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Read Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 415 – Worse Than a Beast

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven is a web novel created by Yao Ye.
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Chapter 415: Worse Than a Beast

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Wu! Wu!”

Ling Yue wanted to scream out and call for help! However, with her neck clenched, she couldn’t even breath—how was she able to yell? Jiang Yi didn’t release his Ma.s.sacre Intent, but when he was infuriated, his body’s instinctive killing aura was able to freeze Ling Yue. He had killed a lot of people, and his killing aura’s terror might even be able to shock the martial artists who had once killed enemies—let alone this Ling Yue who was a flower that was grown in the imperial palace.

Jiang Yi was indeed infuriated. This Ling Yue came provoking him out of nowhere and wanted to recruit him. After getting rejected, she even tried to defraud him. It wasn’t unreasonable for Jiang Yi to tease her little; he never had the intention to violate her. At this final moment, he released her; and she was able to fall out once she turned her head and called for someone to kill him.

He wasn’t afraid of getting his ident.i.ty exposed. However, once it was exposed, the treasure hunt would have to stop. With him around, who would still dare to go search for the Black Wasps? They might even request for a Vajra Realm martial expert to interfere from the dark. Hence, unless absolutely necessary, he didn’t want to expose his ident.i.ty.

Since this was the case, he only had two options. The first option was to kill Ling Yue and throw her body into the depths of the sea, which would be quickly consumed by the sea demons. However, there were some risks. The Ling Clan’s people knew that Ling Yue came looking for him.

The second option was to keep Ling Yue’s mouth shut and completely terrorize her so that she wouldn’t dare call anyone, and she wouldn’t dare to make today’s incident public.

Jiang Yi picked the second option. His killing aura continued to envelop Ling Yue, causing her to tremble with fear. She thought that Jiang Yi was really going to kill her or violate her. After all, her back was currently naked, and everything was exposed to Jiang Yi.

Tsk! Tsk!

Jiang Yi clicked his tongue and smacked Ling Yue’s well-rounded b.u.t.t, which gave out clear and crisp smacking sound. Ling Yue’s body shook very easily, and every time she was smacked, she would shake. It was a very enticing sight as the handprints could still be clearly seen.

Jiang Yi used one hand to clench onto Ling Yue’s neck while the other smacked on her b.u.t.t with a rhythm. He didn’t say anything, but he would occasionally click his tongue. It seemed as though he was a perverted devil which nearly caused Ling Yue’s spirit to crumble.


Jiang Yi’s hand suddenly moved forward and bent Ling Yue’s body, causing her b.u.t.t to perk up while his eyes s.h.i.+fted down. His eyes looked right at Ling Yue’s b.u.t.t, exposing her back entirely to his vision.


Ling Yue might be immobilized and couldn’t see what was happening behind, but she could feel a pair of eyes staring at her. She could even subtly feel the heat of Jiang Yi’s breath, which was blowing on her b.u.t.t. She knew what Jiang Yi was staring at even if she was a blind individual.

When she thought about her most sacred area which was being run over by a pair of unbridled eyes, Ling Yue even had the intention to die. She felt shame, humiliation, fear, helplessness, and various emotions all bundled together. In the hearts of Ling Yue, Jiang Yi was undoubtedly the most repulsive demon.

Tsk-Tsk! Tsk-Tsk!

Jiang Yi could click his tongue twice from time to time, but he wouldn’t do anything but stare at Ling Yue’s b.u.t.t with fixed eyes. After staring for about 15 minutes, Ling Yue’s body went soft; and her spirit was already at the brink of collapsing. Jiang Yi then released Ling Yue and pushed her on the ground. He looked at her with mocking eyes and said, “Your Highness, are you still going scream for help? Do you still want to kill me?”

“No, no more screaming… no more killing. Please let me go. I am wrong! I am wrong!”

Ling Yue’s body curled up and didn’t dare to move anymore. Her face was filled with tears as she desperately shook her head and muttered, “Let me go—let me go, please? I don’t dare anymore… I don’t dare to deal with you anymore.”

“That’s a good girl!”

Jiang Yi reached out his hand and rubbed Ling Yue’s face. He smiled and said, “Alright, wear your clothes first. I am a reasonable person. As long as you don’t come provoking me. I will not seek trouble. Of course, if you want to continue playing with me, I will guarantee that you will wish that you were dead instead of being alive.”


Ling Yue nodded her head like a chick pecking on grains. Jiang Yi was smiling, but she felt that he was even more horrifying than the devil. She would probably be unable to shake off the fear that she felt tonight for her entire life. She frantically changed into another palace dress and didn’t even dare to run immediately. She looked at Jiang Yi with fear, seemingly waiting for his orders.

“Go then. Remember… never use your status as a princess to oppress anyone in the future! You have to know that there are plenty of fearless people in this world.”

Jiang Yi smiled and waved his hand with an expression as though he was bidding farewell to a good friend. Just as Ling Yue turned to leave, he spoke faintly again, “Princess Ling Yue, I hope that tonight’s matter will only be known to you, me, heaven, and earth. I guarantee that I will not go telling anyone so I hope you will do the same. Of course… if you want to take revenge on me, you better make sure your plan is fail-safe. Otherwise, if I didn’t manage to die, I will tell the world what happened tonight. En… the three moles on Your Highness’ left b.u.t.t cheek is truly beautiful.”


Princess Ling Yue’s legs went soft, and she fell on the ground. She didn’t even have the strength to stand, and she couldn’t even cry when she wanted to. Her left b.u.t.t cheek did have three moles, and if this matter was to spread out to the world, she wouldn’t have the face to live in this world anymore. She would never be able to, at least, marry in this lifetime.

She thought about her wedding night. Her groom would try opening up her dress excitedly, only to see that three moles and recall the rumors. This bridal night would probably be unable to carry on anymore.

Ss, ss…

Ling Yue took a few deep breaths and wiped off the tears on her face. She turned back to look at Jiang Yi before clenching her teeth and walking away into the distance. She didn’t shout and didn’t even dare to have the intention to take revenge right now. She just wanted to get as far away from this devil as possible. She never wanted to see him again in this life, and tonight would probably be etched in her memory, becoming an eternal nightmare.

“Was I too evil?”

Seeing Ling Yue’s back vanis.h.i.+ng in the distance, Jiang Yi rubbed his nose. Ling Yue might be his enemy, and she took the initiative to look for trouble, too. However, he still felt uncomfortable.

His self-control had always been good. If it was someone else in his shoes, they would have already done this princess. To be able to oppress a princess was truly a satisfying thing.

Jiang Yi didn’t think that he had a good character, but there were a few principles in his heart. Like not killing commoners, no killing of elderly and children, and no violating of women. Jiang Yunhai had once taught him that a person’s nature could be bad, but there must be a bottom line. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be human but a beast.

“My actions tonight should be considered of a beast, right?”

Jiang Yi rubbed his ear before he smiled and said, “Wrong. According to w.a.n.guan, I should be… worse than a beast.”

After letting his imagination running wild, Jiang Yi silently slipped back onto the s.h.i.+p. He realized Zhan Lin’er’s wonderful figure had already vanished, and it was obvious that she had gone into sleep. The bonfire at the beach below was still roaring brightly, the young ladies were all laughing licentiously while the young masters were all laughing in a carefree manner. It seemed like this bonfire banquet was going to continue for much longer.


After taking a few looks, Jiang Yi turned and got ready to return to his room. When he walked to the entrance of the cabins, his heart suddenly felt a trace of palpitation. He scanned the surroundings with his divine senses before his expression instantly turned grave.

“Wu! Wu!”

Some Soul Travel Realm experts had reacted as well. They all looked to the north and burst out with yells, “Protect the Young Masters and Young Ladies! There is a huge group of Black Wasps incoming. Everyone, prepare for battle!”


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