jiu Tian is a Webnovel completed by Feng Nong, 風弄.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Under Lu-Dan’s almost blue face, Feng Ming got the chicken dish he wanted to have just been cooked with Dong Fan’s special technique. Feng Ming spat out the last bone and felt the abdomen bulging arbitrarily: but then he said: “It’s not as good as Chiu Lan’s.”

Hearing the sound of teeth grinding over his head, Feng Ming included: “But the taste is still good. Oh … I know, it must be the last time Chiu Lan used your blood, I don’t know if this time it’s blood fresh. ” .

Lu-Dan’s thin, evil eyes looked at him for a while, his face gradually fades, his mouth hooks slightly and I said quietly: “If Duke Ming thinks he can get something from Lu-Dan, then he has slightly underestimated Lu -Dan. “

Feng Ming did not blush and laughed: “You are definitely a counselor.”

Again he thought: in this boat they cannot easily carry a deer to drain their blood. Lu-Dan’s s.h.i.+p must have people to carry this every day. They must be wandering around the Yong Yin border, escaping from the large Rong Tian search group to help Lu-Dan. I don’t know if it’s the second prince or the third prince of Yong Yin, but no matter who it is, once Rong Tian conquers Yong Yin, I have to punish that person. “He immediately shook his head,” no, living with Rong Tian for so long has made me catch his aggressive personality. “

With a mess in the head and I look at Lu-Dan. The two pairs of sly eyes looked at each other and smiled knowingly.

“Counselor …” Feng Ming huffed and asked humbly: “Can I get some rest?”

“Is Duke Ming resting already?”

“Ah, I want to be alone to close my eyes a little.”

Lu-Dan said “Of course.” He politely retired.

After seeing that Lu-Dan came out and closed the door, Feng Ming began to count in his mind.

Ten … Nine … Eight … Seven … Six … Five … Four … Three … Two … One!

“Help me! There is a poisonous snake! Someone wants to kill Duke Ming !! “Feng Ming shout

The wooden door swung open causing a great noise. Several large men appeared at the door and looked at all the rooms

“What happened?” Lu-Dan came from behind, and the guards lowered their heads and gave way.

Feng Ming just got out of bed lazily and blinked, showing him a surprised look: “Didn’t the National Councilor tell me that I can take a nap? Even if there is something to discuss, don’t kick the door!”

Lu-Dan’s face was red and white, looking at Feng Ming, slapping one of the guards: “Dare to be disrespectful to Duke Ming, apologize quickly.”

Unlucky, several guards could only apologize to Feng Ming, and left the room. Lu-Dan looked around the room and his eyes finally landed on Feng Ming’s innocent and pure smile. He warned: “Lu-Dan treats Duke Ming with the greatest hospitality. If Duke Ming deliberately causes problems, don’t blame Lu-Dan for being ruthless.” Deeply looking at Feng Ming, he retired.

Feng Ming stayed in bed for a long time, suddenly jumped, revealing an anxious look he couldn’t hide, and strolling from side to side in the room. My heart: Wow, this Lu-Dan is not dumb enough to give me all the kings. But what is your purpose of trying hard to kidnap me? For a reward?

In short, the test results at this time, is not profit free. At least, Feng Ming knows three things: the soundproofing equipment here is not good, and what can be heard next to it can be caused by a scream; His people, according to the situation that is coming through the door, the number of people is about six, they are big men, Lu-Dan is very patient with him.

The line of sight went to the door, and Feng Ming added another point: the door is not strong and opened as soon as it was kicked.

However, it seems that he still couldn’t think of a way out. Feng Ming’s face changed and he leaned against the narrow window to see the river under his feet. What knowledge can be applied to the river to escape? After thinking for a long time, I only thought of an idiom “Bring the sword and look for the sword”. The chain of fire has been used, and Lu-Dan will not be fooled, and the current situation is not adequate.

Going back and forth in the room for a few turns, I frown and contemplate, thinking that there is no viable way in the mind, and frustrated, the secret.

He was grumpy for a long time and felt his eyes were hot. Feng Ming was worried that someone would watch him secretly. I couldn’t lose the face of Xi Rei and Rong Tian. He blinked rapidly and forced himself to look as if it didn’t matter. And his voice murmured: “When I wake up, I’ll give you trouble again.”

When he got into bed and just wanted to go to bed, the door pulled away at this moment.

Lu-Dan entered from outside and smiled gracefully. He said: “Is the Duke sleeping? Do you want to meet someone?”


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