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Flower Master in the City is a web novel made by Heart Is Wandering, 心在流浪.
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Chapter 1047

“Team leader Shi, I will not see her. She is OK. It’s not convenient for me to see her now.” Ning Jie hesitated for a moment, and finally refused Shi Jinsong’s proposal. “But please come to me. I’ll give you the bonus. I have only cash here, and I can’t transfer money online.”

Hearing that Ning Jie really wanted to give the bonus, Shi Jinsong was excited, but he was a little embarra.s.sed to say No: “Miss Ning, how can this mean? In fact, we have no credit for Miss Zhang’s safe return this time. ”

“Team leader Shi, no matter what, you’ve worked hard, and I’ll figure it out. Since Zhang Dan is back safely, the bonus I promised will be given.” Ning Jie said lightly: “in short, you will come here when you have time. In addition, I hope the police can catch the bandit who kidnapped Zhang Dan. I don’t want her to have similar danger next time.”

“Well, I’ll ask Miss Zhang some questions first. I’ll call on Miss Ning later.” Shi Jinsong didn’t refuse any more. These days, some policemen collect black money. Shi Jinsong is afraid to do such a thing. But if he doesn’t dare to take the reward provided by the victim’s family members or relatives, he will be a fool.

“Team leader Shi, you can ask more questions about kidnapping, but don’t ask too many irrelevant questions, do you understand?” There is a hint of warning in Ning Jie’s tone. Now she can clearly feel that Shi Jinsong is afraid of her, so she decides to make use of this point to let Shi Jinsong obey her, which can also reduce her troubles and summer’s troubles. As for why Shi Jinsong is afraid of her, she doesn’t know now and doesn’t want to study it carefully.

“Yes, I understand. Don’t worry, Miss Ning. I know the right balance.” Shi Jinsong’s tone is more respectful.

After waiting for Ning Jie to hang up, Shi Jinsong took back his cell phone, and then walked into the ward with a bright smile on his face: “Miss Zhang, do you feel OK?”

“Thank you, officer Shi.” Zhang Dan felt a little flattered, because she found that Shi Jinsong was a little too polite to her. According to the common sense, Shi Jinsong, as the head of the serious case team of w.a.n.ggang Police Bureau, didn’t need to be so polite to such an ordinary girl from other places.

Shi Jinsong looked at another policeman in the room and waved to him to go out. Soon, only Shi Jinsong and Zhang Dan were left in the ward. As for Chu fan, he was not in the ward.

Shi Jinsong closes the door of the ward and walks back to Zhang Dan, which makes Zhang Danton a little nervous. Does officer Shi want to be unfaithful to her?

“Miss Zhang, your friend is very concerned about you, but she can’t see you now, so I don’t think you should look for her recently.” Shi Jinsong said at this time.

“Officer Shi, you mean, Ning Jie?” Zhang Dan asked in a hurry, when she finally began to realize that Shi Jinsong was polite to her, as if it was because of Ning Jie.

“I wish Miss Zhang understood.” Shi Jinsong admitted indirectly, then took out a business card and handed it to Zhang Dan. “If Miss Zhang is in trouble later, she can call me directly, and I will try my best to help.”

“Thank you, officer Shi.” Zhang Dan took the business card. It’s a good thing for her to have someone to help in this place. And she soon understood that there is absolutely a connection between Shi Jinsong and Ning Jie. That is to say, through Shi Jinsong, she could contact Ning Jie.

“By the way, Miss Zhang, I didn’t have time to ask you just on the way. Do you know who those kidnappers are?” At this time, Shi Jinsong began to ask key questions, and finally added, “your friend hopes we can catch the kidnappers, so that you can be safer in the future.”

“Kidnappers?” Zhang Dan was stunned, then his face changed. He said anxiously, “officer Shi, please tell Ning Jie that the kidnappers are killers. They came for her and summer.”

“She and summer?” Shi Jinsong was slightly shocked, and then asked a little confused, “Miss Zhang, who are you talking about in summer?”

“The man with Ning Jie!” Zhang Dan said eagerly, “those killers think I know Ning Jie very well and want to know something about them from me!”

Shi Jinsong pondered for a moment, took out his cell phone and found a picture: “Miss Zhang, is this the person you said about summer?”

“Yes, he is!” Zhang Dan nodded.

“Miss Zhang, don’t mention the name again, do you know?” Shi Jinsong’s face changed slightly, then he lowered his voice. “Remember, his name is Song Shi now. Song of Song Dynasty, the death of life and death. At least before Miss Ning contacts you, you must not say that name again for the time being!”

Shi Jinsong, after all, is an old criminal police officer. He quickly realized that summer might be the real name of Song Shi, and this name is probably a taboo now. Since the name of summer changed to Song Shi, he certainly didn’t want to let people know his real name. If the name was leaked from him, he just couldn’t bear the responsibility, so he suddenly I’m nervous.

“He, his name is Song Shi now?” Zhang Dan was stunned. How did he change his name this summer?

“Miss Zhang, don’t pursue Mr. Song’s name. You just said that the killers came for them. Do you know who these killers are? Do you remember how they looked? ” Asked Shi Jinsong.

“I don’t remember very well, but officer Shi, you don’t have to go to the killers either. They have been scared away.” Zhang Dan’s expression is very strange.

“Scared away?” Shi Jinsong thought that he had heard the wrong thing for a while, and the killer was scared away? Who scared this away?

“They are just being treated by summer Well, that’s the man who is now called Song Shi. He’s scared away. ” Zhang Dan is still a little confused. Who is this summer? How many killers can he scare away?

After a pause, Zhang Dan added: “in a word, they were afraid to hear his name, and then they ran away. They said that they would call the police to find me after leaving, and then Sergeant Shi did come. But these killers ran away, and maybe there were other killers. In a word, Sergeant Shi, you must help me tell Ning Jie that they should be careful.”

“Don’t worry, Miss Zhang. I’ll tell her about it right away.” Shi Jinsong reluctantly smiles, but his heart is very restless. What kind of strong man is this? Can the killer hear his name and run away?

At this moment, Shi Jinsong was glad that he was still alive, and that he had not disobeyed Ning Jie’s will.

After a little thought, Shi Jinsong said to Zhang Dan, “Miss Zhang, I have to go out first. You can rest here.”

“Okay, officer Smith.” Zhang Dan nodded.

Shi Jinsong turned to go outside, walked a few steps, and came back: “Miss Zhang, don’t tell others about the things you just told me. If there’s any police recording your confession, you don’t know what to say. By the way, you’ll also tell some of your boyfriend to stop him from saying anything. Otherwise, it may cause trouble to miss Ning.”

“I see.” Zhang Dan nodded again. “Officer Shi, I know what to say.”

At this time, Shi Jinsong walked out at ease and ordered the police to guard the hospital. After a few words, he quickly left the hospital.

When he walked out of the hospital, Shi Jinsong and a group of people pa.s.sed by by by mistake, and then couldn’t help looking back. Among these people, there was a gorgeous beauty in a lady’s suit, which made him want to look back clearly. However, when he turned back, he only saw an infinite beautiful back.

Although Shi Jinsong is a little sorry, he is not a man in his forties, not that kind of vigorous age. In addition, he is eager to find Ning Jie now, so he immediately turns around and continues to drive away.

Naturally, Shi Jinsong would not have expected that the gorgeous beauty who just made him look back was the famous female doctor in the capital, and the famous yixiaoyin, one of the four famous flowers in the capital.

Although fan and fan had a bad time before, today, when fan called yixiaoyin, yixiaoyin answered him. When fan suggested that some patients wanted to ask yixiaoyin for help, yixiaoyin didn’t immediately agree. But when she learned that these patients were unconscious due to a conflict with a doctor named Song Shi, she didn’t hesitate Agreed.

Although she hasn’t figured out how to revenge the shameless man who takes over her body yet, she will not let go of the chance to make trouble for him.

But when she came to the hospital, she was a little puzzled. She thought it was fan Ziliang’s patient in Huiren hospital, but she didn’t think it was the patient in this central hospital. Of course, in w.a.n.ggang City, these two hospitals are very famous. The central hospital is the largest public hospital, while Huiren hospital is the most famous private hospital.

Under the guidance of fan Ziliang, yixiaoyin enters a ward, and then sees a man lying in bed unconscious. It’s the star policeman in w.a.n.ggang City, detective Li Si.

“Is that him?” Yixiaoyin looks at Li Si on the bed and asks lightly.

“Yes, Miss Yi, he is one of the patients this time.” Fan Ziliang nodded.

“Ah Jiu.” Yixiaoyin doesn’t care about fan Ziliang any more, but calls out softly.

A Jiu immediately took out a handkerchief and put it on lish’s wrist. At this time, yixiaoyin put his finger on lish’s wrist across the handkerchief and began to feel his pulse.

About a minute later, yixiaoyin took back his hand, and a Jiu threw the handkerchief directly into the garbage can beside him, with a look of disgust on his face. The girl seems to hate every man now.

Fan Ziliang turned a blind eye to Yi Xiaoyin and a Jiu, who seemed to have a habit of cleanliness. He just asked, “Miss Yi, can this disease be cured?”


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