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Chapter 301

“What trouble has he caused?” Leng Bingbing asked in a hurry. Although he often gets into trouble in summer, his intuition told Leng Bingbing that this time, the trouble in summer must be not small, which made Hu Tu, the provincial director, come out.

Hu tuluo pondered and said: “about half an hour ago, Lin Zihao, the son of secretary Lin of the provincial Party committee, was sent back to his home without knowing who he was. He seemed to be greatly stimulated, leading to a little lack of consciousness. No matter what others asked him, he said only one sentence all the time.”

Speaking of this, Hutu paused for a moment, and asked coldly, “what’s the point?”

“He always said, kill me in summer, kill me in summer…” Hu Tu’s tone was a little low. “Secretary Lin called me in person and asked me to make sure that I knew about it.”

Leng Bingbing felt something bad in his heart. He hurriedly asked, “well, director Hu, do you think it really has something to do with summer?”

“According to the preliminary investigation, Lin went to Haijiang building with ye Mengyun. According to ye Mengyun, Lin went to the bathroom and then disappeared. Before that, Lin and Xia had a conflict in ye Mengying’s office, so summer is indeed suspected.” Hutu didn’t hide the cold.

Leng Bingbing breathed a little sigh of relief: “director Hu, as you say, there is no evidence to prove that things are related to summer now?”

“Apart from Lin Zihao’s words, there is really no other direct evidence.” Hutu replied, “xiaoleng, I helped us a lot in summer when I was in Linjiang County, so I don’t want it to have anything to do with summer, but secretary Lin called me personally and asked me to file a case and arrest people. I’m under a lot of pressure here. Now I haven’t officially filed a case, just want to know the specific situation and see if I can make things clear like this and don’t file a case All right. ”

“Director Hu, since Lin Zihao has a brain problem, his words can’t be used as evidence. Even if you really file a case, you can’t ask anything.” Leng Bingbing thought for a moment and said, “besides, you just said that Lin Zihao was sent home half an hour ago. I’m sure that man wasn’t in summer. He was at my house at that time.”

“Is that the case?” Hutu was a little surprised.

“Director Hu, how can I deceive you? I have a cousin who just came to Jianghai. He was helping them in my house in the summer. There are many people who can testify. ” Said coldly.

Hu Tu on the other side of the phone began to ponder a little. After a while, he continued: “Xiao Leng, since you say that, I won’t find summer. I believe you are right. Only Lin Zihao can prove this. As for secretary Lin, I will try to explain it to him.”

“Thank you, director Hu.” Said coldly.

“Thank you. Without you and summer, my old bone was burned to ashes in Linjiang county. If the evidence proves that summer is really guilty, I can only enforce the law impartially, but since there’s no evidence, I can’t let anyone wrong him.” Hutu laughed. “Well, that’s all. I have to reply to Secretary Lin.”

“OK, director Hu. Goodbye.” Cold is satisfied with the result.

Hung up the phone, cold ice then turned to look at the summer a little angry: “what did you do to Lin Zihao?”

“Nothing to do.” In the summer, he looked cold and innocent. “I just dropped him from the top of Haijiang building.”

“You…” Looking at the innocent expression in summer, Leng Bingbing really wants to beat him. What is just throwing people down from the top of Haijiang building? Can this man survive if he throws it down there?

I think it’s not right. Yeah, can I survive?

“You really threw Lin Zihao down from Haijiang tower?” Coldly asked again.

Summer nodded: “that idiot always can’t live with me, I’m going to throw him down and die.”

“Then how could he still be alive?” Cold ice didn’t say well.

Summer giggle a smile: “police flower elder sister wife, you also think Lin Zihao that idiot shouldn’t live?”? I think so too, but after I threw him down, I don’t know which b.a.s.t.a.r.d saved him, but I didn’t expect that the idiot was so timid and scared to be stupid. ”

Cold ice stare at the summer, scared silly what? It’s estimated that many people will be scared to death if they are thrown down from such a high building.

At this time, Leng Bingbing can’t help but be a little thankful. Fortunately, Lin Zihao is scared to be silly. If Lin Zihao isn’t scared to be silly, summer will be even more troublesome.

This idea suddenly surprised Leng Bingbing. When did she always admit that she was doing things in accordance with the law and was jealous of evils? How did she start to help the criminals to get rid of it?

Just when director Hu called her, she knew that it was mostly related to summer, but she still tried to cover it up for him. Now, even if summer admitted that he had left Lin Zihao in Haijiang building, she had no idea of catching him up. Unconsciously, her just heart seemed to have disappeared!

“I’m just an ordinary woman, too!” There was a sense of Indescribability in lengbing’s heart. All the time, she thought she could treat all criminals equally. But now, she understands that, in fact, when things are related to men close to her, she also makes the same choice as most people.

Perhaps, at this time, the only thing she can comfort herself is that she knows that Lin Zihao is not a good thing. This kind of person really becomes a fool and deserves what she deserves.

“What do you want, sister Jinghua’s wife?” See cold ice has been silent, summer can’t help but ask.

Cold ice woke up, looked at the summer one eye, the voice imperceptibly softened up: “nothing, I still have something in the Bureau, you go back first.”

“Sister Jinghua, it’s wrong to cheat. You’re fine now.” But I don’t want to leave in summer.

“That’s because you’re here. I can’t do anything!” Cold ice didn’t say well. She found that she couldn’t be gentle with this guy. If she was gentle, this guy would have more money.

“Well, then, sister Jinghua’s wife, give me a kiss and I’ll go.” Summer pointed to his cheek.

Cold ice a little angry, how this stinky hooligan has been so inflexible? Can’t he just stop thinking about it all day?

Just see the summer that can’t show off, coldly know, if she don’t kiss him, he will definitely stay in her office.

Kiss it, it’s not the first time, Leng Bingbing thought so, then she put her s.e.xy lips to the summer cheek.

But she soon found that the hooligan had done the same thing again. She kissed not the cheek, but his lips.

Summer a little greedy nostalgia for the cold lips, her lips are not like her name, not cold at all, but warm, and he is more excited to find that this time, cold and ice cooperate very well.

The cold response, which has been experienced twice, has begun to be a bit clumsy, and the summer is soon playing its own good style.

“Ah…” Being attacked, the voice of cold subconscious exclaimed, then pushed away the summer, blushed, and glared at the summer, “now you can go?”

In summer, I took a look at the cold b.u.t.tocks. Sister Jinghua’s elasticity is very good. It’s just that the feeling time is a little short. Just touched it, she pushed it away.

But it doesn’t matter. There’s still time to touch. One day, he will collect enough interest from sister Jinghua. Now, sister Jinghua has asked him to touch her, and further days will come.

Think of this, summer mood is very happy, toward the cold ice brilliant smile: “police flower elder sister wife, then I will come to you next time!”

When I left, I was still thinking in summer. Next time I see sister Jinghua, I must make it a little longer.

Seeing that summer had gone out, Leng Bingbing hurriedly went to close the door, and then she took a long breath. If she let him stay here, she would not allow herself to promise him any more excessive requirements.


The summer mood when he just got close to sister Jinghua was quite good. He went back to Qiao Xiaoqiao’s villa in a happy mood, and suddenly he was a little depressed. The reason was very simple. He found that there were a lot of beautiful women eating the little Qiao fruit he bought in the living room.

Obviously, it was shared by Xiao Qiao. Liu MENGZHENG had a good time, and Mu Han enjoyed it. Liu Yunman didn’t know when he would appear here.

“Xiaoman, you see how good Auntie is to you. If you have something delicious, you’ll be called right away. So, if you have something fun in the future, you must call me Auntie!” Liu Meng said to Liu Yunman while eating. She called Liu Yunman.

Of course, the reason why summer is depressed is not that they are eating fruit. They are all his wife. His things were originally bought for his wife. The problem is that, in addition to them, Qiao Fenger and Qiao huanger are eating, even Zhao Qingqing is eating. They are not his wife. Why should they eat the fruit he bought for his wife?

What is summer trying to say? When Zhao Qingqing looks up and sees him, he says, “Hey, Shifu, are you back? Come and eat good food. It’s really delicious. I’ve eaten dozens of them! ”

“h.e.l.lo, this is what I bought for my wife. You are not allowed to eat it!” Summer does not have good gas to say, this disgusting wench unexpectedly ate dozens, how does not prop up dead?

Zhao Qingqing smiled at summer: “master, I don’t mind being your little wife.”


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