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Chapter 1432

“Meier’s wife, isn’t your message wrong?” At this time of summer, I can’t help suspecting the news of Meier. Why did Nangong Yan die suddenly? It’s a strange death.

“If you don’t believe it, read it yourself!” Meier said angrily, “the body is still in place!”

“Meier wife, you are right. I should go and have a look.” In summer, he nodded. Nangong Yan’s death was quite sudden and strange. He had to go to see the cause of Nangong Yan’s death. If Nangong Yan really died because of his calculation, that would be a good thing, but if Nangong Yan died in someone else’s hands, it would be a bit of trouble.

“Let’s go. The place is not far from here.” Meier said lightly.

Summer nodded, but a flash into the room of yixiaoyin: “Yiyi wife, we should go out.”

“It’s not about me that you go out.” Yixiaoyin said lightly.

“Wife Yi, this place is not safe. I have to take you with me.” In summer, he put his hand around his waist and then walked out of the room.

“Take a Jiu!” Yixiaoyin called out in a hurry.

“In summer, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, let go of miss…” Ah Jiu just rushed out of the room.

But before he had finished, he had come back to her in summer. He put his hand to her and picked her up. Then he scolded again: “let me go, you shameless and shameless beast…”

“Meier wife, let’s go.” But I don’t care about ah Jiu in summer.

“Ah Jiu, don’t scold me. It’s useless.” Yixiaoyin then said a faint sentence, she is still quite calm.

A Jiu finally calms down. She actually knows it’s useless to scold summer, but she just can’t help scolding.

“Wife Yi, you are more obedient now. I know you won’t let this girl bother me.” In the summer, he praised yixiaoyin with a smile.

Yixiaoyin doesn’t pay attention to summer, but Meier doesn’t even say h.e.l.lo. He leaves yirenge in a flash.

Summer nature no longer say anything, quickly catch up.

A few minutes later, they appeared next to the body of Nangong Yan.

“She’s dead?” Yixiaoyin exclaimed. At a glance, she saw that the body was Nangong Yan who had come to trouble with them yesterday. She also didn’t understand the purpose of coming here in summer until now.

Meier has driven away the police who are looking after the scene. In the summer, she releases yixiaoyin and a Jiu to check the cause of Nangong Yan’s death.

At a glance, summer’s face became a little ugly.

It’s not because the cause of Nangong Yan’s death is too complicated, but because the cause of her death is too simple. In fact, you don’t need the best doctor in the world. You can find out how Nangong Yan died by any ordinary person. Because anyone can see at a glance that Nangong Yan’s throat should not be crushed!

And that, for the summer, is definitely not good news.

Although he thought it was unlikely that Nangong Yan would die calculated by him before summer, he still hoped it was true. But now he knows that Nangong Yan’s death has nothing to do with him.

“How is it? Do you know who killed her? ” Meier asked.

In summer, she shook her head and said, “there is no poison residue in her body, and there is no obvious sign of damage to her meridians. It can be seen that before she died, her strength should be basically intact, while there are almost no other injuries on her. There is only one fatal wound here, which shows that she basically has no fight with the enemy. It’s about one That is to say, the person who killed her is much better than her. She is already in the middle of Yuanying, and that other person, at least in the later period of Yuanying, has even higher accomplishments. ”

Then, summer shook his head again: “but it’s unreasonable. Among the twelve people from the ethereal immortal sect, there should be no more than the master in the middle of Yuanying. Who killed her?”

“Is it Ji Qingying?” Meier thought and asked.

Summer shakes her head: “that dead fairy can easily kill Nangong Yan, but it’s definitely not her. If she really comes, she should come to me. Moreover, if she really appears here, I can definitely smell her in the air Why? ”

“What’s the matter?” Meier can’t help asking.

“There is a strange smell in the air. It seems to be b.l.o.o.d.y, but it doesn’t seem to be.” Summer slightly frown, “I see go!”

The voice did not fall, the summer disappeared.

But in less than ten seconds, the summer returned to the top of the building, looking a little strange.

“What do you find?” Meier asked again.

Summer shook his head: “Meier wife, let’s go back!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he hugged yixiaoyin and a Jiu one by one and disappeared on the roof.

In a flash, they returned to the Iraqi Pavilion, released their two daughters, and sat in the pavilion in the summer, without saying a word, with a serious look of thinking.

“What do you think?” Meier seldom saw summer so serious, so she couldn’t help asking.

“Charming wife, of course I miss you.” Summer back to G.o.d, smile at her.

“I’m right here. Do you want a ghost?” Meier said angrily.

Summer is about to say something, but his mobile phone rings at this time. The mobile phone ring is a very familiar voice: “honey, here comes the phone…”

The ringtone, which used to accompany summer for several months, is now exclusive to Qiao Xiaoqiao. Without hesitation in summer, he immediately took out his mobile phone and answered the phone: “wife, do you miss me? Don’t worry. I may be back in Jianghai in a few days. ”

“Husband, are you still in the capital?” Asked Joe in a low voice.

“Yes, I’m still in the capital.” Summer replied.

“By the way, my husband, do you know a man named lilac? He is the richest man in Yuenan… ” Joe soon got to the point.

“Wife, what happened to the old man?” Summer did not wait for Qiao Xiaoqiao to finish saying then a little strange opening asked.

“That’s right. Mr. Ding said that he would like to ask me to convey a message to you. He said that he would like to give up his family property in exchange for the art of longevity.” Qiao Xiaoqiao whispered that she had just learned about it from Qiao Donghai. She felt a little strange. How could lilac know that her husband would have the art of longevity? It was also because of some strange, so she immediately called summer to ask.

“The old man wants to live forever?” Summer is not good. He doesn’t like the old man at all. The reason is very simple. Who helped those guys in the immortal sect before the old man died? If he had not left Yuenan in a hurry, he might have killed the old man. Now the old man wants to live forever? It’s a daydream.

Think of this, summer on the phone added: “wife, you tell that old man, let him die early and give birth early, the next life to be a turtle, you can live forever!”

“p.o.o.p!” Qiao Xiaoqiao is there laughing and having no choice. The husband’s words are really mean. She even asked someone to be born as a tortoise. Of course, she also understood the meaning of summer. Obviously, summer has no interest in the family property of Yuenan’s richest man, and she doesn’t want to give people the art of longevity.

“Honey, I know how to tell him.” Qiao Xiaoqiao quickly hung up. She is very busy now. Ye Mengying, sun Xinxin and others have gone to Qingfeng mountain, so they need her to help with some things now.

Hung up the phone, summer also muttered: “the dead old man still wants to live forever, if not for I am not there now, I let him go to give birth now!”

“What are your plans now?” Seeing that summer hung up the phone, Meier couldn’t help asking again, “although Nangong Yan died, it seems that there are two immortals cultivators in the capital, one is Nie Zixiong, the other is the one who killed Nangong Yan. What are you going to do with them?”

After a pause, Meier added: “however, we should only deal with Nie Zixiong. The person who killed Nangong Yan should not come to us for trouble.”

“Meier’s wife, it’s hard to say that the enemy of the enemy is not necessarily a friend.” Summer but shook his head, “I always feel something is wrong, these idiots are really looking for fairy sister? But now, I have met more than half of the people, how can not a few really want to let fairy sister go back? I’ve met eight people. It seems that only two idiots, Han Mingfei and Bai Yunshan, can barely count. Since the master of fairy sister wants to find fairy sister, how can he find so many unreliable people? Is the master of fairy sister also an idiot? ”

Then, summer shook his head: “no reason, fairy sister said, her master is very powerful, not only the cultivation is high, but also the wisdom is excellent!”

“It’s a little strange for you to say that.” Meier nodded gently. It’s true that, since the ethereal immortal sect is trying hard to find yueqingya, it should be quite reliable to find yueqingya’s disciples. Among the twelve disciples, there are a few who have different ideas, which can hardly be regarded as normal. But among the eight, there are six who have problems, which is really abnormal.

“Ji Qingying, the dead fairy, should know something. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know where to go now.” Summer a little trouble, and then shake his head, “forget it, do not want this, or find a way to find Nie Zixiong to say.”

“Now there is no clue. How can I find him?” Meier can’t help asking.

“Otherwise, Meier’s wife, let’s take a chance and ask someone to post some corpse identification notices. If someone comes to identify the bodies of Guan Jianxiong’s idiots, it should be Nie Zixiong.” Summer thought for a while and said, he really can’t think of any good way now. When Meier’s wife interrogates that elder martial brother Ge, she also forgot to ask that younger martial brother Ge to get a picture of Nie Zixiong. Otherwise, things would be simpler.


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