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Read Flirting With Beast Girls! Doing Nothing but Copulation! Chapter 12

Flirting With Beast Girls! Doing Nothing but Copulation! is a Webnovel created by Dream, 夢見.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Flirting With Beast Girls! Doing Nothing but Copulation! Chapter 12

Flirting With Beast Girls! Doing Nothing but Copulation! Chapter 12: In a face-to-face sitting position, a full cup of happy mating! [18+]

“Ah… oh, onii-san, your thing, came too deep.”
“It entered smoothly.”

Papi puts my meat stick inside her v.a.g.i.n.a by mounting with woman on top posture to ride my meat stick. It stimulates at the entrance with ‘Kuchukuchu’ and after inserting my meat stick at once, it seems that her v.a.g.i.n.a caught my meat stick gently, she started to move her waist with ‘Pachi pachi’ sound.

When I looked at her from below, as ever she had big b.r.e.a.s.t.s and shaking up and down according with her movements. I could not hold back and stretched out my hands to grab those and with the soft feeling my mood goes up naturally. 

“Onii-chan, Papi’s t.i.ts… nn~. Do you like?”
“Yes, I like them pretty much, just like rice cakes.”
“Un~, I’m happy, you can ma.s.sage them more.”
“Well then, with your words.”
“Hi ~yau… No way, suddenly, Aan~… Aaa~, I love you, Papi also likes it.”

By raising my body, brings it to face-to-face sitting posture and sucks her big nipples of Papi and rubbed her other b.o.o.b at the same time as strongly  as the shape changes with ‘Guniguni’. Maybe because of the angle I hit with the sudden stimulus she opened her mouth half, it seemed as if she was drunk with pleasure and begans to moan.

“Onii-san, this feels good… Ha~aha~a, Papi feels too good by your thing hitting ‘Gashigashi’.”
“You are tightening my thing which has full of life s.e.m.e.n. Does this face-to-face feel too good?”
“Ya~an… Feels good… Ha~a ha~a… Papi heads will go crazy, oh my, this, it feels too good.”
“Well, what about it?”

“Hi~yaaaa, don’t, onii-chan, it’s too fast. Do not ‘panpan’, do not do ‘panpan’ now…”
“What will happen if I do ‘panpan’?”
“Ha~a ha~a… Aa~ gu~. If you do panpan… If you do panpan, Papi will, Papi will c.u.m… Noo~, I will c.u.m… Aaa~… onii-chan, stop it… Iku ikuiku~.”

At the moment she came, she tightens inside her as much as possible. So I also pulled out my c.o.c.k to the vicinity of the entrance with the movements of many strokes and instantly put it inside to the deepest part of her v.a.g.i.n.a and came inside her.

It seems that Papi caould not bear it anymore, she raised her voice like ‘Ahhin’ trembling her body and embraced me without power. Instantaneously my thing screwed her.

“I like you, I like onii-san, huh ha~a ha~a, I love onii-san, who tells so many that feels good to Papi, I love you!”
“I am also, I also like Papi, so why do not we do a little more?”

“With this Papi(I) came at the same time about three times, it is painful. But if it’s for onii-san’s sake, Papi will do my best, so I want to have a lot… onii-san’s baby species.”
“Thank you. Then, let’s see how many times can Papi will c.u.m this time?”
“Un~, please spoil Papi a lot… Noo~, suddenly onii-chan’s thing is ─ ─ ─.”

“It feels good, is not it? Also, what will happen if I do it like this and lick your ears too?”
“Hi~ya… In my ears, with your tongue… Aa~, Aa~, it tickles… Na~… onii-san’s breath hits the back of my ear… Ha~a ha~a. Papi I can not think of anything anymore.”

“You are too cute with melting face.”
“Iya~a, do not say, if you whisper gently, that alone… I will c.u.m.”
“You are cute, are you c.u.mming again?”

“Ha~a ha~a. I love you. Aa~a aa~. Puppy will be screaming. To onii-san, to my dearest onii-san, I love you. Aa~ gu~, it’s too thick. onii-san’s thing is too thick.”
“It is because Papi is tightening, is not it?”
“I don’t know, Ah, no, it’s too thick.
Papi is going to c.u.m again. Onii-chan it hurts. It feels too good and my head gets crazy.”
“Then, I’ll do alot of ‘panpan’, so let’s c.u.m together.”

“Eh~… wait… if you do, if you do that to Papi now… hi~yaaa~. Aa~, aa~, it feels too good. It feels too good!”
“I will also soon…”

“Came, Papi came many, came many times, huh ha~a, no good, uh ha~a ha~a ─ ─ um”
“I am c.u.mming.”
“Aaa~, something hot came… Aa~… I am c.u.mming, Iku, Iku!”

With Papi’s too much disorder state, I feel good too and it can not be helped. By pouring inside Papi with ‘buchubuchu’, only with alone I came again.

Her body was completely run out of power and lost her consciousness with the momentum. Still she desperately tightens her v.a.g.i.n.a without releasing my meat stick. Maybe out of her instinct, she desperately clings to meat stick as if saying that she will not let go of a single drop of my s.e.m.e.n from her womb and is repeatedly hitting the glans and receives sperm.

Even though she lost her consciousness, I embraced lovely Papi tightly and stroking her head. I wish we could live happily forever… Tutte also take a step further…

I started to live together with two pretty beast girls, I thought of future things and continued to hug Papi and Tutte as it was for a while with a happy mood.

Thank you for reading.
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