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Read Forced to Date a Big Shot Chapter 373 – Everyone: “???”

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Chapter 373: Everyone: “???”

On the first day of cla.s.s, the instructors would not be too strict. There were also people who did wrong actions in every cla.s.s. The instructors scolded them fiercely, but they did not really punish them.

After all, they were still university students and their dignity had to be maintained.

No cla.s.s instructor would punish someone.

From Xiang Huai’s point of view, his little kid was good in every way, but she was too compliant and obedient. There would definitely not be a problem with such a person’s military training, so he slowly looked around. In the end, among all the freshmen, only his little kid was standing as a punishment?

His expression turned ugly as he stared at Instructor Li.

No one expected the commander to run over.

Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat when they saw him.

Instructor Li also ran over and stood at attention. He only put down his hand after saluting.

Meanwhile, Li Zixia, who was standing not far away, took a deep breath. As the cla.s.s monitor, she had long inquired about this instructor’s style. She said, “This Instructor Xiang is said to be very serious. All the instructors respect him very much. He seems to be an extraordinary person. Even the is accompanying him personally. Now that he knows about Sister Xi’s punishment, he just needs to say a word to the and it’ll be over!”

Liu Zhao’s eyes flickered when she heard this.

She pretended to be anxious. “Then what should we do?”

Only Xie Yingying, who was well aware of the situation, drank a mouthful of water from the thermos flask and watched the commotion. When she was taking the examination in Country M, she could tell that Xiang Huai doted on Sister Xi a lot. He followed behind her every day and simply agreed to all her requests.

How could such a person punish Sister Xi?

In her opinion, it should be Instructor Li who was unlucky.

However… although Instructor Li was young and serious, he was still good to them. Why was he so hostile to Sister Xi?

The three of them had their own thoughts, and the people beside them also looked over.

The sports cla.s.s next door.

He Gao was in the lounge and walked to the place where the water was. He had actually brought a bottle of water over, but after hesitating for a moment, he picked up the bottle of water that Xue Xi had given him and downed it in one gulp.

The person in He Gao’s dormitory joked, “Aiyo, and he was just saying that he was not interested in her. Why are you drinking her water now?”

He Gao ignored him.

However, someone said, “He Gao, that female student is being punished to stand again! Their cla.s.s instructor is a little hars.h.!.+ Moreover, it’s over. The commander-in-chief is here. This female student is going to be embarra.s.sed!”

Following this, He Gao had just finished drinking his water. He lifted his eyes and shot a glance at Xue Xi before casually throwing the bottle into the bin and turning around to leave.

The person who had just spoken shrugged his shoulders. “Fortunately, that girl didn’t see this. He Gao’s nonchalance would have made her cry. He’s too heartless!”

The other person also nodded. “Although He Gao is indeed quite handsome, that student is really good-looking. Even if she’s really not his type, who can be so heartless to such a beauty?!”

The people surrounding her had their own thoughts. Some were nervous for Xue Xi, while others were just watching the fun.

The person in question stood there and looked at Xiang Huai in surprise.

Xue Xi was a little stunned. Why is Xiang Huai here?

Last time, when he went to the Golden Autumn Camp, he’d pretended to be a student and sneaked in. Could he be here to pretend to be an instructor again during this military training?

Just as she was feeling cold, she saw Instructor Li saluting him.

Xiang Huai stood up and returned the greeting before asking coldly, “What’s going on?”

Instructor Li placed his hands on both sides and stood up straight. “Reporting, we just asked the students to go back and change their clothes. Xue Xi went to buy two bottles of water and was late. This is her punishment!”

Xiang Huai raised an eyebrow. “Did you just say that she bought two bottles of water?”

“Sir, she’s one second late… No… What did you ask?” Instructor Li felt that General Xiang would definitely be angry. After all, he had a strong sense of punctuality and hated people who were late the most. Hence, he thought that he was asking how late she was, but what did General Xiang ask?

Buying two bottles of water?

Was this the main point?

Of course, it was the main point.

Xiang Huai’s cold eyes softened. The little kid must have seen him and bought him a bottle, right?

Although the little kid looked cold, she actually still had him in her heart!

Xiang Huai asked, “Where’s the water?”

Instructor Li: “?”

Instructor Li was stunned for five seconds before replying, “In the lounge just now, instead of resting, she ran to the neighboring cla.s.s to deliver water to a male student!”

Xiang Huai: “?”

Before the coldness on his face had completely melted, it froze again.

What did Instructor Li say?

The little kid bought another bottle of water and gave it to a boy from the next cla.s.s? It’s actually not for him? That’s too much!

Xiang Huai shot a few cold glances at the cla.s.s next door. Those eyes made one feel as though they were not hot under the sun. He said, “Who did she give it to?”

Instructor Li: “?”

Xue Xi, who had been standing: “?”

Xiang Huai looked at Xue Xi. “Is he very handsome?”

Instructor Li: “?”

Xue Xi: “…”

Xiang Huai: “If you’re a man, stand up!”

Instructor Li: “??”

The instructor in the next cla.s.s: “?”

The surrounding students: “??”

They were originally here to watch the commotion, but when Xiang Huai looked over, everyone moved aside and finally revealed He Gao.

Xiang Huai waved at him. “Come here.”

Xue Xi turned to look at He Gao when she heard this. Her gaze was fixed on his face. Little Flame could pretend not to know her, but he also knew Xiang Huai.

He Gao was stunned. He paused for half a second before walking over hesitantly.

Li Zixia, who was standing at the side, was extremely nervous. “It’s over. Why do I see killing intent in Instructor Xiang’s eyes?”

Xie Yingying, who was drinking water and eating melon seeds, nodded silently. “You didn’t see wrongly.”

Li Zixia grabbed Liu Zhao’s sleeve nervously. “Xie Yingying, why are you so calm? Aren’t you nervous for Sister Xi at all?”

Liu Zhao looked at them with s.h.i.+ning eyes.

Seeing He Gao walk over, although Instructor Li felt that he should punish Xue Xi, this matter had nothing to do with He Gao. He could not implicate him.

Hence, he hurriedly explained, “Reporting, when Xue Xi was giving this student water, he clearly did not want it. It was Xue Xi who was stubborn and acted as though she would not leave if he did not accept it. He Gao then accepted her water.”

Xiang Huai grew even angrier when he heard this.

Just as everyone thought that Xiang Huai would scold Xue Xi for not being focused on the military training, they saw Xiang Huai staring at He Gao. His expression was so cold that it seemed like he wanted to hit him. “She gave you water, so why didn’t you accept it?”

Everyone: “?”


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