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Read Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room Volume 2 Chapter 34

Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room is a web novel made by Mo Bao Fei Bao (墨宝非宝).
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room Volume 2 Chapter 34

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Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room

Book 2: You’re Beautiful

Chapter 34

She didn’t go to the arena for the following compet.i.tions.

Inin’s confidence had been successfully restored. The rest had nothing to do with her anymore.

K&K successfully qualified for double-elimination and the finals.  The names for the last match were Dt vs Tatami.

Ai Qing watched the game live streamed from her hotel room.  Because the hotel was hosting the lodging for the players for the tournament, it had arranged the live stream to show on the television.  Especially in the finals, she could hear the excitement from the arena.

Perhaps due to the wonderful performance of Inin and Dt the other day, only 50% of the tickets for the finals had been originally sold but sold out within one hour after the quarter finals.

“There’s betting pool in America, it’s already several million US dollars.”  Baona casually joked around.  “Can you guess what the better odds are?”

Ai Qing glanced at the live broadcast.  The match was almost over.  “How much?”

“1.44 to 7.00.”  Baona said, “The odds for Dt is 1.44.  The odds against is 7.”


“Then if we bet on him losing, we can earn lots of money.”

Baona was perplexed, “Yeah, if he loses and you happen to bet on his loss.”

Ai Qing silently thought about it.  If she bet all her net worth on his loss and if he could cooperate with…… “No wonder there’re so many fixed games in various sports.”

They then casually chatted for a while.

Suddenly, Ai Qing jumped up on her bed:  “He won!”

He won!  He won!  He won in such a compet.i.tive tournament!  He won the StarCraft compet.i.tions which was dominated by the Koreans!  He won! She jumped from bed to the floor excitingly, then jumped from the floor up to the platform of the hanging window.

There was thick wool carpet paved there.

Then she fell down.

Baona on the phone was still lamenting about the American gambling pool when he heard a loud thump.  Followed by Ai Qing’s painful groan, “Baona, I can’t talk now……I need to go to the hospital. I’m bleeding……”

She was a stranger here.  She covered her bleeding forehead and walked out of her room in a daze.

Fortunately, she met some players from other countries on the same floor who were going to check out their rooms.  She had a few interactions with them during the tournament. They immediately volunteered to take her to the hospital. After the hospital treated her wound and bandaged her head, she thanked her foreign friends over and over again, then she called a taxi to return to the hotel by herself.

As she was pa.s.sing by one coffee shop, she could see Dt, who had just won the championship, through the gla.s.s wall talking to several foreigners.  It looked like he was doing an interview.

She saw him through the gla.s.s wall as well as the reflection of the white bandage on her forehead on the gla.s.s.

He was expressionless sitting on the sofa and saying something to the camera.  She could tell that several nearby tables were crowded with fangirls that had followed him back to the hotel. The girls kept their distance, yet nonetheless yearned to make some impression on their idol.  They could be worked up into a frenzy from just a simple glance……it was too obvious.

The interview seemed to be finishing up.  He took the gla.s.s and drank some ice water.  He aimlessly looked around.  Suddenly his eyes stopped at her direction.  He abruptly held the table and stood up.  He even forgot to put down the ice water gla.s.s.

Water spilled all over him.

Meanwhile, Ai Qing stood outside the gla.s.s wall raising her index finger to her lips.

Translated by Team DHH at


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