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Chapter 1329: Ancient-Grade Chaos Beast


Jiang Yi had just congealed a divine s.h.i.+eld out of burning flames when the huge battle sword hit him hard. The powerful divine s.h.i.+eld broke apart immediately, and flames shot out in all directions. The battle sword struck Jiang Yi on the back with a force that threatened to tear apart even the heaven and earth. However, at that moment, Jiang Yi’s red sword interjected and stopped the divine sword.


There was the sound of gold hitting metal. Jiang Yi’s body shot towards the lake of lava far away. A huge force shot through his body, making him feel like he was being crushed by a huge mountain. The bones in his back were all broken, and his internal organs were injured. He spat out a mouthful of blood.


His face was a mask of excruciating pain, but joy filled his heart. The Fire Dragon Sword did not disappoint him. It was indeed a superior-grade divine weapon. Uncle Lu’s divine weapon did not break his Fire Dragon Sword. Naturally, it could not break his battle armor or his body into pieces either. Since he could handle that blow, Jiang Yi believed that the G.o.d King would not have another chance to strike him.


Uncle Lu’s eyes were filled with astonishment. He gazed at Jiang Yi’s Fire Dragon Sword, not believing his eyes. He was just a Heaven G.o.d; a n.o.body. How did he get his hands on such a superior-grade weapon? This superior-grade weapon was invaluable. Even Luo Ting was not worthy to possess such an item. If he had not collected so many battle merits in recent years, the Luo Clan would not have awarded it to him.

“Good job. Brat, your divine weapon is mine now.”

Uncle Lu’s gaze was delirious. With each increase in the grade of a divine weapon, the value of the weapon would multiply. Inferior-grade divine equipment was not worth a cent; medial-grade divine equipment was worth at least ten thousand divine roots; and superior-grade was worth at least a million divine roots. He was here on a small mission: to protect Luo Ting. Uncle Lu never expected that he would obtain a superior-grade divine weapon.

He started getting more excited. Without Luo Ting giving instructions, Uncle Lu was already sure he had to kill Jiang Yi. He wanted the Fire Dragon Sword.


It was a pity that just as he wanted to charge into the Fire Lake to kill Jiang Yi, tens of b.e.s.t.i.a.l roars echoed from all directions. It started from inside the volcano in the east. Six Chaos Beasts cried out and emerged from the volcano. This was closely followed by a huge wave rising up in the Fire Lake. One by one, Chaos Beasts emerged. Most of them had their eyes fixed on him. Only two were headed for Jiang Yi.

“Get lost!”

Uncle Lu was outraged. The superior-grade divine weapon was right in front of him. How could he miss the chance to s.n.a.t.c.h it?

On the spot, he waved his three-kilometer-long battle sword around in all directions. One by one, the Chaos Beasts were thrown backward. His superior-grade battle sword was formidable indeed. With it, he managed to slash a few Chaos Beasts so deeply that he could see their bones. He was a G.o.d King armed with a superior-grade weapon. Of course, it was easy for him to deal with Primitive-Grade Chaos Beasts.


Two Chaos Beasts began to attack Jiang Yi ruthlessly, forcing him into the Fire Lake. If Jiang Yi had not been protected by medial-grade battle armor, he would have been torn apart a long time ago.


Uncle Lu was thoroughly p.i.s.sed off now. The lava in the Fire Lake was obstructing his divine senses. He could only see ten kilometers deep into the lava. At that moment, Jiang Yi was already at the limits of his senses. The two Chaos Beasts kept attacking him. Jiang Yi was about to slip out of his senses. He did not know how deep the Fire Lake was; there was a possibility that he would have difficulty locating Jiang Yi later.

“Protect the Young Clan Head and run! I’m going to kill that brat.”

Uncle Lu shouted. The G.o.d Generals were all headed back to the Divine Boat one by one. They had no hesitation following Uncle Lu’s instructions. Luo Ting understood the gravity of the situation as well. There were far too many Chaos Beasts here. G.o.d Generals alone would surely have difficulty tackling them. Since Uncle Lu decided to take matters into his own hands, what was there for him to worry about?

He shouted, “Once everyone is in, retreat at least five thousand kilometers!


Uncle Lu beat the two Chaos Beasts closest to him so that they flew backward a distance. Once he saw that the Divine Boat was closed again, he heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he turned to charge into the Fire Lake. He had to kill Jiang Yi. That Fire Dragon Sword had to be his.

Jiang Yi was gravely injured, and he was still being attacked by two Chaos Beasts. That was the only reason why he was sinking so quickly. He had already slipped beyond the limits of Uncle Lu’s divine senses, but after Uncle Lu traveled a kilometer, he reappeared.

The golden battle armor around Uncle Lu’s body was glowing. The lava was being kept outside his armor, away from his body. It was not a piece of superior-grade divine equipment; it was only a medial-grade one. However, Uncle Lu was very powerful. These temperatures posed no challenge to him. Behind him, ten Chaos Beasts were hot on his heels. Yet, he did not think much of them at all. The Primitive-Grade Chaos Beasts alone could not kill him.

Thirty kilometers, fifteen kilometers… ten kilometers!

Uncle Lu was traveling way too fast. In under a minute, he closed in on Jiang Yi. The superior-grade divine weapon in his hands was glowing fiercely as he struck down in front of him with all his might. Yet, he did not manage to attack Jiang Yi. Instead, he whacked the two Chaos Beasts in front of him. These two Chaos Beasts were too huge; they were blocking him from Jiang Yi.


All around them, the lava kept stirring. His battle sword landed harshly on one of the Chaos Beasts, and the blade cut a deep gash right through the top of its back. The Chaos Beast flew out of the way from the impact. Uncle Lu twisted the blade and struck the side, hitting the other Chaos Beast. Once that other Chaos Beast flew out of the way, Jiang Yi was left completely exposed, at the mercy of his sword.

Luo Qingyan, where are the Ancient-Grade Chaos Beasts that we arranged for? Why aren’t they here? If they don’t appear now, I’m going to die.

Jiang Yi did not fight the two Chaos Beasts no matter how they attacked him, but he did this on purpose. He wanted to sink as deep into the Fire Lake as he could while he thought of an escape route. He did not think that the G.o.d King would catch up with him so soon. At that moment, he was sure that he could smell death. He was way too weak. This G.o.d King had at least a hundred ways to smash him easily.


Suddenly, they heard a loud explosion from the east. Waves began to form in the lava. Uncle Lu halted his attacks, a look of shock crossing his face. These sounds were coming from the volcano. Luo Ting and the others had already retreated. Who would still be attacking the volcano?


There was a terrifying cry. No matter how deep Jiang Yi and Uncle Lu were in the Fire Lake, they could still hear it ringing clearly in their ears. A b.e.s.t.i.a.l suppressive force engulfed the two of them, causing Jiang Yi’s entire body to tense up. Uncle Lu’s eyes widened at once as he screamed, “Ancient-Grade Chaos Beasts! No… this is a trap! Young Clan Head is in danger!”


Uncle Lu could not be bothered about Jiang Yi any longer. His responsibility was to take care of Luo Ting. If Luo Ting died, he and his family would be killed mercilessly by the Battle G.o.d Pavilion Luo Clan. This was his Young Clan Head after all. He could not afford to s.n.a.t.c.h the Fire Dragon Sword from Jiang Yi anymore. At once, he charged toward the surface of the Fire Lake.

There is indeed someone nearby! Everything has been planned flawlessly!

Jiang Yi felt like an entire weight had been lifted off his chest. He felt only admiration for this woman, Luo Qingyan. The explosion they heard was proof that someone was trying to aggravate the volcano on purpose. They wanted the Ancient-Grade Chaos Beast in the volcano to be lured out. Uncle Lu had been chasing after him. If the Ancient-Grade Chaos Beast came out, its first target would be the Divine Boat. Luo Ting would be finished.


Since the two Chaos Beasts had already been hit out of the way by Uncle Lu, Jiang Yi was now completely safe. He did not care about the piercing pain he felt in his back. Instead, he swam as fast as he could toward the base of the lake. He knew full well that although he managed to escape this time, greater dangers lay ahead. If he met that Ancient-Grade Chaos Beast, he would die for sure. He had to avoid that G.o.d King as well.

The most important thing was still this woman, Luo Qingyan. She planned everything perfectly. This meant that there was no way she would allow Jiang Yi to walk out alive. Otherwise, if he landed in the Battle G.o.d Pavilion Luo Clan’s hands, he would be living proof that the Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan was responsible for all of this.


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