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Read Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Chapter 1020 – Little Qi’s Side 7 – I’ll Let You Off Today

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Chapter 1020: Little Qi’s Side 7 – I’ll Let You Off Today

Little Qi was eleven years old, and He Yanzhi was thirteen years old at that time. It was his rebellious period.

He had indeed been held back, but not because of his grades, but because of a fight.

He didn’t know why he had provoked this young lady to witness a fight with him.

If this girl got hurt, the Sheng family would tear Jianchuan apart.

This was the first time Little Qi had ridden on a motorcycle of the opposite s.e.x other than her elders.

This was also the first time Little Qi felt that a handsome boy riding a motorcycle was so s.e.xy.

Most importantly, she held He Yanzhi’s shoulder and could smell the fresh fragrance from his back.

However, Little Qi never expected that He Yanzhi would send her directly to Zhongteng’s door.

“Get off. We’re already here. There’s no point in following anymore.”

“Aren’t you going to take me there?” Little Qi had no intention of getting off.

He Yanzhi pulled her down and placed his hands in his trouser pockets. He told Little Qi sternly, “Other than my grandmother, only my girlfriend can sit in the backseat of my motorcycle. I’ll let you off today.”

“Also, Miss Sheng, we’re not from the same world. Don’t think that sitting with me will make me think that you’re my friend. I don’t want to be friends with rich people.”

With that, He Yanzhi got back on his motorcycle and left Zhongteng’s entrance before Little Qi could react.

Little Qi was stunned for a moment and frowned.

There was no doubt that He Yanzhi was in danger.

Although Little Qi’s family did not restrict her freedom to make friends, her mother would still object to someone of He Yanzhi’s level, right?

Therefore, Little Qi did not struggle anymore. She carried her school bag and entered Zhongteng’s building.

When He Yanzhi saw this, he went to the empty s.p.a.ce to fight with ease.

A little girl who had yet to experience the world did not know that people were evil.


The next day, He Yanzhi did not come to cla.s.s. Little Qi looked at the empty seat next to her and suddenly felt bad.

Could he have died in a group fight yesterday?

Soon, there were rumors about He Yanzhi in the school. It was said that he single-handedly fought five people last night and even the other parties ended up in the hospital. He was completely ruthless.

There were also people who said that He Yanzhi wanted to transfer schools because he was too famous in other schools.

He only knew how to fight, drink, and flirt with girls.

All in all, He Yanzhi was now both loved and feared.

For two days, He Yanzhi did not report to school. Little Qi took the opportunity after school to ask her shadow bodyguard, “Uncle Hui, can you find someone’s address for me?”

The tall man was loyal and reliable. He was the driver and bodyguard Sheng Xiao had specially found for Little Qi.

“A boy?”

“Yes, you… Can you not tell my dad?” Little Qi looked at the man and begged. “You know, my dad is too ruthless…”

Little Qi rarely asked for help, and only once every few years.

As her bodyguard, fulfilling all her wishes was one of Cheng Hui’s tasks.

“Tell me his name and give me ten minutes.”

“He Yanzhi.”

Little Qi did not know why she wanted to look for him. That boy was obviously venomous and dangerous, but for some reason, when she thought about how he had ridden his motorcycle with her, she could not help but want to know if that person had died.


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