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Chapter 1067: Little Master Uncle

“Ruobing, three days later, I will ask the Tang Clan to handover the two ladies to Li Hong in the Divine Sonar City. I will have to trouble you to hand them over to me instead. En… actually, you don’t have to do that; let the two ladies be your maidservants for the time being. I still have an important task to attend to. I leave this matter in your hands.”

Once they were teleported out, Jiang Yi saw that there was no one in the pavilion and hurriedly sent a voice transmission to Yin Ruobing. He didn’t have any ulterior motives with regard to the two ladies; it was really just the case of encountering them and having known them before that he had decided to help. As long as the two ladies were safe and sound, Jiang Yi didn’t care about anything else.

Originally, he had wanted to ask the Sonar Thearch to send the two ladies to the G.o.ds Bestow Tribe. However, having them follow Yin Ruobing would not be a bad idea either. Jiang Yi trusted that Yin Ruobing would treat the two ladies well.


Yin Ruobing sent a voice transmission back. Once they were teleported back, she did not look at Jiang Yi again. Yin Ruobing had also regained her composure and was acting as if Jiang Yi was a stranger.

“Lady Yin, please!”

Jiang Yi had also regained his cold and cool composure. He invited Yin Ruobing to head out first, and she nodded and walked out.

“Greetings to both.”

Chen Chen was actually waiting outside. He looked at the two and asked curiously, “Did the two of you manage to discover anything inside?”

Yin Ruobing’s face revealed a look of disappointment as she shook her head. Jiang Yi paused for a while and replied. “I actually managed to comprehend a little. Yes, Young Master Chen, I have thought it through; and I would like to make the Sonar Thearch my master. Kindly set up an audience.”

Now that the matter with Tang Xue and Tang Yan had been settled, Jiang Yi became relaxed. There was no issue with making the Sonar Thearch his master either; after all, he could just leave whenever he wanted to. The Sonar Thearch would give the Shadow Emperor face and not make things difficult for Jiang Yi even if he could not help Jiang Yi.


Chen Chen stared and then revealed a joyous smile. He cupped his hands and said, “That’s great! Chen Chen pays his respects to Little Master Uncle. You over there, come. Bring Little Master Uncle to see Granddad.”

“Little Master Uncle?”

Jiang Yi scratched his nose slightly embarra.s.sed. He was a little uncomfortable. Jiang Yi was not even twenty-five while this Chen Chen was already twenty-eight. Yet, Chen Chen was calling him Master Uncle.

“Young Master Yi, please.”

An elder from the Chen Clan appeared and said respectfully. Jiang Yi and Yin Ruobing nodded at each other and followed the elder to the backyard.

Yin Ruobing turned to look at Jiang Yi and silently walked towards the city plaza outside. The banquet there was still going on; it was very boisterous, and the atmosphere was amazing.

The return of Chen Chen and Yin Ruobing turned up the volume even more. Furthermore, once the crowd knew that Jiang Yi had agreed to make the Sonar Thearch his master and was heading to see him now, many people revealed looks of envy. Countless people and Tang Ming raised their to congratulate Jiang Yi. From their point of view, a disciple of the Tang Clan making the Sonar Thearch his master was mutually beneficial to the Tang Clan and the Chen Clan. With Jiang Yi as a link, an alliance between the two clans was a matter of time.

“Young Master Yi, please enter. We are not allowed to enter unless summoned.”

Outside the courtyard, the Chen Clan elder halted. He lifted the door’s restrictions and gestured for Jiang Yi to enter. Jiang Yi did not stand on ceremony and entered. After stepping past the huge door, he felt a sudden white flash as the scenery in front of him changed.

There was yet another small valley inside, with the scenery not any worse than that of the divine spring mystic realm. There was also a puddle of water inside, next to which was a small wooden hut. An elder was sitting cross-legged, with his eyes shut, under a huge tree outside that wooden hut. The elder was stroking a guqin. The guqin was brown in color and was around three feet long. There were mysterious patterns on it, and it exuded an unknown aura. This should be yet another ancient artifact.

There was only one person in the valley. This person was probably the Sonar Thearch. Jiang Yi took a few steps forward and bowed respectfully, saying, “Yi San pays his respects to Sonar Thearch Senior.”

The elder was expressionless. His hair, beard, and brows were all snow-white; however, he did not have too many wrinkles on his face. His cheeks were flushed, and he had white hair and a ruddy complexion. His both hands were laid on the guqin and took his time before saying, “Jiang Yi, do you know why I didn’t see you just now?”

Jiang Yi thought about it and cupped his hands again, saying, “I do not know.”

“You were too rash.”

The Sonar Thearch lifted his head slightly, but he still did not open his eyes. He softly sighed and said, “There were so many martial experts here today, with countless divine senses locked on the exterior of my yard. As a member of the Tang Clan, if I met you then, what would outsiders think?”

“Er…” Jiang Yi slightly felt awkward as he scratched his head. He said, “Indeed, I was too rash.”


The Sonar Thearch played a single note on the guqin, and a soothing sound rang out, lingering in the air. The Sonar Thearch also lifted his head and looked towards the west, sighed, and said, “That year, I owed a debt to someone at the Endless Deep Sea. I knew that sooner or later, I had to repay this debt. Speak. What is it you require a.s.sistance with? So long as it doesn’t affect the Chen Clan, I can even give you my life.”


Jiang Yi did not expect the Sonar Thearch to be so direct and to be so serious about it. Jiang Yi hurriedly cupped his hands and said, “Sonar Thearch Senior is too serious. I originally wanted your help, senior, with some small matter. However, there is no need anymore. How could I dare bother Senior to personally help with my affairs?”


The Sonar Thearch suddenly became furious, with both his hands heavily pressed on his guqin. A terrifying aura came out of his body as he angrily asked Jiang Yi, “What is the matter? Are you underestimating me? Although I am not top-notch, I have no fears even if my opponent is the North Thearch. If you want me to fight, even if I have to give my life, I will help you to severely ruin the North Thearch and destroy the North Thearch City.”

Jiang Yi was startled. It wasn’t because of the Sonar Thearch’s strong aura but more because of his words. Jiang Yi hurriedly cupped his hands and said, “Senior, please do not be mistaken. Junior did not mean that. Junior does not doubt Senior’s battle prowess. However, this matter is Junior’s personal matter. The North Thearch Wu Clan caused my father’s death; I would like to settle this blood feud on my own.”


Sonar Thearch’s anger subsided slightly after hearing all these. His aura also started to dissipate. Oddly, he was still keeping his eyes closed. Even when he flew into a rage just now, they were still kept shut. The Sonar Thearch thought for a moment and said, “Jiang Yi, I have been frank and forthright my entire life; I will not go back on my word. The Shadow Emperor had sent a message saying that the debt I owe him can be paid by returning the favor to you.”

“I understand.”

Jiang Yi nodded as he admired the Sonar Thearch’s nature. A man’s promise weighed more than one thousand gold bars. The Sonar Thearch was willing to give up his life to repay the debt owed back then, but he still—at the same time—did not want to implicate the Chen Clan. It didn’t matter who it was; one could give up one’s life to repay a debt. However, to involve everyone in the clan of tens of thousands of people…

“How about this?”

The Sonar Thearch thought about it and continued in a deep voice, “Since the Shadow Emperor had given this debt of grat.i.tude to you, I will help you accomplish two things. The conditions remain the same however. The two things shall not implicate the Chen Clan. Anything else is negotiable. If you haven’t thought of anything yet, you can also come back to look for me in the future at any time.”

“Many thanks, Senior.” Jiang Yi did not hesitate anymore. The person ranked just one below the Nine Emperors had offered to help him do two things; he would be a fool to reject such an offer.

“Alright, you can go.”

The Sonar Thearch waved his hand and said, “There is no need to make me your master anymore. I just wanted to use the pretext of making you my disciple to serve as a cover for our meeting. Your Divine Sound Heaven Skill has entered the second stage. As for whether you can make it to the third stage or not, no one can help you. You have to figure it out yourself. You are naturally gifted; if you continued to study intensively, there’s a possibility that you could even surpa.s.s me and reach the fourth stage. At that point, even the North Thearch would not be able to kill you.”


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