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Chapter 980

After several minutes, Zhao Yuji calmed down a little bit. She looked around and under the foggy cliff. She said, “Hey, come out, don’t try to cheat me. I know you didn’t jump!”

Zhao Yuji thinks it’s impossible to jump in summer. This man can’t really want to die for her. He must be hiding secretly because she knows that he has this ability.

But after a long time, there was no response.

“Hey, I’ll let you out, can you hear me? If you don’t come out, I’ll go! ” Zhao Yuji shouted again, but she began to feel a little uneasy. He, he won’t really jump down, will he? This, this is also too strange, she said that, did not want him to really jump!

“Come out!” Zhao Yuji yelled again, still a little alarmed, “get out of here in summer!”

However, there was still no response.

Zhao Yuji is completely stupid again. At this time, she already thinks that summer is not cheating her. He really jumped down, but how could it be? He couldn’t have jumped for her!

Zhao Yuji believes that there are many people in the world who are willing to die for her, not only men, but also women, such as her fans. For these people, she will never say anything about letting them jump to die, because she knows that once she says it, it is very likely to come true, but she thinks that people like summer, such a man with a heart of flowers, are around There are countless women and men with extraordinary ability, it is absolutely impossible to die for a woman. Even if Zhao Yuji is so beautiful, she will never do it for her in summer, so she just said that in anger.

However, in fact, summer really jumped. She saw him jump with her own eyes. Although she had doubts just now, she felt that summer was not cheating her. He really jumped. If he hid nearby, he would surely come out at this time.

Zhao Yuji is in a bad mood now. Everything seems to exceed her plan. Yes, she wants to kill summer for her elder brother. But according to her plan, she will first approach summer, gain his trust, and even compensate her body. Then she will kill him if he is unprepared. Just to kill a person, she will sacrifice her body, She has never done this kind of thing. Although she hesitated for many times, she finally made up her mind and came to Muyang County quietly. Then she contacted Xia on her own initiative. But when she really saw Xia, she found that she was still in a bit of a tangle. Then she decided to let go of her mind by herself first. So she came to be almost isolated from the world without informing anyone Qingfeng mountain.

She wanted to stay in Qingfeng mountain for a few days, and then go back to Muyang county to carry out her plan after her mood really calmed down. However, she didn’t expect that she came to Qingfeng mountain for a long time. In summer, she found her plan to let her go alone, and her ultimate plan seemed to have to be advanced.

Now, something more unexpected happened to her. In summer, she jumped off the cliff directly because of her words. She suddenly found that it was really ridiculous. She tried her best to kill him, but because of her words, she achieved her goal.

Zhao Yuji picked up a stone and threw it down. But after a long time, she didn’t hear any reply. Look at the dense fog. Zhao Yuji can be sure that the cliff is very high. Although she knows that summer has a strong ability, she can see that no matter who jumps down so directly, it will surely fall to death. She doesn’t believe that summer can survive.

The only thing she didn’t understand was that the hooligan really liked her so much. Just for her words, did he really jump off the cliff?

Some stand on the edge of the cliff, for a long time, Zhao Yuji just sighed and said to herself, “maybe it’s OK.”

At last, she took a look under the cliff. Zhao Yuji turned around and was ready to leave. At the moment of turning around, her nose was sour and tears almost came out. She found that at the moment, she was not happy at all. She did not have the joy of reaching a plan ahead of time. Instead, her heart was filled with uncomfortable feelings. All of a sudden, it made her completely No psychological preparation!

“Pa!” At the same time, Zhao Yuji felt a slight pain coming from her hip. It seemed that someone slapped her on the hip.

Zhao Yuji’s face suddenly changed. She turned around and then stopped.

A second later, she began to yell out in a strange voice: “you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, are you sick? Why didn’t you jump out now? Is it fun to cheat me? Get out of here. I don’t want to see you! ”

In the summer when she thought she had jumped down and died, she stood by the cliff, and saw that this guy was still alive. Thinking that she had just suffered for this guy’s death, Zhao Yuji felt a sense of being teased for a while, which made her angry. What’s more, this d.a.m.ned hooligan just hit her a.s.s again!

“Goblin wife, I didn’t lie to you, but you lied to me.” Summer looks at Zhao Yuji innocently.

“You said you didn’t cheat me, did you really jump down?” Zhao Yuji asked angrily, “and where did I cheat you?”

“I really jumped!” Summer nodded, “but you said that you will be happy when I jump down. As a result, I just climbed up and found that you are not happy at all. Aren’t you kidding me? Because you lied to me, so I’ll spank you, but if you’re not happy, I’ll spank it lightly and it won’t hurt. ”

“You!” Zhao Yuji glared at summer fiercely, “you mean, you jumped down and just climbed up? Do you mean that you can’t jump and die? ”

“Of course I can’t fall dead.” Summer is very strange looking at Zhao Yuji, “goblin wife, how can you be so stupid, if you jump, you will die, how can I jump?”

Zhao Yuji opens her mouth and wants to say something, but she doesn’t say it. She suddenly has a feeling that she can’t say it. It seems that she really misunderstood summer. She underestimated his ability and overestimated his feeling for her. There are so many beauties around him. What is stronger than Zhao Yuji? How could she die for her? The reason why he was willing to jump was that he was sure that he would not die. In fact, it was so simple, and she just thought too complicated.

“Goblin wife, what are you thinking?” Summer at this time a little curious asked.

“I want to jump!” Zhao Yuji did not say a good angry, at this time, she really had a kind of impulse to jump down and die.

Just after the voice fell, Zhao Yuji suddenly felt her body was light. Then, she found herself trapped in the dense fog.

Zhao Yuji only felt that her body was falling rapidly, but the surroundings were all hazy and foggy. She couldn’t see the surroundings clearly. The only thing she could judge was that she had jumped off the cliff now.

“What do you do?” Zhao Yuji asked angrily. She naturally asked about summer. The hooligan was holding her waist at the moment!

“Goblin wife, you said you want to jump down, then I will take you to jump down.” The tone of summer is very innocent.

“You, you have a brain problem, don’t you?” Zhao Yuji wants to strangle the gra.s.s in his head in summer? She just said it, not really want to jump!

“Goblin wife, my brain is normal!” Summer is a little discontented, “you say I’ll jump down and you’ll be happy, and then I’ll jump down, but you’re not happy at all. You say you want to jump down, and I’ll jump down with you. You’re still unhappy. I think your brain is a little bit of a problem, but it doesn’t matter. I’m a miracle doctor. If you really have a problem with your brain, I’ll help you heal it. I don’t want my wife A fool. ”

“You are a fool!” Zhao Yuji is depressed. She finally finds out that she can’t talk in front of this rogue, because this rogue always takes her angry words as true!

“It’s not right to scold your husband. I’m not a fool. If you scold me again, I’ll stop you.” In summer, he was a little unhappy. He put one hand around Zhao Yuji’s waist, and raised the other hand. He slapped her on her hip again. This time, he was more powerful.

“You rascal, psycho, stupid pig…” Zhao Yuji suddenly broke out and scolded her. For a while, she was almost turned into a heart attack by this d.a.m.ned hooligan!

Zhao Yuji didn’t continue to scold, because her mouth was blocked, and she understood one thing in an instant. The rogue’s words were not joking, and every word he said would be put into action. He said that he would block her mouth, and he really blocked it. What’s more, he didn’t cover her mouth with his hands, but blocked her with his mouth Mouth!

At the moment when the two lips meet, Zhao Yuji subconsciously struggles for a while, but fails to break free. In summer, he is using his powerful hands to tightly hold the landlord’s waist and legs, and tightly clings her body to him, with almost no gap. Therefore, Zhao Yuji soon gives up the struggle.

Her beautiful eyes suddenly seem to be much bigger. Looking at the fog around her, she feels the fall of her body. Zhao Yuji suddenly has a feeling of being in a dream.

It’s like a dream. It’s really a feeling she never had in her life, and a scene she never dared to imagine. She hugged a man and fell from the cliff. In the process of falling, her first kiss was taken away by the man. Around her body, it was a dense fog. It seemed that she was not in the process of falling, but in a real situation A fairyland.


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