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Read First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce Chapter 931

First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce is a Webnovel completed by Joe Mai.
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Read WebNovel First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce Chapter 931

Chapter 931: Chapter 931 love is a superst.i.tion of the right place at the right time


“What are you thinking about? ” Mu Ru’s muddled mind became clear after being scolded by Xi Muxue. She looked at her calmly. “Is there anything that I need to think about? ”

“Mu Ru, you’re really a pig, ” Xi Muxue was so angry that she started to curse. “Don’t you think that since Dongfang Mo can treat me like this, he can treat you like that too? Also, Dongfang Mo’s lover back then was Fang Zining. Look at how Fang Zining can think of a way to find someone to gang rape you. Although I’m the one who ended up being gang raped, don’t forget that Fang Zining’s target was originally you. ”

Xi Muru fell silent because Xi Muxue was right. Back then, Fang Zining had indeed treated her as her biggest compet.i.tor.

“Xi Muru, think about Fang Zining’s evil heart and then combine it with Dongfang Mo finding another man to impersonate him and humiliate me like that seven years ago. Don’t you think that from their personality, style, and way of doing things, the two of them are a match made in heaven? ” Xi muxue asked Mu ru aggressively.

Mu Ru ma.s.saged her forehead. She had rarely thought about these things since she was pregnant, especially in the past two to three months. She had even forgotten about Fang zining.

Now that Meng de was reminded by Mu Xue, Fang zining’s image appeared in her mind again. However… …

She looked at the furious Xi Muxue and said softly, “the Fang Zining who returned last year is actually not the Real Fang Zining, but the former Kuang Yingying. She’s just like you, she just had plastic surgery. ”

“What? Fang Zining is Kuang Yingying? ” This time, it was Xi Muxue’s turn to be shocked. However, her shock only lasted for a few seconds before she came to a realization Then, she said even more viciously, “no wonder. Think about it. When Dongfang Mo was Dongfang Yu, he and Kuang Yingying got engaged and were getting ready to get married. Later, Dongfang Mo restored his original appearance and got engaged with Kuang Yingying, even getting married. From this, we can see how much Dongfang Mo cared about Kuang Yingying back then. That’s why their style of handling things was the same. ”

Mu Ru immediately fell silent. Xi Muxue’s words seemed to make some sense. Back then, Dongfang Yu and Kuang Yingying, then Dongfang Yu ‘died’ , then Dongfang Mo and Kuang Yingying.. He even asked her to help Kuang Yingying buy a simulator, and that night, she was almost raped by a middle-aged man outside.

Back then, she didn’t know who the middle-aged man was, but if she followed Xi Muxue’s words now, she felt that the middle-aged man was very likely arranged by Dongfang Mo, and had even been following her.

If that was really the case, then Dongfang Mo was indeed too afraid. She could not help but wonder, what was Dongfang Mo’s motive for treating her so well now?

Thinking of this, Mu Ru was just about to open her mouth to tell Xi muxue about this when she suddenly felt two fierce kicks on her stomach. She could not help but let out an “ah” , then she used her hand to caress the sudden bulge in her stomach.

“What’s wrong with you? ” Xi muxue heard her “AH” and could not help but frown. Then, she said mockingly, “what are you fine for? You didn’t do that kind of thing with a man again? ”

Mu Ru was immediately unhappy when she heard her. She glared at her and said Snappily, “my son is kicking me in the stomach. They were fighting and kicked my stomach. I can’t even scream because of the pain? ”


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