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Read Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife Is Very Popular Chapter 357 – Ttitude Towards Relationships

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Chapter 357: Att.i.tude Towards Relations.h.i.+ps

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Lin Nan stared at Xia Ning’s bright face. Her eyes were clear as water, her face cold. It was just like the cold breeze tonight that could touch someone’s heart.

She was clarifying there was a distance between the two of them and she was clarifying her att.i.tude. She had only thought of him as Uncle Lin and nothing else that would cross the line.

Before this, he was still concerned about how to tell her his feelings, but little did he expect that she not only had already noticed but also clearly knew about it.

“Why not?” Lin Nan asked the question from the bottom of his heart. Even if he failed, he needed to fail with a reason. “Is it because of the age difference?”

Xia Ning saw Lin Nan’s serious expression and shook her head. “Not that.”

“So, it’s because?”

“Because Uncle Lin is always Uncle Lin and he’s never going to be someone else.” Xia Ning smiled slightly.

He would never be an enemy or the closest person.

Lin Nan was not sure if he should be happy about his place being so solid in her heart.

After over thirty years of his life, this was the first time he felt so helpless.

“Uncle Lin, I always think more about reason than feelings. If there is no love, there should be no involvement from the beginning. Feelings can often hurt the most. The feeling of wanting something but not being able to get it will drive people crazy. I hope we will never be in that situation,” Xia Ning stared at Lin Nan and said in a low voice.

Lin Nan smiled bitterly. “It seems like I’ve created a lot of trouble for you.”

After all, she did not feel that way for him.

Xia Ning smiled. “Not really. I really appreciate your feelings for me, Uncle Lin. But I just can’t accept them.”

“You are refusing others’ feelings so badly. Is it because of Qiao Yu? Did he hurt you?” Lin Nan looked at Xia Ning and asked in a low voice. If that was the case…

Xia Ning looked back at Lin Nan and shook her head. “Relations.h.i.+ps are never about just one person. Our marriage made me learn. To be honest, I don’t blame him. In other words, I should thank him. He made me realize that the truth to love is: If you don’t love each other, then it is better to not be together.”

Lin Nan stared at the calm girl in front of her. Her words were clear. She did not love him, so she would not be with him. But what made an innocent girl become so rational as if she had seen it all? What kind of despair had she been through?

There seemed to be walls around her and no one would be able to get through.

“I understand,” Lin Nan said suddenly. He did not want to be a problem that bothered her.

Xia Ning nodded. “No matter what, I hope our relations.h.i.+p will never change. Uncle Lin, I also want to say that sometimes, falling in love is just because of hormones. When everything is back to normal, you will realize that it’s just like a dream.”

On the rooftop, Xia Ning watched Lin Nan leave helplessly.

Early in the day, he had asked if she understood his feelings and she noticed something was off. But then, she thought it was her imagination. She then told him her att.i.tude towards relations.h.i.+ps, but that did not seem to work either.

When she was dealing with Zheng Haodong, she was being too indirect and that was why he did not get it.

But Lin Nan was not just anybody.

In her life, there were not many things she wanted to guard. But at least, her relations.h.i.+p with him was one of them.

She turned around and looked at the lights far away. Relations.h.i.+ps were never about one person.

Soon, she heard some steps behind her.

Xia Ning heard it and said, “Brother Lin, you should go back first. I’ll be done in a second.”

A man’s voice came from behind. “Were you here with Lin Nan just now?”


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