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Chapter 33

When I returned to the flower shop in summer, I didn’t see sun Xinxin. Only Fang Xiaoru and w.a.n.g Jie were in the shop. Now w.a.n.g Jie has become half of the employees of the flower shop. The reason why he is half of the employees is that he doesn’t have to be paid.

asked Fang Xiaoru, only to know that Sun Xinxin had gone to buy flowers. There were not many kinds of flowers in florists’ stores. Today, twenty-five lilies are used, and tomorrow is not enough, so sun Xinxin must buy some.

“Ah, in summer, w.a.n.g Jie said that you went to paoliu Yunman, isn’t it true?” Fang Xiaoru asked.

“No, I want to treat her.” Shake your head in summer.

“You’re going to cure?” Fang Xiaoru doesn’t believe it.

“Of course!” Summer certainly nods, “I am the world’s first doctor!”

“Cut, you are the best doctor in the world!” Fang Xiaoru sneered.

Summer is too lazy to argue. In fact, he is still thinking about Liu Yunman. Although her illness is very serious and strange, she can be cured by using the eight needles against the sky. But the problem is that he has not been able to fully exert the eight needles against the sky until now.

In fact, he can only give the second shot now, because his skill is not enough, but to cure Liu Yunman’s disease, he needs to give the third shot.

“According to my current skill growth rate, it will take at least three years to give the third injection. That is to say, I have to extend the life span of my sister doctor for three years, but it seems very difficult!” In summer, Liu Yunman is a little worried. At the normal speed, he may only live for three months. He is sure to let Liu Yunman live for another year, but if he lives for three years, he is not sure.

“Or can I speed up my cultivation?” In summer, this idea came out of his mind. He has a special physique and special cultivation skills. In fact, he has been cultivating himself all the time. He has no way to make the cultivation faster unless

Shaking his head in summer, it’s too unlikely to be safe. He’d better try something else.

“Honey, here comes the phone Honey, here comes the phone… ” Familiar cell phone rings interrupt summer thoughts.

Summer took out a mobile phone to see, but it is a strange number, although a little strange, but still connected to the phone: “h.e.l.lo, who ah?”

“Great Xia, it’s me, Zhao Qingqing!” There was an excited voice over the phone.

“How do you know my phone number?” Summer a little confused, he didn’t seem to tell her the phone number?

“Great Xia, you don’t remember. You left your phone number when you made the record last night. I asked Bing Bing, and she told me!” Zhao Qingqing said quickly.

“Oh, what are you looking for?” Summer is not interested in the beauty who volunteered to be his little wife.

“Great Xia, I’m in Taekwondo Hall. I told them that you are a super master, but they said that I boast. Why don’t you come here and prove it to them, OK?” Zhao Qingqing’s voice is very loud. It seems that he intends to let a lot of people hear him. From the phone, he can also hear many people talking there in summer.

“No!” Summer refused.

“No, great Xia, they look down on you. How can you ignore them?” Zhao Qingqing began to use the method of fierce general.

“It’s beneath me to argue with them!” Summer disapproved, and then simply hung up the phone.

Zhao Qingqing doesn’t want to make another phone call, but she doesn’t answer it in summer, and then after a while, she receives a message: “great Xia, you let me down!”

Summer still ignored.

After a while, another message came: “great Xia, take me as an apprentice!”

Summer still ignored her.

A few minutes later, the third message came: “great Xia, I hate you!!!”

After this message, Zhao Qingqing didn’t hara.s.s summer again, and summer was finally clean.

At the moment, Ma Xiongbing is sitting in the chairman’s office of Tianma Group, but his face is a little gloomy.

Last night, after being threatened by summer, he chose to obey summer’s orders for the first time, but that doesn’t mean that he really wanted to just let it go. Although he said not to kill him in summer, he could trust others, or not as well as himself. So this morning, he began to ask people to investigate the beginning of summer, but up to now, there is no news.

“Brother Ma!” There was a man in his forties at the door.

“Seven, you’re here. Come in!” Ma Xiongbing hurriedly got up to meet him. When the old seven came in, he went to close the office door.

After lighting a cigarette, Ma Xiongbing asked in a low voice, “is the investigation clear? What’s up with that kid? ”

The old seven mercilessly took a smoke, shook his head: “brother Ma, things are a bit troublesome.”

“What do you say?” Ma Xiongbing’s face changed a little. “Is this guy a big guy? But I’ve heard that he’s just a florist. ”

Ma Xiongbing got the news from Tian Xiaoya. He didn’t care about money because he had a lot of money. He directly smashed Tian Xiaoya’s one million yuan and asked her to inquire about the news of summer around Sun Tianyu. Of course, sun Tianyu knew very little. His one million yuan was basically a waste of water.

“Brother Ma, this kid seems to have emerged from nothing. It seems only a few days since he appeared in Jianghai city. However, I found a friend of the criminal police team and learned something about this kid.” The seventh shook his head. “Although I don’t know what he came from, if there’s no hatred between brother Ma and him, don’t provoke him.”

“Seven, I will tell you the truth about our brother’s fight.” Ma Xiongbing’s face was a little ugly. “Tian Xiaoya’s affair with that b.i.t.c.h, you know, I wanted to kill sun Tianyu, but last night, suddenly appeared in my villa in summer, asked me to let Tian Xiaoya go, and I could not provoke sun Tianyu again, or I would kill me. How can I say that? It’s not big, it’s not small. If I can only bear it, I can bear it, but if it’s organic I don’t want to take this breath if I’m going to kill that kid. ”

“Brother Ma, if that’s the case, you’d better bear it!” There was a wry smile on the old seven’s face. “This kid has made a lot of trouble these days in summer. Su Ziqiang of Su’s family was knocked out by him and sent to the hospital. After a few hours, he woke up automatically. The forensic examination didn’t find anything. Brother Ma, if this kid wants to kill someone, he can’t find any evidence…”

Ma Xiongbing’s face changed: “what happened? Did the Su family not pursue it? ”

“It’s strange that the Su family took the initiative not to investigate this matter. It seems that they have something to do with the Su family in summer. It’s said that the Su Beibei has a good relationship with him.” The old seven frowned. “Besides, there was a big event in the police station. Huang Anping was forced to marry him with a gun. Do you know who solved it?”

The old seven asked himself, “it’s still the boy in summer. He was wearing handcuffs, but at the moment when Huang Anping shot, he broke away from the handcuffs and took the gun. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the friend to promise me, I really thought he was lying to me.”

Ma Xiongbing’s face was gloomy: “I believe that boy was at my house last night, kneading a kitchen knife like flour into a ball.”

“Brother Ma, forget it. It’s just a woman.” The old seven sighed.

“Seven, it’s not about women, it’s about face.” Ma Xiongbing shook his head. “The main thing is, I’m afraid this kid will come to kill me later.”

“Brother Ma, you’re worried too much. He doesn’t have any enemies with you. As long as you don’t mess with him, he won’t come to trouble you.” Seven shook his head and said.

“By the way, brother ma.” The seventh thought again, “my friend also told me a piece of unconfirmed news.”

“What news?” Ma Xiongbing asked in a hurry.

“Summer is Joe’s husband.” The old seven replied.

“What? Which Joe Joe? ” Ma Xiongbing was surprised.

“That’s Joe.” The old seven was a little helpless. “It’s said that they heard Qiao Xiaoqiao calling her husband in summer. The reason why they couldn’t confirm it was because Qiao’s side didn’t seem to admit it.”

For a moment, Ma Xiong was stunned.

After a long time, Ma Xiongbing sighed helplessly: “forget it, old seven, I listen to you, I bear it!”

The old seven nodded, “brother Ma, I’ll go first.”

“OK, next time I’ll ask my brothers to drink together.” The horse soldiers look listless.

The old seven quickly backed out, but he was a little uneasy, because he could see that Ma Xiongbing was still a little reluctant.

This made old seven feel a little bit that before Ma Xiongbing became rich, he could bear everything and his wife could deliver it by hand. But now, he is just a lover, which makes him so hard to accept. He really deserves that sentence. The more money, the more angry he is.


summer is boring. Before he was bored, he could enjoy beautiful women. But now sun Xinxin is not here, and his last fun is lost.

“Fat man, do you know what’s more fun?” Summer asked, Fang Xiaoru called w.a.n.g Jie fat every day, so that now everyone also called fat together.

“Well, big brother, I usually surf the Internet all the time.” w.a.n.g Jie smiles.

“Is online fun?” Summer asked.

“It’s OK. You can do a lot of things online, chat, watch the news and play games…” w.a.n.g Jie knows that he doesn’t know anything about computers in summer. It’s not surprising that he asked such a question.

“In summer, if you want to go online, you can let sister Xin teach you. Doesn’t sister Xin have a computer?” Fang Xiaoru interjected.

“Yes?” I don’t know about summer.

“Of course, I’ve been to sister Xin. She has a computer in her room!” Fang Xiaoru looked at summer a little strangely. “Hey, aren’t you all in bed? Haven’t you entered sister Xin’s room yet? ”

“I didn’t go in. Sister Xin slept in my bed last night.” Summer casually said.

Fang Xiaoru is speechless.


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