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Read Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 267 – You Dare to Make a Move?

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Read WebNovel Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 267 – You Dare to Make a Move?

Chapter 267: You Dare to Make a Move?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Three mysterious black-robed men escaped from Big Brother’s residence? Their strength matches those that Jiang Yi was pursuing? Hmph! How dare that Ling Bu! Actually colluding with outsiders to plot again the Azure Dragon Empire?!”

Jiang Yi’s every move was constantly reported to Princess Ling Xue. In fact, without her silent approval, General Long and the others wouldn’t have dared to storm into Ling Fei and Ling Bu’s residences. Ling Xue had already received news that Jiang Yi had brought his group and chased through the underground.

“Pa.s.s down my orders to seize Ling Bu. If any of his men dare to resist, kill them all!”

Ling Xue instantly had this furious expression. She looked around and yelled out again, “Ask General Long to dispatch 100 Soul Travel Realm experts to follow Jiang Yi. They must rescue the little fox.”

Once her men went out, Ling Xue walked out of the palace hall and stood at the doors, looking into the starry sky and letting out a deep sigh. “Emperor Father, it seems like not letting Ling Bu inherit your throne back then was the correct decision. How would a man with such a narrow mind lead the Empire towards glory? A pity that you suddenly departed this mortal coil. Ling Xue is, after all, a woman and isn’t qualified to inherit the throne. How can I possibly lead the Empire any further? There is just one more day before the demonic beast army arrives. The old Supreme Marshal of the Empire is not coming out of his seclusion. Who is going to save the Empire?”


Princess Ling Xue didn’t stand outside the palace hall for a long time when a black shadow suddenly appeared and kneeled on a single knee, “Your Highness. Prince Ling Bu has committed suicide!”

“I understand!”

Ling Xue’s eyes dimmed as she sighed while two streams of tears trickled down from the corner of her eyes.

This Ling Bu had been eyeing at the throne, but she was appointed as the Regent by the Emperor three years ago and was in control of all the military and authority in the Empire. When her father was still alive, he judged that the Eldest Prince’s character and capability were incompetent; hence, Ling Xue didn’t a.s.sist the Eldest Prince in ascending the throne. She wouldn’t have expected… him to be so demented to actually entice the foreign enemy to destroy Stellarsky City. Had it not been for Jiang Yi’s quick judgment and resolve, they wouldn’t be able to find any clues until now.

“Report! Fourth Prince Ling Tao, Sixth Prince Ling Fei, Fifth Princess… and the other eight, request to leave Stellarsky City—saying that it is to save the descendants of the Empire.”

Another piece of news traveled over, which put a desolated expression on Ling Xue’s beautiful face. She finally understood why her Emperor Father didn’t confer the Crown Prince t.i.tle to any of the princes. Her bunch of elder and younger brothers was all unworthy… actually thinking of escaping at this crucial moment?

“Go then, go then! Let them all go!”

Ling Xue waved her hand helplessly as she thought it was good to reserve some seeds for the Ling Clan. She silently looked towards the east and sighed again, “Jiang Yi, everything is in your hands. If you are not back before the demonic beast army arrives—! Or if the Supreme Marshal of the Empire is still not out from seclusion, then Ling Xue has no choice but to be buried along with the Stellarsky City.”

“Split up and chase. Qi, take your group and go from the sky. Intercept them from the front!”

In the east underground of the Stellarsky City, Jiang Yi had been on the pursuit with a large group of people. A pity that those three mysterious individuals were too fast. After chasing for a certain amount of distance, there were suddenly three different tunnels, which was an obvious sign that the three of them had parted ways.

Jiang Yi was riding on the Zouwu Beast while being followed closely by a hundred Soul Travel Realm experts and the members from the Water Moon Observatory, the Great Zen Monastery, and the three major colleges. When they heard Jiang Yi’s instruction, no one had any hesitation and split up into three groups to give chase. Qi and the Water Moon Observatory expert immediately surfaced and prepared to intercept at the front.

The Zouwu Beast was very fast, and there were plenty of eighth-stage and peak-stage Soul Travel Realm experts among them. It was regretful that the enemies’ speed wasn’t much inferior. After chasing for 14 to 16 hours—it was already the afternoon of the next day, but Jiang Yi and the others had yet to catch up.


There was this sudden tremor that came from the front. Jiang Yi and the others were mentally shaken. He looked at the little monk Huigeng’s eyes while both their eyes lit up as he shouted, “Big Huang! Increase speed!”


Everyone was rus.h.i.+ng frantically in the tunnels. The tremors were getting stronger while the tunnels were slowly extending towards the surface. The Zouwu Beast finally rushed out of the surface and found out the reason for the tremors. Qi and the others were in combat with three individuals, and they were the mysterious black-robed people.


The little monk Huigeng read out a prayer while his voice was as loud as thunder, which caused Jiang Yi’s body to tremble. The people that were battling ahead had this instant decrease in speed.

“Surround them!”

With Jiang Yi’s orders, countless Soul Travel Realm experts flew over and surrounded the combat area. Jiang Yi finally let out a breath of relief as he knew that these three individuals wouldn’t be able to escape with so many experts surrounding them.


A peak-stage Soul Travel Realm expert among the black-robed men suddenly yelled out while holding out a jade vase. “Everyone, stop! Otherwise, I will crush this Green Clear Vase; and that Three-Tailed Spirit Fox will immediately die!”

“Huh…” Qi and the others instantly stopped their attacks. If the little fox died, there would truly be chaos in the world. Once the Demon Empress was infuriated, the entire continent would flow like a blood river. Everyone was flickering their eyes and was at a loss.

“What do you want?”

Vice Liu of the Azure Dragon College yelled out, “Do you know how many lives are lost because of this little fox? Do you know how cities are demolished because of your foolish behavior? How many commoners were killed by accidents? If you are to kill this little fox, the entire continent would be in chaos, causing hundreds and thousands folds more of lives to be lost.”


The black-robed man sneered. “What do the lives of others have to do with me? Since we are all going to die, it will be good if the world is to die along with us.”

“Lunatic!” Qi was so angry that her body was s.h.i.+vering. She yelled out with fury. “What do you want then? Release the little fox, and we will let you off alive!”


The black-robed leader sneered again while his eyes were filled with mockery as he snorted. “We are not stupid. If we released the Three-Tailed Spirit Fox, we will be immediately killed, right? If you let us go, we will naturally release the Three-Tailed Spirit Fox in six hours. If not, we shall die a horrible death. How about it?”


Everyone hesitated. If they killed these three individuals, the little fox was also going to die! If they released them, who would know if they would fulfill their promise? Furthermore—if it was six hours later, Stellarsky City would turn into a blood river by then, right?

“Release your stinking a.s.s!”

While everyone was in a dilemma, Jiang Yi suddenly yelled out. He swept his cold eyes across the three of them and spoke in a satirizing manner, “Do it then. If you have the guts to kill the Three-Tailed Spirit Fox! Kill then, kill!”

Jiang Yi poured his essence force into his speech, causing everyone’s eardrums to explode. The entire atmosphere suddenly grew intense. Everyone remained silent because they were afraid that the black-robed man would truly do it. Many of them were angry at Jiang Yi’s impulsive behavior; and if this person truly killed the little fox, everyone here would become the sinners of mankind.

“You really think I don’t dare to?” There was a flash of anger in the black-robed man’s eyes as he yelled out while raising the vase.

“Kill then. Why aren’t you making a move? You coward. I can give you a hundred guts to see if you dare to make a move?”

The Ma.s.sacre Intent poured out from Jiang Yi’s body, along with the Fire Dragon Sword. He took huge strides towards them and yelled with a stern voice. “Didn’t your master give you his orders? To never hurt the little fox? If you dare to kill to the little fox, your master will execute your entire family and clan; thus, you don’t dare to kill the little fox! So… you don’t even have the qualification to talk about terms with me! Hand over the little fox, and we will give you a complete corpse. I swear to the heavens, I will not expose the ident.i.ty of your master. Understand?”


There was a flash of panic in their eyes as they looked at one another. There was a flash of agony in the leader’s eyes as he suddenly threw over the vase to Jiang Yi while he sent a hidden message along: “Jiang Yi, I hope you keep your promise. Otherwise, we will not let you off even if we become ghosts!”


Everyone’s let out an ecstatic expression. The little fox was finally rescued, and the calamity of the continent could finally end.

Jiang Yi wrapped the vase with his black essence force and used his thoughts to ‘look’ into the s.p.a.ce within. He saw a little fox sleeping soundly inside and was immediately delighted. He shouted out, “Come. Let’s return to Stellarsky City immediately!”


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