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Chapter 643: Greenwood Cauldron

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Mist filled the sky, and the sea water churned. The heavens shook as booming thunder filled the sky. The roars of sea demons and martial artists rose and fell in succession.

On the northern part of the Blood Night Fearsome Sea, there was a great show of a battle between the humans and the demons. As the blue mist was too toxic, the bony consecrator didn’t dare to make rash movements. Otherwise, both the Divine Pattern Master and Astrologer would be dead without a doubt. She Fei was pretty strong as well, but he was the First Young Master of the She Clan, and so bony consecrator didn’t dare to be careless. He had no choice but to put up the defenses.

Out of the forty Heaven Monarchs who came, thirty of them surrounded the giant demon thearchs. As all kinds of treasures and abilities were unleashed, the other Heaven Monarchs started to ma.s.sacre the sea demons below.

The number of sea demons was indeed too many. Probably due to the edict of the demon thearch—even though they knew that they would die when facing a Heaven Monarch, they still rushed forth without care.

In the end, no one could disregard the sea demons. After all, many of them had strange abilities, and if the Heaven Monarchs were just slightly careless, the sea demons would be successful in their attack. For example, those hippopotamus sea demons that could emit an oppressive drum beat. If they were not killed, the sound they produced would continuously damage the soul spirit; and in the off-chance that the soul spirit was affected during the battle with a demon thearch, it would be fatal.


The Black Squid Demon Thearch released a strange enraged roar, and more than a dozen tentacles which emitted a blue glow shot out and sent the Heaven Monarchs flying. However, these Heaven Monarchs had a divine s.h.i.+eld which protected their bodies. The Black Squid Demon Thearch’s tentacles were unable to shatter the divine s.h.i.+eld and couldn’t hurt the Heaven Monarchs.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

On the side of the Heaven Monarch martial artists, they were achieving remarkable results in the battle. Even though the defense of the Black Squid Demon Thearch was terrifying, it was unfortunate that She Fei brought along the famous Evil Thearch Soldiers from the East Imperial Continent. None of the Heaven Monarchs were weak, and even though most of them were lower-stage Heaven Monarch, all of them had their unique and powerful abilities.

They unleashed their dao patterns, abilities, and artifacts at the Black Squid Demon Thearch in a single burst and blasted a giant wound in its body. The filthy black blood flowed out of the wound, and a stench enveloped the surrounding hundred-mile radius which caused many people to feel sick.

“Why is this high-grade demon thearch so weak? Only the toxic mist seems potent, right?”

She Fei looked eager to join in the battle, but skeletal consecrator beside him hurriedly said in a deep voice, “Young Master Fei, never underestimate your enemy. Since this demon thearch was able to reach the realm of a high-grade demon thearch, how could he only have so little moves up his sleeve?”


As they spoke, the Black Squid Demon Thearch released several enraged roars; and its underbelly which seemed to be as huge as a mountain started to shrink. After which, a black gas violently sprayed out and instantly covered more than a dozen Heaven Monarchs.

“Hurry up and retreat! This poison isn’t something you can defend against!”

The bony consecrator was shocked, and his face was drained of color. One of his hands held onto the black flag as his essence force continuously poured into it. It stopped the toxic mist from entering, and in his other hand, a simple and small bronze cauldron appeared. He abruptly threw it out.

As the cauldron soared through the sky, it started to expand; and it became 300 meters in radius. A green glow could be seen on the surface of the cauldron, and faint strands of green aura swirled around the outer surface of it. There were mysterious runic patterns which glittered on the body of the cauldron, and the moment it appeared, it seemed as though the air surrounding it started to shake. The clouds changed color, and it emitted an archaic aura presence. The low-grade sea demons below were all immobilized.

“Greenwood Cauldron, an offensive pseudo-divine artifact! It is even connected to the owner’s soul!”

She Fei’s eyes lit up and cried out secretly in his heart. He too had a pseudo-divine artifact, which was the ancient demon blood bone on his neck. However, it was too bad his strength wasn’t enough to allow this pseudo-divine artifact to recognize him as the owner, and he was unable to utilize the full strength of the weapon.

“Ah, Ah!”

The wretched cries from inside the black mist attracted She Fei’s attention, and his heart sank. More than a dozen people were trapped in the black mist, and he knew that the chances of them coming out alive were slim. Indeed, he shouldn’t underestimate this high-grade demon thearch.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The cauldron brought along a suppressive aura and viciously slammed against the body of the Black Squid Demon Thearch. The body of the demon thearch which was like a tiny mountain fell downwards and smashed into the sea. The water around the fallen body of the demon thearch transformed into giant waves which swept outwards, throwing the bodies of many lower-tiered sea demons into the sky.

Ss, ss…

The cauldron scattered the toxic mist, and the Heaven Monarch martial artists were finally revealed. She Fei swept his gaze across, and he instantly took in a cold breath.

The toxic mist corroded the bodies of the martial artists, and many of them suffered serious injuries. More than half their body was gone, and in its place, only the bones could be seen. The skeletons were completely black in color as well. There were seven or eight more figures that fell from the sky powerlessly, and their bodies were completely gone. They only had their skeleton left as their flesh was completely corroded by the poison.

“You little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I’ll kill you!”

She Fei flew into a rage. If not for Jiang Yi and his group, why would they be attacked by the demon thearch? These were the elites of the She Clan. If one or two of them died, there wouldn’t be a problem. However, seven to eight of them died in a single moment, and there were eight or nine of them who suffered serious injuries. This instantly made She Fei’s heartache as he didn’t know how to explain it to his father when he got back.


It was at this moment that there was a fluctuation which came from mid-air. A bright light lit up the sky, and a pitch-black ancient path appeared. Sixty to seventy men flew out, and Jian Wuying was surprisingly the one leading them.

“Oh, my goodness, what is going on here?”

Jian Wuying appeared with a look of concern on his face, but there was a trace of mockery in his innocent voice, “Young Master Fei, why are you fighting with the demonic beasts? Seems like you’re suffering a loss here. Do you want me to call for some people to exterminate these brutes for you? You only have to give me one of the two b.u.t.terfly G.o.ddesses later.”

“Get lost!”

She Fei spat out two words after gritting his teeth. Jian Wuying was young, and it was said that children’s words carry no harm. However, after hearing his words of ridicule again and again—no matter how even-tempered She Fei was, he could no longer endure Jian Wuying’s taunts. He glared at Jian Wuying with fire spitting out of his eyes and said, “You’re thinking of obtaining the b.u.t.terfly G.o.ddess? Keep dreaming.”


Jian Wuying wasn’t angry at all, and instead, the corners of his lips curled upwards. He sighed as he shook his head, “Oh, She Fei, you’re also a Young Master from a prestigious clan. Why are you bickering with a kid like me? Aren’t we just joking around? Sigh… I’m worried for the future of your She Clan. Alright, time to leave. We’ll take advantage of the opportunity where Young Master Fei is fighting with the demon thearch to s.n.a.t.c.h the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s.”

Jian Wuying shook his head and sighed as he led his people away. His adult-pretense appearance caused She Fei to nearly vomit a mouthful of blood. After seeing that Jian Wuying and his people left after ripping open the void, She Fei unleashed his rage by roaring loudly, “Jian Wuying, f*ck you and all eighteen generations of your ancestors!”

The bony elder, the Astrologer, and the Divine Pattern Master looked at one another in dismay. She Fei was the most outstanding descendant of the She Clan’s third generation. The teachings of all the clans of the Nine Thearchs had always been great. Today, She Fei actually cursed in front of everyone—it was obvious how angry he was. Not to mention the fact that he cursed so viciously, even up to the eighteen generations of his ancestors. Was he going to f*ck the males, too?


The cauldron attacked once again and suppressed the demon thearch. Its attack was relentless, and Black Squid Demon Thearch was finally unable to hold out anymore as it ran away into the distance. The moment the demon thearch ran away, all the sea demons naturally started to scatter. In a flash, all of them disappeared; and not a shadow could be seen.

The bony consecrator didn’t chase them down as they weren’t here to kill demonic beasts. The Black Squid Demon Thearch was merely injured, and if they really wanted to kill it, it would retaliate violently on the verge of death, which might cause even more deaths.

He got some people to retrieve the skeletons of the fallen martial artists, and he put away the martial artists who were seriously injured into his spatial artifact. After that, he brought everyone to look for an island to rest and reorganize.

The Astrologer didn’t need to wait for She Fei’s instructions and automatically unleashed the astrology divining to look for traces of Jiang Yi. During this period of time, he would look for traces of Jiang Yi periodically; and it had already become a habit.

Initially, he didn’t hope for much as Jiang Yi had a spatial divine artifact which could isolate him from the tracking spell. However, after an hour, he suddenly opened his eyes and yelled out in ecstasy, “Young Master Fei, I locked onto the demon thearch’s aura. That little brat probably doesn’t know that I can look for the demon thearch, and he didn’t keep it inside the spatial artifact. Should we chase him down and kill him?”


She Fei’s body shot outwards, and he screamed, “Divine Pattern Master, immediately open the Void Ancient Path. This time, I will make sure that he will not escape his impending calamity.”


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