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Chapter 1019: Murder Someone with a Borrowed Knife

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“This Ice Beast King belongs to our Mantis Blade Sect now. All of you, get out of the way; or we will kill without mercy!”

The Mantis Blade Sect looked fierce and was even more brutal when carrying out their actions. They seemed to not pause at all and rushed head-on towards the Ice Beast King. An elder at the front of the group roared loudly. The battle saber-looking horn on his head started to light up. A piercing cold aura surged forward silently, like the unleas.h.i.+ng of a sharp, precious sword, wanting to slice through everything it touched.

“The Mantis Blade Sect!”

Many dwarfs’ faces changed. The Mantis Blade Sect was situated in the northwestern part of the Snow Region. That was their sphere of influence. They rarely left the northwest while other races also didn’t dare to go there. They were a proud and aloof race, rarely getting in touch with other races. The other races also didn’t like to deal with the Mantis Blade Sect.

The Mantis Blade Sect was known to be crazy in the Snow Region. While the Dwarf Race was cruel, violent, and murderous, the Mantis Blade Sect was more than crazy. As long as one offended them, they would fight that person to death. Previously, there was a race that used to be one of the great races of the Snow Region. They were exterminated by the Mantis Blade Sect. Not one soul was left. Hence, the various races in the Snow Region didn’t dare to offend the Mantis Blade Sect. This included the Tiger Subdue Sect.

The Dwarf Race also didn’t want the Mantis Blade Sect as their enemy. However, their young clan head had died in battle; all of them were trying hard to suppress their rage. Furthermore, the Ice Beast King had been gravely wounded by their barrage of explosive attacks and was about to be killed. How could they bear to give up now?

Hence, one of the elders of the Dwarf Race growled, “Mantis Blade Sect, our young clan head was killed by this ice beast. So were 30 of our elders, 20 commanders, and a few thousand of our race. This Ice Beast King is our mortal enemy. We have to kill it to avenge our young clan head. If you guys retreat, the Dwarf Race will definitely repay you greatly.”


The elder from the Mantis Blade Sect that spoke snorted coldly, growled, and said, “Two choices. Either you scram, or you die! Prepare knife formation—!”


Once this elder gave the command, the battle saber horns on all members of the Mantis Blade Sect lit up. A chilling aura enveloped members of the Dwarf Race ahead. The Dwarf Race felt their whole bodies being drenched by ice water; all of their faces changed.

Knife Formation!

This was the Mantis Blade Sect’s unique mystical ability. The battle saber horns on their heads could be shot out. These horns were exceptionally terrifying. Martial artists without sufficient defenses—if hit by one such horn—would be mortally wounded or even killed.

More than 10,000 members of the Mantis Blade Sect were present. If they decided to attack together, at least half of the seven to eight thousand members of the Dwarf Race would die. Since so many of the Mantis Blade Sect’s martial experts had come, their Clan Head must be nearby. Their Clan Head was only ranked one below Cao Peiwen; his battle prowess was formidable.

50,000 feet, 30,000 feet, 10,000 feet!

The Mantis Blade Sect was advancing closer like a war chariot without a foe. They had reached the optimum distance to release their knife formation. The strongest elders in the Dwarf Race exchanged glances, and they were just prepared to give the order to retreat.

“Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!”

Suddenly, a member of the Dwarf Race shouted loudly twice. He threw both his hammers ferociously at the Mantis Blade Sect. At the same time, he yelled, “The young clan head is dead. So many elders are dead. Now, this bunch of neither human nor ghost Mantis people want to s.n.a.t.c.h away our Ice Beast King? Brothers, let’s fight them to the death!”

This period of time, many members of the Dwarf Race had been in a foul mood, suppressing their rage. Last time, Qiu Ming was killed by Heaven Devil Race. This time, Qiu Bai had died in battle. The Dwarf Race was becoming the laughingstock of the Snow Region.

Now, the Mantis Blade Sect was acting so arrogant, too. They were also violent by nature. Akin to someone lighting a powder keg, around a hundred members of the Dwarf Race spun around with hesitation and released a few dozen snow dragons and attacked the Mantis Blade Sect.

“No, everyone, stop!”

An elder from the Dwarf Race shouted. However, his cry was too late. From afar, one of the Mantis Blade Sect’s elder’s horn lit up a piercing light. The battle saber left his head and became a white light wailing forward.

Tsk! Tsk!

The elder in charge had attacked, and so all the members of the Mantis Blade Sect did not hesitate. Their battle saber horns flashed, and the horns were launched forward, wailing as they went. At that moment, the sky lit up while cracks also appeared and extended out in the spatial zone. It was like a white cloth being sliced by 10,000 razor-sharp battle sabers.


From afar, Cao Duantian and company were all seized with terror. All of them were thinking the same thing—how did the Dwarf Race have the b.a.l.l.s to battle the Mantis Blade Sect?

“The first one who attacked was the Dwarf Race. Why did he throw his hammers?”

A suspicion suddenly crept into Cao Duantian’s mind. The hammers were the Dwarf Race’s life. Losing the hammers would result in them losing much of their battle strength. Furthermore, what use was there throwing both hammers? Was he expecting to crush and kill someone?

Cao Duantian’s divine senses reached out to find the first attacker. What made him even more suspicious was that that attacker had disappeared. He had disappeared without a trace. Cao Duantian’s divine senses scanned the surroundings and instead found a cave!

“That’s not right. This person is not from the Dwarf Race. The Dwarf Race does not have the ability to dig caves.”

Cao Duantian’s eyes narrowed. The Dwarf Race was known to be violent and courageous. Having dared to attack the Mantis Blade Sect, this dwarf would definitely not run away. It was obvious the cave was freshly dug. This dwarf intended to flee right from the start.

“But… he is so small and looked exactly like someone from the Dwarf Race. He was also within the dwarf army. If he wasn’t a dwarf, what was he? Which other race had the ability to disguise their appearance?”

Cao Duantian could not think of an answer. However, he was brought back to reality by countless screams of agony and pain. Ten thousand battle saber horns had wailed forward, and two thousand dwarfs had been cut in half by that one attack. Many other dwarfs had escaped death, but they were maimed by the attack, thras.h.i.+ng about on the ground crying out incessantly.

Ss, ss…

Many other people present all took a deep cold breath. The Dwarf Race was suffering so badly. Two thousand had died while another two thousand had lost limbs. Only three-thousand-odd of them had avoided the knife formation.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

After the horns had attacked, they automatically returned to the members of the Mantis Blade Sect. All the dwarfs who escaped the attack went crazy. They charged madly at the Mantis Blade Sect. Numerous snow dragons and dao pattern attacks whizzed forward. They didn’t even bother about killing the Ice Beast King anymore. So many of their race members had died in front of them, turning them berserk.


The Mantis Blade Sect elder coldly waved his hand and charged forward without fear. A terrifying round of slaughter was about to begin!

“Very well!”

As the battle was raging on the surface, a dwarf was smiling in a cave 10,000 feet under the ice. His divine senses were locked on the battle above. Sensing the intense slaughter that was starting, the dwarf leaned back and clapped both his hands. The stone and clay in front of him became fine powder as he started fleeing into the distance.

Only the Astral Wind Blades could silently and effortlessly turn such hard stone and clay into bits. This dwarf was also something conjured from Jiang Yi’s Mirage Divine Ability. He had entered the ranks of the dwarf army in the Ice Sea. He had been biding his time, waiting for the moment such as that just now, to start a fight between the Dwarf Race and other races. As long as the Dwarf Race continued to exhaust their battle strength, the Dwarf Race would ultimately be destroyed.

He made a round in the underground, and his body slowly changed again. This time, he changed into a man. This man wore a white robe and had a cinnabar mole between the brows. This time, he had become someone from the Tiger Subdue Sect. He dashed up to the surface and into the heart of the battle.

He was preparing to use the same trick twice. He wanted to start a battle between the Mantis Blade Sect and the Tiger Subdue Sect. If Cao Duantian was killed in battle, that would be the best he could ask for.


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