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Lin was really eat more in her pregnancy time. The food on the table almost entirely finished by Lin. Anran did not much move her chopsticks.

Before leaving, Anran quietly excused to go to the bathroom and took the list to go directly to the counter bill. Although Su Yi Jiao said that when ate there later for free, but she always felt embarra.s.sed.

When she came back, Lin got phoned by Cheng Xiang. Her shy demeanor let Anran remembered that careless st.u.r.dy character of Lin. She was a pleasant woman who smiled tenderly.

Saw Anran came over, Lin said a few words to Cheng Xiang and then hung up the phone. Toward Anran, she said “Little Ann, today my Xiao Xiang had evening entertainment, so you have to accompany me to play tonight. ”

”  Eat and drink, and next, Where do you think to go? “Anran echoed her words.

Lin rolled her eyes, said “Go to the mall. Right, after ate amazing meals, we need to digest. Cheng Xiang said, he would back with a chicken rice for me.”

Anran rolled her eyes, angrily said “Ah, you control your appet.i.te, carefully propped my daughter.”

” To you. My son in my stomach was strong like me.” Lin proudly glanced toward her.

Anran snappily smiled, and together they went out fromYouranju.

In the car, Anran put soothing piano music first. Lin opened the window to let in the evening wind blew into the car while the car was running.

“Yes, you with Su Yi Cheng had licensed. When will you do the wedding reception, ah?” Lin casually asked.

“We don’t intend to do wedding reception.” Anran faintly answered. Her eyes focused on looking at the road ahead.

“Why? He did not want to do it?” Lin looked at her strangely. In her point of view, although in the form of wedding, the card could be much more important, but no wedding ceremony meant there was no blessing, just as sneaky as shady like.

Anran shook his head, “No, I don’t want to do it. it’s too much trouble.”

“Ann, this is a woman’s one lifetime thing. At least you have to give yourself the trouble on that day. You put on a beautiful wedding dress and accept everyone’s blessing while holding to your beloved man’s hands. “Lin said.

Anran looked at her eyes, smiled “Lin, I’m not like you and Cheng Xiang. It’s between me and Su Yi Cheng ”

“Anran, it’s not yur own responsible. ” Lin looked at her, her face was serious and solemn.

Anran looked at her eyes, smiled, “If one day I and Su Yi Cheng had became today’s you and Cheng Xiang, I put the wedding ceremony to make it up.” But is there the day come? No one knew.

Lin was silent for a moment. The car arrived at the mall. Just before getting off, she said “Ann, find time to arrange a meeting with your Su Yi Cheng family.” Anran was the best of her best friend. She thought of that Su Yi Cheng, what kind of man was he, if he was bad, she would not let him bully Anran.

Anran parked on the roadside parking area, looked at Lin, smiled, nodded and said “Okay.”

Lin smiled, while got off  by the side door, and said “Ann, go, go with this madam to see what the right things to be your wedding gift. ”

” Ha, then I would like to thank Madam for spending your money. “Anran said with a smile.

“It’s nothing. When I and Cheng Xiang get married, you send a goods which the price is more or less than 5 digits or 6 digits on the line.” Lin said innocently.

“d.a.m.n you. You rob me.”

Anran did not wanted to buy something, but thought of tomorrow or the day when she  might went to see Su Yi Cheng’s parents, Anran bought two scarves with a calm atmosphere and lively jump color.

Lin looked at Anran who was carrying two bags. She could not help but nodded “Er, er, in-law relationship are the most difficult thing. I have to take care them on another day, have to give my mother something, let her hear the music, Oh Le he le he. ”

Heard it, Anran turned around and glanced at her stomach, laughed, said “I see. what you don’t have to buy is a good possessor. You just don’t work, then you will feel at ease at home ready to prepare marriage and child support. ”

The two walked into a lingerie shop. Anran was thinking several time to change her bras to wear. They went directly to the counter over there to pick bras. Lin asked the waiter at the counter what wrapped there.

Anran picked several on her own simple style, did not try it, handed it directly to the counter to pay. There were two bags laid on the counter. Lin seemed to have bought lingerie too. She saw her gestured one paper bag. She pulled out a lingerie in front of her, ” How? Is it good?”

Style was not open, an ordinary silk straps, delicate flower had done particularly beautiful on the chest.

Anran nodded and said “Good.”

Lin nodded with satisfaction, put the lingerie into the bag, and took over the other to her and said “I like it. Well, you can buy it. ”

Anran took the hand bags, carried a bag, funnily watched Lin Li, said “Lin, you can really took that lingerie to kill me. The price is a 5-digit or 6-digit. ”

” Ha ha, now you are wealthy. Say, do you see this tiny lingerie, it can make explosion. ” she stood by the counter cashier, asked ” You say it. ”

“Yes.” She saw the counter cashier smiled ambiguously toward Anran, nodded.

Anran did not think about it, directly carried underwear bag then the two went out.

Both of them were shopping at the mall. Lin bought a shirt for Cheng Xiang. Looked at the time, It was almost 2 pm. They were ready to go home.

Anran put the things into the back seat, then drove to send Lin back.

On the road, Anran sat and watched eyefully at thin lingerie on Lin’s hand. Her mind suddenly flashed a problem. Blushing smile, she looked up, a little bit embarra.s.sed, called “Lin, Lin.”

“ah?” Lin murmured, did not turned around. Her eyes still stared at the lingerie on her hands, carefully looked at a flower at its chest, very delicate and beautiful.

Anran was hesitant for a long time, but still she could not ask.

Waited long for her answer, Lin showed some impatience. She looked up and asked “What is it, ah?”

Anran looked at her eyes, blushing. Finally, she asked the question out of the mouth, “That is, for the first time, is it hurt?” She had no experience, but they said it was painful. She did not know, so she wanted to ask Lin. After all, Lin was someone who had experience.

“What is first? What is hurt?” Lin reaction was always on half a beat slower, but this belated made Anran crazy.

“That is, it is that, ah. You, you and Cheng Xiang first time, is it hurt? “ Her face was burned. Anran really felt like to die. She could not wait to dig a hole and buried herself.

Lin stunned for a long time, suddenly bursted out loud, “d.a.m.n it. You haven’t done it ah!”

Anran felt her face hotter, perhaps, she should not ask this question to Lin.

“The first, of course it hurts. When I told Cheng Xiang that it was my first time, we had no experience. I pa.s.sed out.” Lin recalled. It was simply all ‘b.l.o.o.d.y’ and tears experience!

Anran listened her cautiously, asked ” If, if the man have experience, will it not be so hurt?” Su Yi Cheng was thirty-years-old this year. Although she did not know how many women he dated before, but according to his condition, he should be an experienced veteran on that matter.

Lin snappily said “How do I know it. I never tried.”


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