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Chapter 636: Finally Found Him. Kill!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Time elapsed bit by bit while Jiang Yi’s skin turned redder over time. The trembling of his body had also gotten more and more ferocious while the clothes on him had been covered up by the black substance.

Jiang Yi scanned carefully and discovered that his body was transforming at a slow rate. For example, some of his meridians were expanding while some were contracting. Some of his bones grew longer while some muscles swelled up.

This discovery gave Jiang Yi a scare. If this transformation was harmful to his body and caused his meridians to be destroyed, he would be turned into a cripple completely.

Fortunately, it was just a minor change. The Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s was meant to reform a person’s body. If there were no changes happening to the consumer’s body, would it still be called reformation of the body? Therefore, he decided not to pay any attention to it and continued to control his essence force to refine the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s. He allowed the energy to intrude his body as it continued to reform his const.i.tution.

The refinement of Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s was very slow, and Jiang Yi didn’t dare to hasten the process. Judging from the current situation, he would need at least three months before the refinement was completed. Jiang Yi grew somewhat idle. He couldn’t possibly daydream for three months, right?

“I shall comprehend sorcery arts then.”

A lot of his sorcery arts were in the entry stages. Jiang Yi no longer paid any attention to his body as he concentrated to comprehend the sorcery arts. In the past, he had always used the Union of Heaven and Man to scout around. He had no idea if this state could be used for comprehending.

He divided a portion of his mind to control the essence force that was refining the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s. In any case, the moment the energy from the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s entered the body, it would be dispersed. He need not be bothered by it as he concentrated and started comprehending the Myriad Clone.

In the end…!

Something happened when he was comprehending. While he was in the Union of Heaven and Man state, the speed at which he was comprehending the sorcery arts was soaring. A lot of those mysteries he couldn’t understand could be figured out very quickly. In just three days, the speed at which he was comprehending the sorcery arts was even faster than when he was comprehending it for thirty days.

“This state is really miraculous. My comprehension speed had increased by ten folds. Yet, I have been totally unaware of it!”

Jiang Yi was surprised inwardly, and even he got a shock. He had comprehended this state in the Desolate East Sea for his survival. When his Union of Heaven and Man entered the first stage when he was on the Mystic Divine Palace’s Bridge of Helplessness, and it happened accidentally. He had no idea that this state could bring him such an efficacy.

If Yi Chan and the others were to learn of Jiang Yi’s notions, they would definitely curse him for being a blockhead. The reason why Yi Chan and Yin Ruobing thought so highly of Jiang Yi was that he had comprehended this state.

Union of Heaven and Man!

This was an extremely mystical state. A pract.i.tioner would form a cohesive body together with heaven and earth while being in this state. The man was heaven and earth while heaven and earth was the man. When a man had fused together with heaven and earth, heaven and earth would naturally become closer to him, allowing him to easily and simply comprehend the dao patterns from heaven and earth.

The Union of Heaven and Man was the best state to realize the dao patterns and the laws of heaven and earth. A lot of experts yearned for this state as even those people who could cultivate to a supreme expert might not necessarily be able to enter this state. Usually, those who could enter this state would obtain some sort of accomplishment as they dominated a region if they didn’t die prematurely.

The essence force was the foundation of a martial artist’s cultivation while the dao pattern was the source that determined how strong one could actually become.

Essence force could be cultivated easily. Those great clans would possess treasures that could cause the essence force to become ten times, a hundred times, or even thousand times denser. The cultivation speed could also be increased to ten, hundred, or even a thousand times faster. However, dao patterns had to be realized by themselves with no shortcut unless you refined the soul spirit dao patterns shards. However, your life would be thoroughly destroyed and could no longer advance once you started refining them.

That was why Yi Chan wished to attract and saved Jiang Yi when he managed to enter into the Union of Heaven and Man state in the Desolate East Sea. Unfortunately, Yi Chan did not have much understanding of this state. Besides, Jiang Yi had already crippled his body when he refined the celestial stones. Since the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s was extremely hard to obtain as well, she didn’t bring him back to the Buddha Thearch City ultimately.

No one told Jiang Yi that the Union of Heaven and Man was so miraculous. Therefore, he was dumbstruck. He only grew excited half a day later. He ignored everything else and placed his heart and soul into comprehending the sorcery arts. He had also ignored whatever that might happen to the reforming of his body.

Time pa.s.sed by very quickly. A month went by in a blink of the eye.

She Fei and Jian Wuying grew somewhat restless. For the past month, both clans’ Astrologers would divine with astrology once every three days. Every time, they would be unable to lock onto Jiang Yi’s aura presence. She Fei had brought along a group of people into the island which was exposed to the weather there. He was extremely bored and didn’t have the heart to cultivate. Such a miserable lifestyle was fatal to a Young Master that was pampered like a prince since young.

Jian Wuying was somewhat better. Every day, he would enjoy good food and drinks while he lived like an emperor in the southernmost city of the Pegasus Empire. Fei Qi would also send young beauties to dally with him continuously. However, there was a piece of shadow that was impossible to get rid of if he couldn’t locate Jiang Yi, causing him not to be able to enjoy to his own heart’s content.

One and a half months later…

Both of them could not endure any longer as they sent people out to scout the Blood Night Fearsome Sea. In any case, these groups of people were also idling. They might as well find something for them to do. Since both of them had come, they might as well search the area first. They would feel extremely unwilling if they were to return so dejectedly. Besides, She Fei’s father had told him not to shame the She Clan’s face.

The thirty experts from She Clan that were in the Pegasus Empire had gathered together with She Fei. Among the sixty Heaven Monarchs, all of them were scattered around the island apart from five of them who were left behind. They were grouped into twos as they advanced toward the northern side of the Blood Night Fearsome Sea like a big net covering the sky.

The Jian Clan had also sent thirty men over. There were close to a hundred people after adding on the Heaven Monarch experts within the Pegasus Empire. All of them were all sent out. Immediately, the northern side of the Blood Night Fearsome Sea turned lively. The sea demons were being ma.s.sacred while islands were being turned upside down.

There were even experts submerging into the ocean to search. When the Astrologer from the two clans used their astrology to divine, they were roughly able to pinpoint Jiang Yi’s position; and he was in the northern side of the Blood Night Fearsome Sea. Both clans had decided to locate Jiang Yi even if they had to flip the whole northern part upside down.

The Blood Night Fearsome Sea was extremely big. There were a lot of demon thearchs inside, which numbered at least several hundreds. Furthermore, this amount was just a baseless conjecture made by martial artists. No one knew the exact amount because no one dared to travel across the Blood Night Fearsome Sea. It was rumored that there was a great demon that possessed heaven-defying demon strength in the center of Blood Night Fearsome Sea, and its strength was on par with the Nine Thearchs of the East Imperial Continent.

Fortunately, Jiang Yi had hidden in the northern part and was very far away from the center of the Fearsome Sea. If he was in the center of the Fearsome Sea, the experts from the Xie and the Jian Clans would never dare to penetrate in even if they had a hundred guts. Of course, if Jiang Yi dared to enter the center of the Fearsome Sea, he would have long been torn into mincemeat by the demon thearchs.

Both of the clan’s experts had b.u.mped into one another numerous times and started to have some dispute after searching for a month. However, after these disputes were reported back, She Fei and Jian Wuying got their men to exercise restraint. Furthermore, they also got them to increase their searching speed.

In another few days time, She Clan’s martial artists had gotten close to the sea region Jiang Yi had hidden at. They attracted a lot of sea demons attack while the Golden Flood Dragon Demon Thearch went into the island and transmitted the message over to Feng Luan immediately. Thereupon, Feng Luan broke apart the jade talisman on her hand immediately.

However, Jiang Yi was stuck in a dilemma!

Because the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s was about to be refined completely and needed at least two more days to do so. The remaining Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s would be wasted if he were to head out right now. However, if he doesn’t head out, Feng Luan and the others would be in danger once the enemies discovered the island.

Ultimately, Jiang Yi sent a voice transmission out callously. He got the Golden Flood Dragon to lure the two nearby Heaven Monarchs away in order to delay for another two days. He had also teleported Feng Luan, the Yazi Beast, and the others into the Thearch Palace!

There were only two Heaven Monarchs who came. Jiang Yi was confident that he could escape even if they had discovered this island.

Two days later, a golden figure shot forth like a lightning into the middle of the island. His body was filled with blood as he cried out the moment he entered the island, “Master, if you still don’t come out, I’m going to die!”


At the sea area far away, the ocean boiled as two silhouettes broke out from the water. They were bewildered when they saw the Golden Flood Dragon they were chasing had disappeared once it entered the island.

Both of them used their divine senses to scan the island attentively. Very quickly, they discovered a problem. A jade talisman flashed in one of their hands as he transmitted a message to She Fei. The other had his body projecting with killing intent as he grinned eerily, “Finally found him. Kill!”


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