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Read First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce Chapter 1782

First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce is a web novel completed by Joe Mai.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 1782: Chapter 1782 I did not step on her


When Fang Xiao finished helping the chef in the kitchen, she came out. The hall of the Qiu family was already empty. Tonight, she and Qiu Yitang were both left in the Fang family’s old house, so she could only obediently walk to the building next door.

The Qiu family’s old house was a double-bundled Villa, which meant that the one on the left and the one on the right were independent. Qiu Yitang lived in the same house as his grandmother, and his father, Qiu Boyuan, lived in the same house alone.

His grandmother lived on the first floor, the second floor had two clients, and the third floor was the master bedroom. Fang Xiao still wanted to stay in the guest room, but the doors of the guest rooms were all locked. She had no choice but to go up to the master bedroom on the third floor.

She walked to the door on the third floor, and when she saw that the room was covered with bright red wedding supplies and that Qiu Yitang was lighting candles and the lights in the room were very dim, she could not help but be stunned. She stood at the door of the room and did not move.

“Fang Xiao, why aren’t you coming in? Are you waiting for me to carry you in? ” Qiu Yitang lit the candle, and when he looked up, he saw Fang Xiao standing there, so he could not help but ask teasingly.

Fang Xiao hesitated for a moment and walked in. Seeing that the room looked particularly ambiguous under the candlelight, she could not help but ask, “what do you mean by this? ”

“What’s the point of making up for the wedding night? ” Qiu Yitang felt that this woman, Fang Xiao, was really not enlightened. Didn’t she think that since they were husband and wife, the wedding night would come sooner or later?

“Wedding night? ” Fang Xiao’s heart skipped a beat instinctively Then, without batting an eyelid, she said, “manager Qiu, aren’t your words funny too? You just went to have s.e.x with your beloved lover after work, and now you’re back to have s.e.x with me. Are you that energetic? ”

“I didn’t go in the afternoon… ” Qiu Yitang stopped right there because he noticed that Fang Xiao’s eyes were fixed on his neck. He couldn’t help but be stunned. He instinctively turned around and walked to the cloakroom, turning on the light on the wall …

Then, he discovered that his s.h.i.+rt collar was full of lipstick factors, and there were lipstick marks on his neck. His face instantly flushed red.

D * Mn it, he didn’t expect Du Caiwei to leave him with such conclusive evidence. No wonder grandma was furious and scolded him during dinner.

Therefore, he grabbed a tissue to wipe the Hickey marks on his neck, and then said impatiently, “yes, where did I go in the afternoon? But I didn’t do… that kind of thing with her. ”

After saying this, he glared at Fang Xiao and said, “if you didn’t step on her fingers like that during the day, she wouldn’t have called me. Her fingers were originally white and slender, and only you had the heart to step on them. ”

Qiu Yitang paused at this point, and then came over to look at Fang Xiao who didn’t say a word He could not help but say irritably, “Fang Xiao, I know that I have let you down by still being with Cai Wei, but can you please be angry at me? ” “You can hit me or scold me, but don’t hurt her because she has no family in this world. It’s already pitiful enough for her to be alone. I’m her only family. ”

Fang Xiao listened quietly. When Qiu Yitang said these words, she did not refute a single word. Only after he finished did she slowly stand up She said indifferently, “chief Qiu, I don’t want to say anything. The only thing I want to say is that I didn’t step on her. Believe it or not, it’s up to you. ”


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