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Read Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 682 – If We Cannot Meet, Then it is Better Not To!

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Chapter 682: If We Cannot Meet, Then it is Better Not To!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Jiang Yi had never been someone who went looking for trouble; neither was he someone fond of flaunting his prowess and intimidating people. He was acting so unyielding and imperious for a reason.

If he wanted to live peacefully in the city, he would have to put up deterrence with his martial prowess. He had to become one of the chiefs. Sin Island was a place where the strong ruled supreme, and there were no laws to speak of. If one didn’t show one’s prowess, the others would think that person was a pushover and then come looking for trouble one after the other.

Thus, he killed Ba Dao, Chief Long, Long She, and the others. He then appeared while speaking in an extremely resolute tone so that the whole city could see his strength. He wanted to show the city the consequences of provoking him; he wanted to establish himself!

Hence, right now, he… wanted to teach Big Brother Heng how to be a proper person!

He wasn’t trying to humiliate Big Brother Heng. He was doing this for those that would dare to provoke or had the intention to provoke him; he wanted to show them his strength and att.i.tude. If they wanted to find trouble with him in the future, they would have to consider before doing so.

When Big Brother Heng heard Jiang Yi, his body shook while his ugly face had completely altered. His eyes were cloudy and dark, like a venomous snake staring at Jiang Yi. He didn’t speak a single word and simply fixed his eyes on Jiang Yi from a distance as though he wanted to peel Jiang Yi’s skin alive.

Jiang Yi looked at him indifferently and remained silent. Some of Big Brother Heng’s subordinates were very furious, some revealed frenetic expressions in their eyes, some lowered their heads with fear, and some were cursing in their hearts, thinking that this Jiang Yi was too overbearing, right?

By contrast, the 17 subordinates at Jiang Yi’s side—all had burning eyes. When did their previous bosses act so firmly before? When the boss was awe-inspiring, they—as the subordinates—would also share the limelight. They would be able to lift their heads higher and their backs straighter.

Jiang Yi waited for a moment, and when he saw that Big Brother Heng wasn’t going to say anything, he furrowed his brows and swept his eyes across Big Brother Heng’s subordinates like a saber and spoke coldly, “Today’s matter is between me and this ugly ghost. If you do not want to get involved, all of you better back off by ten miles. Otherwise, don’t blame me when you perish.”

Finis.h.i.+ng his statement, Jiang Yi glanced behind him, which caused his 17 subordinates to s.h.i.+ver uniformly while they backed off with their fastest speed. Jiang Yi was in a pace that was preparing to battle. If they didn’t back off, wouldn’t they be waiting for death?


Once Jiang Yi’s men backed off, the eyes of many of Big Brother Heng’s men had shrunk. Some of them actually instinctively backed off several meters, but when Big Brother Heng swept his eyes over, none of them dared to move. Big Brother Heng had been chief for seven years, and everyone’s fear towards him were already embedded in their bones.

Big Brother Heng’s eyes then cast towards Jiang Yi. His mouth twitched as he spoke with a cold voice, “Chief Jiang, it is better to leave a back route so that it would be better for us to meet again in the future. Isn’t that right?”

These words were escaping out from the gap within Big Brother Heng’s teeth. If he was speaking like this, it meant that he had cowered and lowered his head. He was hoping that Jiang Yi would be magnanimous enough to not be calculative and let this matter pa.s.s.

Jiang Yi beckoned his hand and spoke with an abnormally tough tone, “If we cannot meet, then it is better not to! You will not have the chance either. Answer me simply: kneel or not? I will give you the time of ten breaths to consider.”

Ten breaths was the time enough to breathe ten times. Jiang Yi had laid down the ultimatum, and as soon as he finished speaking, the Fire Dragon Sword appeared in his hand. He circulated his essence force, which caused the longsword to instantly radiate with red light brilliantly. As the two fire dragons swam around slowly, it felt as though they were ready to attack at any moment. The Fire Cloud Armor appeared outside Jiang Yi’s body, which caused the red light to radiate even brighter. He was bursting with astounding aura presence, which made him look like an unrivaled immortal.

He raised the Fire Dragon Sword and flew over to Big Brother Heng slowly. His eyes locked onto Big Brother Heng like blades while he spoke in a deep voice, “Ten, nine, eight, seven…”

“Chief Jiang is too ruthless!”

Jiang Yi’s 17 subordinates were looking at one another and in silent admiration. Jiang Yi, who had absolute strength, was still using such schemes? Every single step was closing up the gap between him and Big Brother Heng while he was pretending that he was going to use the Fire Dragon Sword to attack. In fact… the closer Jiang Yi got, the faster one would die. This Big Brother Heng wasn’t going to even have a chance to counterattack.

“Six, five… four!”

Jiang Yi’s voice continued to echo while the Fire Dragon Sword grew brighter. Even the Fire Spirit Pearl on the sword hilt was growing brighter. As Jiang Yi got closer, his aura presence was getting stronger while Big Brother Heng and his henchmen were all looking worse.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Suddenly, Big Brother Heng had ten subordinates who started to fly backward as they were all frightened by Jiang Yi while they felt a warning of fatal danger in their hearts. They had this subtle feeling that the person flying over wasn’t a human, but a desolate beast—an unstoppable divine beast that was meant to exterminate the world!

Similarly, Big Brother Heng and the rest of the people also had this feeling. When ten of the subordinates had backed off, the rest started to panic as well. Apart from four of the most loyal subordinates of Big Brother Heng, the six others also backed off at their fastest speed.

They knew clearly that if they were to back off, Big Brother Heng would surely take his revenge on them. They might probably lose their lives, but they knew even better that if they didn’t back off now, they were going to die right now.

“Three, two…”

Jiang Yi was still approaching, and the distance between the two sides was already at 300 meters. From the distance, Jiang Yi’s subordinates were already looking at Big Brother Heng and the others as though they were dead people. The four most loyal henchmen of Big Brother Heng had vicious eyes while their bodies were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with aura presence and killing aura. They were all waiting for Big Brother Heng’s instruction to start the fight.

Big Brother Heng’s aura presence was also completely pouring out while his spiked mace was releasing a threatening black s.h.i.+mmer, and he was ready to let out his strongest attack. When Jiang Yi shouted out, “One!”, Big Brother Heng suddenly yelled out, “Wait!”

Jiang Yi stopped in mid-air while the corner of his mouth revealed a trace of mockery while his 17 subordinates were looking at Big Brother Heng with ridiculing eyes. Big Brother Heng actually bent his knees slowly in the air and lowered his head and waist. He gritted his teeth and said, “Chief Jiang, Old Heng is wrong. Would you be magnanimous and spare me this time!”


There was dead silence, and an immediate explosion and uproar. Over 10,000 individuals at the thunder mountains were flabbergasted at this ridiculous scene. One of the ten chiefs, Big Brother Heng, actually knelt down—in front of so many people!

All experts had pride and arrogance while Heaven Monarchs would rather die than be a slave. Like the Heaven Monarch experts in Sky Thunder City. One could make them submit, but nine out of ten would rather die than to offer their soul seals and become soul slaves.

Not only did the chiefs have pride, but they also wanted the reputation. How would they continue to rule without reputation? Thus, Big Brother Heng could cower, but he must never kneel. Once he knelt down, he wouldn’t be able to maintain his position in the Sky Thunder City; and many of his subordinates were going to abandon him. Since those people were going to follow someone, why would they choose Big Brother Heng? After all, they were still going to be henchmen.

Big Brother Heng lowered his head while his ugly face was filled with a sinister expression, and his eyes were overflowing with resentment and anguish. He was clear that even if he continued to be a chief in the future, he wouldn’t be able to raise his head high in Sky Thunder City anymore.

However, he knew even better that if he didn’t kneel, he was going to die. Just earlier, there was a warning sign of fatal danger in the depths of his heart, but there was another more pleasant voice that echoed. It was Big Sister Bell’s transmitted message: “If you don’t kneel, you will certainly perish.”

A gentleman’s revenge was never too late even after ten years! Pride and dignity might be important, but one’s life was worth more!

Without life, how was he going to take revenge in the future? How was he going to cleanse the humiliation that Jiang Yi bestowed to him today?

Big Brother Heng grew up with an extremely ugly appearance, and he had ridiculed and looked differently by people since he was young. Hence, he knew how to endure which allowed him to simply kneel down.


Jiang Yi nodded with satisfaction. Since he had already established his prowess, he didn’t want to make the move himself. He beckoned his hand and said, “Since you understand how to be a proper person, then I shall not be calculative with you. Go back then.”

“Thank you, Chief Jiang!”

Big Brother Heng had blatantly cowered as he bowed again before he got up and flew back to the city. The four loyal henchmen behind him glanced at Jiang Yi before following Big Brother Heng. The 16 other Heaven Monarchs, who backed off earlier, didn’t follow Big Brother Heng. Instead, after Big Brother Heng had left, they all flew towards Jiang Yi, knelt on a single knee, and yelled out, “Chief Jiang!”

“Chief Jiang!”

Patches of people from the thunder mountains all knelt down and roared out in unison. When over 10,000 individuals roared out at the same time, their voiced achieved a sky-shaking effect that echoed throughout the wilderness and lingered around for a very long time.


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