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Read Forced to Date a Big Shot Chapter 139 – Time to Slap Someone’s Face (3)

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Chapter 139: Time to Slap Someone’s Face (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Fu Chun was only here to look for someone, so he did not stand out much. He sat in the corner of the last row, and the rest did not know who he was.

The items that were being auctioned were all very boring, making him and Fu Yuanxiu frown. Both of them were in the art field and did not care much about such an auction.

He wanted to leave, but he could not do so without first seeing that painting.

When the painting finally appeared, it turned out that it was indeed Mrs. Xue who drew it herself. Moreover, Fu Chun was too far away at first and could not see it clearly. He could only vaguely make out the rough outline and did not care much about it.

The others’ conversation made him even more displeased.

Although Xu Fang’s attainment in landscape painting was not high, she was still qualified enough to pa.s.s judgment on a painting.

It seemed that Xue Xi’s mother really could not make it. Was there any point in using Night Li to trick him over and back her mother up?

Although he was afraid of that person in the group, he had the pride of a scholar.

Fu Chun picked up his phone and could not help but mock the girl in their other group chat.

Recluse: “I’m a little speechless. The young lady is not good.”

After complaining, he put down his phone.

Beside him, Fu Yuanxiu was holding his phone and taking a picture of “The Lone Mountain” before pa.s.sing it to Fu Chun. “Dad, take a look at this painting.”

Fu Chun frowned, but he still took the phone and looked at it. He was stunned when he saw it. Why did this look so similar to Night Li’s?!

Hence, he adjusted his and looked carefully.

The picture captured on the phone was a little surreal. He stood up and walked slowly from the last row. Next thing anyone knew, he was standing beside the first row. This place was finally close enough for him to see that painting!

At this moment, the staff was announcing, “Then let’s…”

He hurriedly shouted, “Wait!”

The staff was stunned and looked at him.

Mrs. Xia hurriedly shot her staff a glance and the staff shut up.

Meanwhile, Fu Chun could finally take a closer look at the painting.

This was indeed Night Li’s painting. The young lady did not lie to him!

Moreover, it had been 18 years since they last met, and Night Li’s painting had become even more refined. He did not know what she had experienced, but this painting’s aura was clearly lonely and desolate. It was full of intent and was definitely a masterpiece!

How could such a good painting not be popular?

He was not satisfied with just looking at it from below the stage, so he jogged up and fixed his eyes to look at the painting…

Below the stage.

Xu Fang’s mocking expression froze when she heard the voice.

She turned her head in disbelief and saw Recluse running ahead.

She naturally understood how good Ye Li’s painting was. If she could reach this stage, she must have developed a good taste in the national art world.

However, why did Recluse come? Why did he come?!

Xue Sheng and Xiang Huai were also seated in the crowd, but they did not sit with the ladies. Instead, they were with the people in the business.

After Ye Li’s incident happened, word had spread within the circle. In fact, it had caused some impact to the company.

For example, when the company originally intended to work with the Sun family on a project, the Sun family went back on their words.

The reason was that the old patriarch of the Sun family loved painting.

Ye Li’s actions made him exceptionally angry. He felt that this was a form of blasphemy against national paintings, so he rejected the collaboration with Xue Sheng and even mocked him. “Your wife is a vain and fake person, so we also suspect your character!”

The collaboration project was ended.

Xue Sheng was, of course, extremely angry when others mocked him. However, after returning home last night, he suppressed his anger and immediately denied it when Ye Li asked if it would affect him. He did not want Ye Li to feel guilty after finding out.

Coincidentally, the grandson of the Sun family was sitting behind him. When no one was bidding on Ye Li’s painting and Xu Fang was about to sell it, the Sun family was mocking him. “Mr. Xue, look at how embarra.s.sing this matter is. Aren’t you spoiling your wife too much? However, you still need to be professional when faking it. Where is the person you found to uphold your wife’s reputation?”

“Mr. Xue, why don’t I help you take a picture? If fifty thousand is not enough, I’ll give you a hundred thousand. At least it’ll make you look good, right?”

Xue Sheng was infuriated by the person’s sarcastic remarks.

Xiang Huai slowly said, “No need.”

His indifferent att.i.tude made Xue Sheng tense up.

Xiang Huai continued, “Uncle, don’t worry. Someone definitely wants this painting. Don’t be hasty.”

Xue Sheng frowned.

He had originally given Mrs. Ma a million yuan and intended for her to buy the painting with that. He’d wanted to shock the auction and buy a name for Ye Li!

Since they were all already saying that he was faking it, then they should just make those rumors the truth.

Why didn’t Mrs. Ma, whom he had made arrangements with, step forward?

What happened?

After Fu Chun came forward, they paused. When he got on the stage, the Sun family smiled again. “Mr. Xue, could this be your arrangement?”

Among the female guests, Old Lady Xue and Liu Yiqiu were also seated at the back. The old lady pouted. “How embarra.s.sing! I told her earlier not to auction the painting, but she refused to listen. Is she happy now? This Ye Li has totally embarra.s.sed the Xue family!”

Liu Yiqiu smiled. “F*ck, Mom, Sister-in-law and the rest must be short of money. This kind of charity ball is attended by various madams. The things they want to donate are all their own. I think Sister-in-law is too embarra.s.sed to use the jewelry Brother bought for her.”

Old Lady Xue snorted. “That’s for sure. She’s so poor and won’t earn a single cent. Doesn’t she spend Xue Sheng’s money every day? But what is she doing now? Why is there an old man on stage?”

While everyone was having different reactions, “Old Man” Fu Chun, who was on the stage, had finished sizing up the painting. He stood up and commented, “This painting is not comparable to anyone else’s. It is the best painting in the world!”

This evaluation was too high.

Some people were already in doubt. “Is this a publicity stunt? But this is too much.”

“That’s right. That’s too fake. We’ve never seen Mrs. Xue’s painting before. Why would she suddenly appear like this and at once be one of the best?”

Mrs. Xia ignored this and asked, “Then how much do you think this painting is worth?”

Fu Chun shook his head. “This painting speaks of loneliness and desolation. It gives people a sense of despair. It’s not something that can be drawn casually, so this painting cannot be measured by money.”

When Old Lady Xue heard this, she burst out laughing in anger. “You old man, you’re speaking nonsense. Did Xue Sheng throw money at you? Let me tell you, I know my daughter-in-law very well. It’s already good enough that she can sell a painting for a hundred! Where did you come from to speak so nonsensically?”

While everyone was feeling perplexed, Mrs. Xia hurriedly introduced, “This man is Recluse.”


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