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Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons is a Webnovel made by 藤ハーレム大好き乃介.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Prologue

I, Fujisaki n.o.buhiko, is a man that has stronger libido than any other guy, I’m also in the vigorous age of 18 as a student.
Though I also have to study for examination, if I don’t m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e 5 times at night and 5 times next morning, I can’t go to sleep because of the excitement of desires.

My p.e.n.i.s is also larger than an average j.a.panese as it is 20cm.
It is my shameless partner that wouldn’t just wither after one time of masturbating.
I think my face looks decent, but I’ve never be able to get myself a girl friend, it’s what people call a virgin.

I’ve always let my feelings out on eroge and videos on the internet, but it ended up affected my examination at school.

So, to distract my l.u.s.t from just doing masturbation, I saved up pocket money to buy the most-wanted t.i.tle of game coming out this winter called 「Dragon Hunter Cross」.

「Dragon Hunter Cross」is different from the common generic ARPG, by giving players the real sense of going hunting, the game slowly became a very hot t.i.tle.
It has a lot of new contents and its reputation has been very good, too.

That’s why I was very excited and happy to head towards the game shop where I ordered the game, but…

「What are you looking at ! ? ! 」

I suddenly encountered an emergency situation.
Three j.a.panese yankee were surrounding an old man sitting in his wheelchair.

「S-Stop it ! He’s just a disabled elderly……!」

「What’s that…! This guy’s actin’ all bossy sitting in that wheel chair. I’m just showing him how to behave, get outta my way!!」

「I’m sorry……I wasn’t……」

The old man tried to settle the commotion.

「Just sorry doesn’t cut it!!」(すまんで済んだらケーサツもヤンキーもいらねんだっつの!!- no idea how to translate this)
「Boss, this old geezer’s bag is empty, he doesn’t even have any money」

The yankee that seems to be the boss opened the old man’s bag at his own convenient and turned it upside down.

「Y-you people, without even permission……!」

「What’s this, niichan, would you pay compensation in this old man’s stead!?」


Before I even realized, a yankee has already restrained me from behind.

「S-Stop it……」

An impact hit my abdomen.
The bossy yankee gave me a blow.

「Gu……!! *cough*……!」

「Stand still, niichan……oh? you carry quite the amount of money, don’t you」

Taking 30,000 yen from my wallet, the Yankee laughed satisfyingly.

「Th……That was……my money to buy game……*cough*!!」
The yankee hit me again while walking away, still laughing happily.

「Are……are you alright, ojisan……」 (TN: uncle-san)

I pushed the wheelchair to a nearby park while rubbing my abdomen, I bought a coffee from the vending machine and offered it to the old man.
「Did they……use violence to steal from you?」

「Nah……it’s already good that you came to help」

「It’s all good then……」

The old man drank a mouthful of coffee and looked up at me.

「? ……What is it?」

「You……are a praiseworthy young man, you helped me despite getting hit even without me calling out 」

「Um……that’s……I couldn’t just leave it like that……」

The old man’s eyes suddenly turned all sincere.

「Are you being shy?」

「……To be frank, yes I am……」

「Do you want to become strong?」

「……if it’s possible……then yes I do……」

「Very well, then to the honest you, I have a present 」

The old man took out two boxes from his bag while saying so.

「That’s……! Aren’t these the console and the game “Dragon Hunter Cross”!?」

It was supposed to be empty, what’s with that bag?

「This is what you wanted right?」

「That’s……true but……is it alright to give me such expensive things?」

The old man just laughed shaking his shoulder.

「This isn’t the regular thing you usually see, but please use it as it has some……special features 」

Not the usual thing? Is it stuff made in a foreign country?
As his words trailed off, I looked to his direction and he already disappeared since long.


I was left alone at the park with a sense of being bewitched by a fox. (TN: 俺は公園に独り取り残され、狐に化かされた様な感覚に陥っていた。)

This is the beginning for my new life of hunting for pleasures.


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